Nerd Monkeys
Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira, 4A Lab D2, Lisbon, 1600-312, Portugal

Nerd Monkeys Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Nerd Monkeys® was not founded by monkeys like the title suggests, but the truth isn't very far from that. Filipe Duarte Pina (veteran artist of all things videogame) and Diogo Vasconcelos (major retro geek) joined forces to create the greatest company in the history of forever!

Nerd Monkeys® is located in Lisbon Portugal and we are currently certified to work with Apple (iPhone/iPad), Google (Android), Sony (PlayStation4), Nintendo (Switch and 3DS) and Microsoft (XBox). Our portefolio and overall team experience covers technologies like the Unreal and Unity Engine and the core team has titles published on consoles like the PlayStation or the Nintendo DS, mobile titles on iOS and Android and experience with digital stores on PC like Steam and Humble Store among many others. Our own tools cover the usage of SDK for ads, analytics and we are experienced in tailoring videogame apps for the best user retention techniques.

We strive to create the best videogames (on time and on budget) and we usually drive our clients crazy with the most silly and obnoxious ideas, but that is exactly why they hire us.
Rua Adriano Correia de Oliveira, 4A Lab D2, Lisbon, 1600-312, Portugal

Nerd Monkeys Services

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Outsourcing Software Development
  • AR/VR
  • Business Consulting

Nerd Monkeys Portfolio

  • Nerd Monkeys - Murder in the Hotel Lisbon
    App Design
    Murder in the Hotel Lisbon
  • Nerd Monkeys - The Express Killer
    App Design
    The Express Killer
  • Nerd Monkeys - Monkeys Stickers
    Monkeys Stickers
  • Nerd Monkeys - Infinite Roads
    App Design
    Infinite Roads
  • Nerd Monkeys - Loopy Loops
    App Design
    Loopy Loops
  • Nerd Monkeys - Lab Run
    App Design
    Lab Run

Nerd Monkeys Team Bios

  • Director / Co-Founder
    Filipe Duarte Pina
    Director / Co-Founder
    Co-founder of Nerd Monkeys, videogame designer and endless knowledge of all things videogame.
  • Producer / Co-Founder
    Diogo Vasconcelos
    Producer / Co-Founder
    Co-founder of Nerd Monkeys, videogame producer, safekeeper of all of the money in our bank accounts.
  • Producer
    Francisco Moreira
    Client manager, hard-working producer, he is also the tallest of all the monkeys.
  • Senior Programmer
    André Silva
    Senior Programmer
    Sometimes he talks to the team in C++ other times he just talks to himself.
  • Senior Programmer
    José Rua
    Senior Programmer
    The oldest programmer on the team, he was there when it all started (THERE!).
  • 2D Artist
    Francisco Santos
    2D Artist
    There is nothing he can't draw, unless it's a gun. He can't draw a gun.
  • Junior Programmer
    João Genebra
    Junior Programmer
    Rumor goes that he sees code everywhere, even in his sleep.
  • 3D Artist
    João Sapiro
    3D Artist
    His 3D Studio Max copy is so scripted and changed that even the creators of 3D Studio Max can't recognize it is 3D Studio Max.

Nerd Monkeys Clients

  • EDP
  • Auchan
  • Science4you
  • Super Banana Games
    Super Banana Games
  • Voodoo
  • Ergosoft
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