What Is The Internet Of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of digital devices that exchange data and enable businesses to run more efficiently as the technologies they use daily can now communicate.

The new technology infuses intelligence into everyday objects, enabling the physical and digital world to work together, collaborate, share intel and data.

Basically, by adding sensors and an internet connection, any inanimate object can become a part of the IoT. Transmitting information and being able to automate tasks is what turns them from digital, to smart devices.

These devices can be more scientific in nature, such as heart monitors and pacemakers, or more accessible and normal, such as cars and kitchen appliances.

Bigger objects, such as airplanes or jet engines, can be packed with IoT components to communicate data in order to ensure they function properly and effectively.

At a greater scale, whole areas in cities can be filled with sensors to allow us to get a better grasp of the environment and control it.

IoT aims to improve general productivity and quality of life by streamlining simple everyday tasks.

Collecting reliable data and transferring it back enables companies to track key processes in order to reduce resources and improve their efficiency and productivity.

IoT will transform business as we know it today by allowing companies across all industries to make fully-informed decisions that will enhance effectiveness.

94% of businesses that have integrated IoT devices (called Enterprise IoT) have already seen a return on investment.

Moreover, over 65% of enterprises will have adopted IoT products by 2020, up from 30% today, as predicted by tech analyst Gartner, Inc.

Plus, the 5G rollout will facilitate more and more devices to be interconnected in the near future.

The combination of IoT and the next generation of mobile networks will provide a new wave of innovation. 5G creates a huge amount of bandwidth that will support a massive number of devices.

According to Statista, 50 billion IoT devices will be in use across the world by 2030.

To create an IoT device, businesses need to enlist the help of IoT companies in the US that understand the market and complicated nature of IoT design, development and the platforms required.

IoT companies: the number of IoT devices by 2030

What Do IoT Companies Do?

IoT companies offer solutions that help businesses solve digital challenges and explore new revenue streams with the help of the Internet of Things technology.

These companies develop IoT systems, providing software and hardware, to help their clients find cost-efficient ways to overcome their business obstacles.

They provide full-stack IoT services to develop technologies for a variety of different industries, from healthcare, manufacturing or agriculture to transportation, aviation or military.

Internet of Things companies have the tools and resources to build IoT devices aligned with the unique requirements of your business.

Every IoT device needs hardware and networking systems to collect and transmit data, an “application” to communicate with the user, and a system of data storage, analytics, dashboards and more.

Depending on the use for the IoT device -- consumer, business, government, medical, or other -- these may or may not be accessible to the user.

Top IoT companies understand how to build each layer and create a great user experience.

What IoT Services Do The Best IoT Companies Provide?

IoT companies provide systems integration and develop fully integrated applications for their clients.

They do that using big data, cloud computing, machine learning technology, artificial intelligence and more.

These are the services they typically specialize in:

  • Consulting
  • Hardware prototyping
  • Custom software development
  • App development
  • Integration
  • Data analytics
  • IoT networking
  • IoT gateways
  • Security
  • Application management
  • Operations management
  • Connectivity management
  • Device management
  • And more
Hand holding mobile device with smart home control and icons.
IoT technology enables people to control their connected devices anywhere, anytime

Top Solutions Provided By IoT Companies

Design Thinking

The best IoT companies in the USA offer unique problem solving that complements design thinking.

At its core, design thinking encompasses problem-solving across all industries.

Both IoT solutions and design thinking search for ways to improve consumers’ everyday lives, creating easy-to-use solutions for common problems.

The Internet of Things provides a new way of looking at technology and consumer solutions by adding a digital component to everyday items, which is why it fits so well with the idea of design thinking.

Bulletproof Security

Like any digital presence, Internet of Things devices must be safeguarded against cyber attacks, hackers and data breaches.

Luckily, the top IoT companies place a strong emphasis on security business and consumer data throughout IoT development, design and deployment.

In fact, IoT spending has increased exponentially since 2016 and is expected to climb to $3.1 million by 2021.

This shows that top agencies are focusing on safety first following the 2016 Internet-wide IoT cyber-attack called Mirai botnet, which even affected major companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter.

The projected IoT spending by 2021

Service & Troubleshooting

The best IoT agencies have a team of experts on hand to provide assistance for any technical problems that arise with an Internet of Things device.

This ultimately improves technical support because the experts who built the app can identify problems faster and deploy fixes better.

Having this third-party support can actually save businesses in the long run, too. They won’t need to pay to staff in-house professionals.

Instead, their professional partners will remain on standby to quickly find solutions and manage any fallout, while in-house employees focus on other tasks.

IoT Platforms

An IoT platform is essentially the foundation upon which an IoT device is built.

