Itsanashow Studio

Itsanashow Studio

Shape beautiful and meaningful stories through animation, design and user experience

Rua Braamcamp 84 3D, Lisbon, 1250-052, Portugal

Itsanashow Studio Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded

We specialize in helping you bring your unique world-building story to life. With open minds, an insatiable thirst for creativity, and a relentless determination to overcome challenges together, we're here to guide you towards a truly compelling narrative.

Why Choose Us

Passion for Creativity: We're not just storytellers; we're passionate creators who are ready to fuel your imagination.

World-Building Experts: Crafting immersive and intricate worlds is our expertise. Let us turn your ideas into vibrant, unforgettable settings.

Collaborative Spirit: We believe in teamwork. When you work with us, you become a part of a supportive community dedicated to your success.

Overcoming Barriers: Challenges are opportunities in disguise. We tackle them head-on, turning obstacles into stepping stones.

Join us on a journey where your story becomes a vibrant reality. Together, we'll weave a narrative that captivates, inspires, and transports your audience to new and exciting realms.

Get ready to embark on a world-building adventure like never before. Discover the magic of storytelling with Itsanashow Studio.
Your epic tale awaits!

Rua Braamcamp 84 3D, Lisbon, 1250-052, Portugal

Areas of Expertise

  • Audio Production Expertise
  • Branding Expertise
  • Digital Marketing Expertise
  • Graphic Design Expertise
  • Product Design Expertise
  • UI/UX Expertise
  • Video Production Expertise
  • Web Design Expertise
Audio Production Expertise
Audio Production Expertise
  • Sound Design
Branding Expertise
Branding Expertise
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Messaging
Digital Marketing Expertise
Digital Marketing Expertise
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
Graphic Design Expertise
Graphic Design Expertise
  • Illustration
  • Logo Animation
  • Visual Communication
Product Design Expertise
Product Design Expertise
  • Digital Design
UI/UX Expertise
UI/UX Expertise
  • Interactive Design
Video Production Expertise
Video Production Expertise
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Animation Production
  • Branded Video
  • Explainer
  • Motion Graphics
  • Social Media Videos
  • Educational Videos
Web Design Expertise
Web Design Expertise
  • Responsive
  • Web App


  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Software & IT Services
  • Health Care
  • Corporate Services
  • Media & Communications
  • Fintech
  • Hardware & Networking
  • Arts
  • Design

Client Types

  • Medium Businesses
  • Enterprise / Corporate

Itsanashow Studio Portfolio

  • Itsanashow Studio - WORLDLINE | Fraud Protection Video Animation
    Motion Graphics
    WORLDLINE | Fraud Protection Video Animation
  • Itsanashow Studio - RTP Newscast Identity
    RTP Newscast Identity
  • Itsanashow Studio - Oeiras Municipality Scholarship Programs
    2D Animation
    Oeiras Municipality Scholarship Programs
  • Itsanashow Studio - BEAR APP 2.0
    2D Animation
    BEAR APP 2.0

Itsanashow Studio Team Bios

    Ana F. Borges
    Ana is the seeker, the all-seeing warrior, the one who brings forth dreams into reality. There's nothing she won't conjure into existence. She is the illustrator. Her pen is mightier than any sword, a pen that can design all things beautiful and daring.
    Ruben de Sousa
    Ruben is the life-giver, the motion setter, breathes personality to inanimate objects. He controls how something - ANYTHING - flails around. He is a motion designer. With a few clicks, he can make a quiet world burst with animation.
    Raquel Silva
    Raquel is the Artisan Forger, a skilled pixie who wields common pencils as magic wands, conjuring reality from her imagination's tapestry. As our creative illustrator, she imbues color into monochrome worlds, reshaping antiquated branding into thrilling novelties.
    Nuno Soler
    Nuno, is the enchanter, the knower of words, the writer of... things! He is the writer. Heed his words and storytelling, he knows how to use the two most powerful words in existence: "what if..."
    roovy, the captivating embodiment of creativity, pulsates with an animated spirit. It is the ultimate maestro of design, breathing life into every frame with its mesmerizing moves. With boundless energy and a sprinkle of charming flair, it infuses magic into our world of design and animation.
    André Torres
    André, is the planner, the silver tongue, the mage of a thousand schedules, the reason behind the madness. He is the project manager. There's nothing that can scare him; no deadlines, no stressful situations he can't master. He is a stable rock amidst furious waves.

Itsanashow Studio Clients

  • Bear App
  • EDP
  • Worldline
  • Novartis
  • RTP
  • Uniplaces
  • Aga Khan Foundation
  • GivingTuesday
  • Pentos
  • Municipio Oeiras

Itsanashow Studio Awards

  • Winner | Innovation Audiovisual and Multimedia
  • Nominated | Best Video Motion Graphics Award
  • Gold | European Excellence Award