What Is A Video Marketing Agency?

A video marketing agency is a company that produces compelling video content to help brands reach, engage and convert their target audiences.

These professional companies produce campaigns that tell stories and share them on the right mediums.

Their job is to deliver video content for each stage of the conversion funnel, attract quality leads and generate more conversions.

So, some of the video types that they produce include:

  • Branded videos
  • Educational videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Case studies
  • Video emails
  • And more
Video production
40% of marketers say that video content drives the best ROI

What Does A Video Marketing Company Do?

A video marketing company creates branded explainer, promo, event, interview and other video types to help brands foster growth.

To achieve that, they engage in various tasks like:

  • Video marketing strategy: Considering the goals of the clients, researching the target market and the competition which allows them to create tailor-made strategies, including video types, tone and distribution platforms
  • Storyboarding: Developing the video concept, script and illustrating the scene flow for easier execution
  • Production: Recording and/or animating the story
  • Editing: Making sure that every piece of the video content blends together
  • Distribution: Distributing content across various channels with the purpose to generate higher brand awareness
  • Performance measurement: Providing brands with analytical reports that measure the effectiveness of the strategy and video content

Video Marketing Agency Team Member Roles & Responsibilities

Video marketing agencies in the US employ different experts that may include:

  • Project managers: Project managers are the key point of contact between clients and agencies. They keep the project on track and provide the communication necessary for both parties. In some cases, they can also act as producers, although some companies may have an in-house producer that will work directly with the agency to provide top-level support. Project managers ultimately liaise with your team so that you’re constantly in the loop and confident that your project is going to plan.
  • Digital strategists: Digital strategies come up with the entire campaign and strategy surrounding the video and its promotion. They develop the design and distribution concept and create overarching brand strategies to create a seamless and cohesive experience for your audiences.
  • Storyboarders and copywriters: Your brand will need key messaging in order for a marketing campaign to hit its mark. And storyboarders and copywriters on staff write the script and dictate the messaging of your video. They are involved from pre-production to post-production.
  • Videographers and editors: Video marketing agencies across the world wear many hats. They mainly distribute and promote video content. But they also have a hand in creating and tweaking videos for maximum impact. That’s where the videographers and editors come in. These professionals aid in the overall video creation, providing key insights that will help this video — whether it’s a commercial, a demo video, a how-to, an onboarding video or more — succeed.
  • Graphic designers: Graphic designer professionals create additional collateral including web design imagery, print designs, ads, social media imagery and more. This keeps branding consistent and creates a cohesive brand identity and marketing campaign that encourages viewers to go to your website and perform an action.
  • Motion graphics designers: Motion graphics bring video designs to life. These creative video elements help to tell a story and lead users on a journey. They create fluid and functioning digital designs that add sophistication and clarity to your videos, making them more approachable by audiences.
  • Digital marketers: The digital marketing specialists on staff create the campaigns, content and relationships that bring these video designs to life. They are the ones creating email blasts, social media posts and more that promote your video to your audience. These experts include social media marketers, content marketers, email marketing specialists, paid media specialists and more.
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How Much Do Video Marketing Services Cost?

The cost of video marketing services will depend on the following factors:

  • Video production: The pricing fee of each agency will vary and it is based on the type of videos you need and the complexity of the project.
  • Scripting: Most of the videos go together with written content. So, top video marketing agencies also have a team of content writers who produce scripts. If you need written content as well then the cost will be higher.
  • Video promotion: This includes the number of channels your video content will be promoted on and the type of campaigns that will be created. The fee will also include campaign creation and monitoring.

Most video marketing agencies price their projects on hourly rates. So, a United States-based agency would approximately ask for $100$200 per hour whereas companies based in East Europe, on the other hand, could charge you between $30$90 per hour.

Why Should You Hire A Video Marketing Company?

Here are a few stats that highlight the reasons why you should invest in professional video marketing services:

66% of consumers would rather watch short videos than read about a product. (Wyzowl)

This number calls attention to the importance of creating video marketing strategies that capture the attention of your audience and build an emotional relationship with your brand.

[Source: Oberlo]

By 2022, 82% of total internet traffic will come from online videos. (Cisco)

Your prospective customers are using video for everyday research, from entertainment to product reviews and how-to’s.

With the rise in connectivity and smartphone usage, the number of video searches will only continue to grow.

Video marketing agencies: the total internet traffic that will come from online videos by 2022

96% of consumers have viewed an explainer video to find out more about a specific product. (Wyzowl)

This rich media format gives your prospective customers a better, almost 360° view of your products or services, building interest, desire and/or inspiring confidence in their planned purchase.

Here are the top reasons why you should hire a video marketing company:

  • Emerging trends: Professional companies are always on top of the latest trends and incorporate them in their strategies as they emerge. This contributes to keeping your brand up-to-date and dealing with competition more effectively.
  • User-focused videos: They create high-quality content that is audience-focused. They do thorough research to find what your target market wants and then adjust the videos according to their needs. This is important in meeting their goals and making them convert.
  • Exclusive equipment: Video marketing experts invest in expensive equipment and editing software, something that not every business can afford to have.
  • Technical expertise: From conceptualization to production, video requires a high level of technical expertise for quality output.

