Magento ERP Integrations: Process, Benefits & Top ERP Solutions for Magento

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Magento ERP Integrations: Process, Benefits & Top ERP Solutions for Magento
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: November 10, 2023

Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, - as done by enterprise software developers - has become popular enough to be considered a comprehensive solution with numerous benefits.

Regardless of your eCommerce business size, integrating Magento with ERP is a comprehensive decision that increases your business productivity and saves costs in the long run.

There are several ERP systems available in the market to make you confused. So, this article will take through Magento ERP integrations in detail, highlighting the benefits and top ERP solutions to consider.

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How is Magento ERP Integration Done?

Magento ERP integrations create inter-communication to synchronize data between the ERP system and Magento. This data includes customers, order details, categories, and products and offers real-time status and updates. When ERP works separately, it handles supply chain management, inventory management, purchasing, and invoicing, while Magento takes care of the product cycle of online retail.

When a Magento website is integrated into an ERP solution, it becomes your ERP integration helping you to:

  • Record, manage, and share eCommerce data with the integrated ERP solution for better insights and productivity
  • Eliminate duplication for data integrity
  • Automate online and offline business processes for effectiveness
  • Reduce administrative and operational costs for higher revenue
  • Store data at a higher level of security

Magento offers various flexible Application Programming Interfaces or APIs to connect to the most popular ERP solutions. Using the API as a connection helps you build a two-way street.

The touch points of Magento ERP integration usually include product categories, category navigation, customer accounts, price lists, orders, shipments, and invoices. Still, they can be different based on the business type.

Top 5 Magento ERP Integration Solutions

The following are the top 5 Magento ERP integration solutions:

1. Magento Integration With Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle is a leading name in the field of data systems and is also the second largest software company in 2022. The world's top companies use Oracle to keep their data secure and automate their routine processes to reduce costs and boost efficiency. The Oracle ERP cloud is a part of the Oracle E-business suite. You can select only the ERP application or the entire suite based on your business requirements. Remember that each comes with a separate license.

2. Magento Integration With Sage ERP

Sage is a Newcastle-based British software company and a multinational enterprise. Sage ERP solutions have strong points on intelligence monitoring threats and frequent update patches. This provides advanced critical data protection. Sage is a fully integrated system of finances and accounting, manufacturing, and distribution needs. It helps in performing all business operations easily and quickly.

3. Magento Integration With Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, also known as Dynamic 365 Business Central, is a global ERP solution for small-scale and medium eCommerce. It offers excellent control over simplifying manufacturing, operation, financial entries, and supply chain. Other prominent benefits of this solution are its user-friendliness, ease of use, and short deployment time.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central also gathers data, documents, business applications, and devices to optimize your eCommerce retail results. It's mainly known for its flexibility to deploy in the cloud or on-premises with Business Central.

4. Magento Integration With SAP Business One

SAP Business One is the most useful ERP solution for large and medium businesses. Consider this market leader if you are looking for an ERP integration solution for your online business for fast deployment. SAP Business One helps you with several processes, including accounting, logistics, business warehouse, human resources, and intelligent analysis with Integrated Business Intelligence (BI).

5. Magento Integration With NetSuite

NetSuite ERP is another widely used eCommerce business, along with the scalability and flexibility of Magento. You can make smarter, more informed decisions and boost your ERP strategy with the help of customer data and real-time reports. Integrating the NetSuite ERP with your Magento eCommerce store offers you the right tools to speed up your online business.

3 Primary Benefits of Integrating Magento with ERP

There are several benefits of integrating Magento with ERP. Let’s focus on the most important ones:

Data Management

Your company is open to inefficiency, human error, and lost production without an utterly connected system. When you link your ERP system with the online ordering solution, there is seamless communication between the two.

All your data administration is done in a single system, propagating to the online solution and back, reducing the time spent entering the data and managing orders. It gives you, your reps, and customers complete visibility across the board.

Further, there is no messing with multiple login credentials, and every member can now access their share of data. Other benefits include increased data mobility, centralized data, easier reporting and analytics, and 24/7 access.

Task Automation

A lot of tasks are automated, so every process gets optimized. Also, less manual work means you can save the time and costs needed, thereby creating more business value.

Typos & duplicates are inevitable when humans input data, so automation helps reduce such problems, making your business more professional.

As your employees do not have to do such outdated and manual back-office work, they can spend more time producing new ideas or supporting customers, thus raising their productivity substantially.

Thanks to the wide range of operations that one may automate, your staff will now have more time to focus on essential tasks that require human input.

Although ERP integration has a lot of advantages, the most significant benefit is saved time. Your contact points are minimal once the data is flowing. Manual data input, order processing time, and order fulfillment will otherwise dramatically decrease your company’s productivity.

Business Performance

With ERP, you can track all stock and order status changes. You will also have a bird’s eye view of the sales board among you, your reps, and your customers.

Accurate and consistent pricing throughout the website, like your sales reps and your catalogs, will create more trust for your customers.

ERP connects members from different departments; thus, they can update information and assign work and resources better for their projects.

ERP software allows customization, so you can direct it to meet your specific requirements.

With reduced costs and errors, you continually improve your workflow and business operations and better manage the processes.

Can Magento be an eCommerce ERP?

Once you know how to connect Magento and ERP functions, you might wonder if Magento can be an eCommerce ERP.

Well, Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform with impressive flexibility. As such, it already covers most of the basic operational features such as customer management, products, orders, shipping, and payment. Some Magento ERP software even allows control of business processes such as suppliers and product distribution.

In other words, using Magento omnichannel solutions or combining additional Magento extensions can turn Magento into a centralized ERP for retailers. This can help Magento’s powerful capabilities to track your business activities while boosting daily productivity.

Takeaways on Magento ERP Integrations

Integrating Magento with ERP is possible and brings several benefits for eCommerce businesses. However, the implementation takes time and considerable financial resources. That is why; it is necessary to determine your business requirements and choose a trusted provider.

Magento ERP Integrations is a worthy investment for you to consider. You can hire a Magento web design company to help with multi-site setup and integration.


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