Web Ventures

Web Ventures

Tailor-made conversion marketing

Sălcetului 10, Bucharest, 041373, Romania

Web Ventures Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
  • Founded in 2010, Web Ventures is first and foremost a direct response marketing agency with a strong focus on lead generation.
  • In today’s world getting profitable results from your digital marketing is mostly about getting the right traffic, being able to convert it and all of this while adding value, engaging, educating and entertaining the client along the way.
  • We’re specialized in performance marketing, social media marketing and optimizing media channel selection while driving the cost per lead as low as it can possibly go.
  • Whether it’s Search, Social, Display or a fine mixture of all of them via remarketing, we’ve taken the whole process of aligning your business goals with your digital strategy to a whole new “paranoia-type” level.
  • Our team is comprised of experts with 7+ years of experience in online marketing, social media, website design, graphic deisgn, photo/video, web development and pay per click campaigns.
Sălcetului 10, Bucharest, 041373, Romania
Other Locations
Strada Andrei Șaguna Nr. 114, Arad, 317426, Romania
35 Bancroft, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Suites 3 & 4, Hitchin, SG5 1LA, United Kingdom

Web Ventures Services

  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • PPC
  • Advertising And Marketing Agency Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Web Design
  • Wordpress Website Design
  • eCommerce Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design

Web Ventures Portfolio

  • Web Ventures - Klarmann
    Website Design
  • Web Ventures - Twelve Transfers
    Website Design
    Twelve Transfers
  • Web Ventures - EDU EUPC
    Website Design
  • Web Ventures - Plumbers Depot
    Website Design
    Plumbers Depot
  • Web Ventures - Iveco Truck Services
    Website Design
    Iveco Truck Services
  • Web Ventures - bForce Motor Squad
    Website Design
    bForce Motor Squad
  • Web Ventures - Atelierele Andini
    Website Design
    Atelierele Andini
  • Web Ventures - BBP Automotive
    Website Design
    BBP Automotive
  • Web Ventures - Get Leverage
    Website Design
    Get Leverage
  • Web Ventures - Vise Pufoase
    Website Design
    Vise Pufoase
  • Web Ventures - Carexpress
    Website Design
  • Web Ventures - RecoverMed
    Website Design
  • Web Ventures - Lasermaxx
    Website Design
  • Web Ventures - Actfarma
    Website Design
  • Web Ventures - David Intercar
    Website Design
    David Intercar
  • Web Ventures - DoctorMIT Shop
    Website Design
    DoctorMIT Shop

Web Ventures Team Bios

  • Managing Director
    Anda Andrei
    Managing Director
    „+10 years of online marketing and 7 additional years of experience in customer care defined and refined my competences. Besides managing Web Ventures, a top performing online marketing agency within Romania, I enjoy optimizing Facebook Ads campaign that deliver outstanding results for our clients.”
  • Search Marketer & Associate
    Dorin Andrei
    Search Marketer & Associate
    +11 years of experience in paid traffic acquisition, direct-response copywriting and lead generation process design. „I love helping companies identify the very next step they need to make to get the best impact on their digital marketing efforts for sustainable business growth.”
  • Senior Digital Creator
    Cristian Vintilă
    Senior Digital Creator
    Content writer with +4 years of experience: „My goal is to deliver persuasive, compelling and emotional content for social media, websites, press releases and articles, aimed at growing businesses and clients alike. I welcome challenges, especially UX/UI ones which prove to be rather enjoying!”
  • Customer Support Specialist
    Simona Păun
    Customer Support Specialist
    Customer Care Specialist with +3 years of experience in Customer Care, E-Commerce and Woo-Commerce. „I have multi-tasking abilities and I love maintain professionalism at all times. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and make a difference every day.”
  • Head of PPC București
    Claudiu Deliu
    Head of PPC București
    +4 years experience in Google Ads Management Campaigns:„I am good at managing customer relationships, creating and developing online marketing strategies so customers reach their goals through G Ads by Search, Display, Remarketing and YouTube campaigns.”
  • Operations and Processes Manager
    Cornelia Butunoi
    Operations and Processes Manager
    „+6 years experience in administrative stuff and customer care made me a calm and organized person. I also find out through my work that small details make a big difference. As is said, one of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention.”
  • Head of Web Development
    Dragoș Cristache
    Head of Web Development
    +5 years of experience as a Frontend Developer in a company and more than 10 years making the web: „I specialise in WordPress Development and over-optimising websites to get uttermost performance possible. I also do some backend coding, design and video editing.”
  • Digital Account Strategist
    George Odae
    Digital Account Strategist
    Digital marketer with +5 years of experience in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. ”Always focused on creating marketing strategies and delivering results that help businesses achieve their goals, with a creative approach and attention to detail.”
  • Social Media Manager
    Alexandra Hulpe
    Social Media Manager
    +4 years experience in Social Media, Customer Care and Hospitality. “I am a dedicated person who belive that learning new things is an important component to success. My first responsibility is to deliver creative content for our customers in order to increase the online presence.”
  • Digital Account Strategist
    Claudia Giogan
    Digital Account Strategist
    Just 2 years of experience in Google Ads & Facebook Ads and a lot of questions. I tried a little of each Online Marketing field, but every time I go back to campaign reports, cost per conversion and the challenge to succeed and bring the best performances with little investment. So here I am!
  • Art Director
    Diana Butnaru
    Art Director
    I am an enthusiastic creative who loves working with everything in the visual medium. Graphic Designer with +2 years of experience, mostly freelancing, until the awesome team at Web Ventures took me on board.
  • Senior Social Media Manager
    Bianca Crăciunescu
    Senior Social Media Manager
    Social Media Manager with 5+ years experience in the market. I want to deliver fresh content for the brands I am working with and to make customers engage with it. I am passionate about life long learning and curious to discover new products, services, ideas.

Web Ventures Clients

  • Bucuresti Mall
    Bucuresti Mall
  • Astron Buildings
    Astron Buildings
  • Country Properties
    Country Properties
  • OPTIblu
  • Toyota Forklifts
    Toyota Forklifts
  • IVECO Truck Services
    IVECO Truck Services
  • Ivatherm
  • Mara Mura
    Mara Mura
  • Twelve Transfers
    Twelve Transfers

Web Ventures Awards

  • Web Ventures - Award 1
  • Web Ventures - Award 2
  • Web Ventures - Award 3