Enterprise-class Web systems & apps as well as top-notch outsourcing services

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50 - 99
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As a passionate group of professionals with a love for Web and mobile technologies, we have been serving our clients for the past 15 years. Through these years we have continuously striven to create the best IT solutions our clients seek.

We offer cutting edge Web page development, complex B2B and B2C Web systems, along with direct outsourcing using our most experienced developers.

We work in multiple frameworks but we are undeniable experts in Symfony, WordPress, OXID, React, Flutter and Blockchain.
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  • Co-founder & CTO, Senior PHP Symfony Developer, Main System Architect
    Aleksander Fredrych
    Co-founder & CTO, Senior PHP Symfony Developer, Main System Architect
    System Architect with 15yrs of Commercial Experience, he professes to hold special feelings towards PHP & Symfony web development. In his career he has designed, developed and introduced virtually every type of web-based system or solution.
  • Co-founder & CSO, Senior Front-End Developer, Main System Analyst
    Co-founder & CSO, Senior Front-End Developer, Main System Analyst
    Senior Web Developer,who after 10yrs of programming pivoted to System Analyst. He fills in a gap between business expectations and development constraints. Designed and led deployment of dozens of large scale IT projects, focused on significant improvement of efficiency of companies around the world
  • Back-End Developer
    Back-End Developer
    I've been with this company from the very beginning. The projects are challenging, worldwide & complex, but the company is small enough to make you feel that you have a real influence on the project implementation. You’re not just a cog in the wheel, you’re a part of createIT.
  • Back-End Developer
    Back-End Developer
    The most gratifying aspect of being a software developer is making things that others will find useful for many years after you've finished working on it. The best thing about working in createIT is the laid back atmosphere.
  • Project Manager
    Project Manager
    Perfect place to sit back, relax and code. And play foosball. And drink coffee. Very good coffee :)
  • Back-End Developer
    Back-End Developer
    Fun, casual and friendly atmosphere at the office, where everyone shares information and help each other. It's nice to work here - projects are challenging and with new technologies. My focus now is to become a senior dev at createIT, or possibly a Team Leader.
  • Support Team Leader
    Support Team Leader
    Working here for over 3 years I’ve been witnessing how much this company has grown and has evolved to employees favor. Meeting so many wonderful people at work is one of the best experience of my life.
  • Full-Stack Developer
    Full-Stack Developer
    It’s awesome playing basketball with other devs (court is 100m from office)!I like every day challenges, I learn new things every day!In case I'm stuck, I can always ask others for help. Bartek is expert in servers, Alex knows everything about backend stuff.
  • Back-End Developer
    Back-End Developer
    A lot is always going on here. ;) A lot of challenges, one doesn’t have time to get bored. But I like it. I belong here.
  • Head of Projects & Marketing
    Head of Projects & Marketing
    For over 16 years of my professional experience I have worked in many different companies. In most of them my tasks were inspiring and ambitious. But createIT is the first to additionally offer a cozy, homelike atmosphere, straightforward & direct communication and a great, open-minded team.
  • Back-End Developer
    Back-End Developer
    createIT provides whatever you need to develop - perfect working conditions – no one bothering me - and people seem mildly competent - which is a bonus ;)
  • Front-End Developer
    Front-End Developer
    What can I say about work at createIT (I think that the name of company is not accidental)? This place is filled with creative atmosphere connected with a lot of humor. It is a great place which gives opportunity to speak and exchange experience with advanced developers.
  • Back-End Developer
    Back-End Developer
    Working at createIT is fun, thanks to the awesome team consisting of very unique and intelligent people, but it is also often very challenging - both intellectually and creatively. The personal approach to project assignments allows me to unleash my creative animal.
  • Front-End Developer
    Front-End Developer
    The biggest advantage of working at createIT is a loose, cool atmosphere. Working conditions are the highest standard and I would never expect that I will develop so fast :) Clients

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