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Life is Hard

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Strada Avram Iancu 500, Florești, 407280, Romania

Life is Hard Overview

Number of Employees
100 - 249
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Software Development: We develop customized software programs based on the requirements and needs of our clients. Our main focus is the continuous innovation to enhance the efficiency of activities and improve work processes.

Mobile Applications: As mobility becomes an integral part of our present-day reality, our mobile app development department utilizes advanced programming technologies to cater to market demands.

Cloud Solutions: We provide cloud solutions, creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to focus on their business projects without worrying about IT infrastructure, its maintenance costs, and IT personnel recruitment. We guarantee stability, security, accessibility, and efficiency.

Web Development: We support online presence for firms through a dedicated department and by providing comprehensive specialized services. We have the necessary resources and capacity to meet the needs of businesses in any field of activity.

IT&C Consulting: We have the experience to guide through all stages of software product development, from defining technical specifications, accurate estimation of resources, time and money, to development, testing, implementation, and maintenance.

We also offer solutions for automation of processes, replacing manual processes with automated workflows, which include financial and accounting automation, payments and reconciliation automation, supplier invoice control automation, among others.

Our vast experience and resources allow us to develop integrated digitization solutions for companies and communities, with a significant focus on several domains including Telecommunications, Sales Management, Smart City solutions, Insurance, Medical, and IoT. Our dedication in these fields is reflected in our partnerships with entities like Telekom Romania, and the various projects we've implemented for diverse firms, cities, and institutions across the country.
Strada Avram Iancu 500, Florești, 407280, Romania


  • Health Care

Life is Hard Portfolio

  • Life is Hard - MedStar - Online Platform for Streamlined Medical Services
    MedStar - Online Platform for Streamlined Medical Services
  • Life is Hard - CityParking - Smart Parking Solution for the City of Cluj-Napoca
    CityParking - Smart Parking Solution for the City of Cluj-Napoca
  • Life is Hard - TabitaTour - Streamlining Bus Reservations and Ticketing
    Software Development
    TabitaTour - Streamlining Bus Reservations and Ticketing
  • Life is Hard - - Simplifying Road Tax Payment in Romania
    Web Development - Simplifying Road Tax Payment in Romania

Life is Hard Team Bios

  • Project Manager
    Raul Astefanei
    Project Manager
    Raul Astefanei is an accomplished Project Manager with a dynamic blend of leadership and technical skills that make him a key asset to any team. He holds an excellent track record in designing, coordinating, and implementing projects from the conceptual stage right through to completion.
  • Tech Lead
    Alexandru Marinică
    Tech Lead
    Alexandru Marinica is a driven Tech Lead with a knack for problem-solving and team leadership. He excels in coordinating technical efforts, ensuring high code quality, and fostering innovation. His ability to manage complex technical projects while mentoring team members truly sets him apart.
  • QA Specialist
    Dan Blaga
    QA Specialist
    Dan, a meticulous QA Specialist, excels in identifying, documenting, and rectifying errors in software systems. His thorough understanding of quality assurance processes and commitment to ensuring product integrity makes him a vital asset to any team.
  • Developer
    Denisa Dancu
    Denisa is a talented Developer, known for her ability to create scalable solutions and efficient algorithms. Her expertise in debugging and troubleshooting, combined with her skills in system design and optimization, positions her as a crucial asset to any development team.
  • Developer
    Eduard Manasia
    Eduard is an exceptional Developer, recognized for his proficiency in system design and efficient problem-solving strategies. He stands out with his adeptness at debugging, software optimization, and delivery of robust, scalable solutions, making him a vital part of any development team.
  • Developer
    Tudor Munteanu
    As a capable Developer, Tudor shines in his ability to craft innovative, scalable solutions. With a solid understanding of system architecture and a keen eye for problem-solving, he reliably delivers software that is both efficient and robust, establishing himself as an essential team player.

Life is Hard Clients

  • XIGA
  • CITY Parking
  • Medstar
  • Tabita Tour

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