Therefore, it is imperative to build your digital structure on software that can support the functions and features you need while remaining user-friendly for your employees who will be managing the information in the “backend.”

Great IoT agencies can find the right platform for your brand’s needs (such as ThingWorx IoT Platform, Cisco IoT Cloud Connect or GE Predix).

In addition, these companies can manage the solutions a platform provides, including the sensors, communications network, data analysis, end app design and more.

App Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the idea of integrating the Internet into everyday products, essentially making them “smart.”

This transformation requires computing devices to be embedded into everyday items and often calls for an application to empower consumers to interact with the IoT device.

This is where great IoT companies come in handy.

The Internet of Things is new and complex, and developing an application for something like a tiny smartwatch is much different than developing for a traditional smartphone or tablet.

Top IoT experts understand the intricacies that accompany developing innovative apps and can guide your business in the right direction with ease and knowledge.

How To Choose An IoT Company?

Before you start actively searching for an Internet of Things company to work with, understand your internal goals first.

What business or consumer-related problem are you hoping to solve with this device? What features do you believe it should have?

Take into consideration these factors when selecting an IoT company to work with:


When you choose an IoT design and development agency to bring your device to life, you are entrusting your business’s reputation to them.

Therefore, it is imperative that you find a company that understands your mission and core values and can adequately translate those to a digital platform.

The best Internet of Things companies are able to harness their creativity and expertise, then adjust it to match your vision.

If a company is forcing you to change your ideals -- not the other way around -- they are not the right agency to partner with.


While your business objectives -- especially the detailed ones -- will surely change as a project progresses and becomes more finessed, it is in your best interests to know what you want to achieve and understand the baseline of what your project requires.

After all, not every agency provides every service, and it would be a costly and time-wasting headache to partner with an IoT company that ultimately doesn’t provide what you need to succeed.


At the end of the day, it’s not the agency that will be creating your IoT device but the group of experts assigned to your project.

You must ensure you are confident in their skill set, expertise and collaborative abilities.

Moreover, take a look around the office to see their work for yourself. Are they fostering an exciting, innovative environment or is the vibe too stark and corporate?

You’ll know when you find inspired individuals who love working together, which will make the entire project much more productive and enjoyable.


As we mentioned, IoT devices need protection against cyber-attacks just like mobile apps and websites do.

The top IoT companies take the time to develop a comprehensive security system to protect all information gathered by the device.

Note that it’s okay if a company doesn’t have their own specific custom-built security system. The key to look for is a comprehensive plan.

The best IoT companies should have an answer for the best malware protection, integrated security software, and protocol to follow if any system is compromised.


After you’ve determined if a top IoT company matches your brand identity, provides the services you need and has a strong team of experts, determine how much the project will cost.

Although we don’t recommend straying out of your budget, keep in mind that a higher upfront cost can often create a better end result and a stronger return on investment.

Then, document everything in a contract that both parties will sign. Although this step can be tedious, it will alleviate any confusion that could arise during the project and will ultimately protect both parties.

Consult your legal department before you sign anything, and don’t forget to include any specific parameters, hold on sensitive information or non-disclosure elements.

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10 Questions To Ask Internet Of Things Companies

Before choosing an IoT company for your project, make sure to find out as much as you can about their company culture, their resources and creativity, approach or quality of work.

Ask them these following questions:

  1. What technologies do you use to build an IoT system?
  2. What’s the most notable case study you have worked on? Can you outline the brief, process and results?
  3. How will you analyze our business goals and determine a course of action?
  4. Which IoT tactics do you believe are the most beneficial to business growth and why?
  5. What system do you have in place for securing data collected on IoT devices?
  6. Which team members will be working on our IoT project? Have they worked with similar companies, industries or projects before?
  7. How will you create a project timeline?
  8. How much do your services cost? Do you charge per hour, per month, per results or a flat fee?
  9. Are there any platforms, resources, etc. that you recommend? If so, why?
  10. What are your predictions about the IoT technology, how do you think it will affect our life and the way we do business in the future?
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Takeaways On IoT Companies

The Internet of Things is the idea of connecting everyday devices to the Internet.

The IoT technology enables all the digital devices accessible to you to be connected and to communicate at all times. Wherever you are, you are able to control them, ultimately making your life easier and improving your quality of life.

The top IoT companies in the United States have experience creating digital devices and IoT systems that can help your company streamline processes to enhance efficiency and productivity

They provide end-to-end services, from consulting and development to integration and security to develop IoT products tailored to your business needs and goals.

Before you choose the best IoT company, ensure that you completely understand your objective and how an Internet of Things product could help your business.

Best of luck!


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