7 Benefits Of Working With Video Marketing Agency

To be successful in today’s competitive world, businesses are bound to tell unique brand stories that make them stand out from the crowd.

By creating valuable and high-quality videos that communicate the stories of brands, a professional company can influence users and push them towards the end of the sales funnel.

Here are the top seven benefits of considering video marketing services:

  • Increased brand awareness: The video marketing company you hire will create content that educates the audience about your company and products to get more people to hear about you.
  • Increased trust and credibility: Video content is one of the best ways to share useful info about your company and the problems and questions your audience has. This is a great way to establish an emotional connection with your audience since the more valuable they find the content, the more they will trust you.
  • Improved brand positioning: Sharing high-quality and valuable videos make businesses look professional and improve their brand positioning. By using advanced equipment, the video marketing agency you hire will produce impressive video content that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.
  • Better customer service: Considering video marketing services will improve the customer service of your company. Your partner will create videos that will provide different tips, hacks and tricks on different topics related to your industry. These videos will also most often answer FAQ which contributes to better customer service.
  • Higher user engagement: Videos are highly shareable content, especially if they have a purpose and show value. Your video marketing agency will make sure the videos they develop are excellent and make the audience take a specific action.
  • Higher brand recall: According to HubSpot, 80% of consumers recall a video they have watched last month. The more value the users are provided with the higher the brand recall will be. So, with the help of a professional agency, you will share videos that establish emotional connections with your target market.
  • Boost in sales: 40% of marketers say that video content drives the best ROI on social media. Video is a powerful marketing tool that influences buying decisions. With the help of a professional company, brands can close more deals and capture more sales.
Video production
Video marketing agencies approximately charge between $30 and $200 per hour.

How To Choose The Right Video Marketing Agency For Your Business

Before you start searching for the best video marketing company for your business, make sure you define your goals first.

Think about what it is about the brand that you want to improve and what you want to achieve by hiring a video marketing agency.

Then, once you know your objectives, consider the following factors that will make your choice easier:

  • Look at their previous work: Dive into the portfolios of each agency and see what projects they have worked on. Find out what industries they have served and what results they have delivered. Then, think about the quality of the videos they produce and how creative they are. The partner you hire should have experience in your niche and offer high-quality services.
  • Consider their reviews and ratings: Discover how satisfied their past clients are. Good reviews are a sign that the company is trustworthy and can meet your goals.
  • Ask for the cost: Get in touch with all of the top video marketing agencies in the USA and ask for the cost of their services. Then compare the pricing of the firms and see which of them you can afford.
  • Check where they are located: Consider their location and think about whether you like to outsource your project to nearshore or offshore company. It all depends on your preferences.
  • Get a feel of their company culture: Partner with a video marketing agency whose communication and management styles align with yours to better your chances of long-term partnership and the success of your project.
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5 Questions To Ask Video Marketing Agencies Before You Hire One

1. What Platforms Support Video Content For Our Business Best & How Will You Promote Our Content?

Video production companies create videos, but video marketing agencies also promote them to a variety of consumers across an array of platforms.

Therefore, you need to ask how these experts will create an entire campaign promoting your videos and uploading them to the web.

But not all forms of promotion are the same -- and not all will have the same impact on your brand and ultimate business goals. Make sure your agency understands your business and can plan accordingly.

2. How Will You Set, Meet And Track Goals?

For any business to succeed, it has to set, track and meet goals. The same goes for the video marketing agency you partner with.

Setting and tracking goals lead to more success down the line. In fact, you’re ten times more likely to reach goals if you write them down.

The best agencies will have a range of goals they are equipped to hit. They will even lay out some of those goals for you.

But make sure your goals are very clear right from the start so these teams can create the campaign that blows those objectives out of the water.

3. Do You Have A Portfolio Of Experience Working With Similar Brands In The Past?

The work an agency has done in the past is a great indicator of the work they can do in the future.

Therefore, you have to look into this portfolio and ask specific questions. You want to see that they have experience adapting to new voices and brand identities. This will demonstrate if they will be able to help your brand reach its personalized goals.

4. Who Will Be Working On Our Project?

There are likely a dozen professionals — at least — that will be working on promoting and distributing these videos.

Ask specific questions about their expertise and experience. Learn how the team functions as a whole, how it communicates and how it collaborates.

You’re not just signing on the agency as an entity, but each individual that will have a hand in crafting the future of your brand. Take the time to investigate.

5. How Long Will The Video Production And Editing Process Take?

Brands dabbling in videos all have different timelines for their projects. Therefore, it’s a waste of time to begin negotiations with an agency that is unable to meet your deadlines -- or invest in a video that is too complicated and won’t make it to market when you need it.

Take the time to understand how quickly a potential video agency can work, how long each part of the process takes, and what types of videos offer fast turnarounds or require a long editing process.

Takeaways On Video Marketing Companies

Video marketing agencies help brands reach their audiences by producing engaging video content.

From branded videos to tutorials and cases studies, they focus on delivering video types for every stage of the conversion funnel.

The cost of video marketing services varies among companies you can come across rates that range between $30 and $200 per hour.

To pick the best agency for your business needs:

  • Look at their previous work
  • Consider their reviews and ratings
  • Ask for the cost
  • Check where they are located
  • Get a feel of their company culture

Best of luck!


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