App SEO: What It Is and How It Can Boost Downloads for Your Mobile App

In the vastness of the internet, there are infinite possibilities and so much room for creators to explore and experiment. To the same extent, the discoverability of what you create can be a challenge.

Naturally, you’ll want people to see, experience and enjoy what you’ve made. So how do you get eyes on your freshly launched project?

Introducing App SEO! A content marketing strategy to effectively promote your application through organic search traffic. With this, you can gain the attention of potential customers who have a real need for your service and are highly likely to turn into successful leads.

So, how exactly do you adopt SEO for mobile apps?

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What Is App SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of crafting data-based content to lead users to your platform organically. This is often applied to usher potential leads to your website and optimizing content to promote your application on search engines. This is called App Store Optimization, or ASO.

How SEO Helps Boost Your Content

In creating content for digital platforms, SEO plays an integral part in being discovered and increasing awareness of your material.

The challenge of getting discovered and maintaining attention in today’s digital landscape certainly keeps us creative and resourceful while also requiring a significant effort to market and promote our work. This may sometimes keep you from focusing on the project itself, so we recommend reaching out to digital marketing and SEO specialists and partnering with them when you can.

What makes SEO such an essential part of your digital marketing strategy?

  • Cost-effective marketing strategy while gaining visibility.
  • Informed and improved content decisions.
  • Sustained competitive edge among your peers.

70% of marketing professionals attest to SEO being more effective than PPC. This shows how effective this strategy can be and is more cost-effective for your marketing budget – a valuable option for small to medium-sized businesses.

ASO: What SEO for Apps Can Do for You

With ASO, the chances of your application reaching the right customer increase with each organic search. 40% of users find your application through store searches, so using the relevant keywords is crucial to ranking high on the app store or play store search results. This comprises the product name or title, subtitle, description, reviews and ratings for your application. When done well, ASO can enhance your ranking on app store searches with the following:

  • Increase organic downloads and installations for your app.
  • Boost likelihood of being recommended in-app packs.
  • Attract relevant attention from potential customers.

Include ASO in your mobile app marketing strategy, and determine how to optimize your content that can drive potential customers to install your app. Introduce its key benefits and uses, craft content that informs your leads, and optimize your platforms that encourage customers to download the application.

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How to Create Effective App SEO

Knowing the benefits of SEO and ASO and why they’re essential steps in marketing your app, let’s take a look at how to integrate them in into your strategy effectively.

Step #1: Optimize Your App

It should go without saying that the first step in serving a product is to ensure it’s working correctly. An unusable application won’t stay installed for long, and bad experiences often lead to negative reviews that can hurt your app store ranking. Similar to how websites need to load quickly and to be well-designed and thought-out, your app should be just as optimized to the user’s needs.

Step #2: Create a Network to Drive Traffic

SEO and ASO work best when surrounded by a network of platforms and pages that support their online presence. We recommend starting with a website and a landing page dedicated to informing potential customers of your application.

As you set up your website, plan its content appropriately as your online headquarters. And as mentioned above, fast loading times are an essential part of keeping your audience’s eyes on your website for long enough to convert leads into sales. This is where blog posts come in, as they benefit customers with educational content while keeping their attention on your website. This decreases your bounce rate (which helps your SEO ranking), informing search engines that your website can meet your customers’ needs, providing quality service that they favor and boosting your search engine ranking.

Additionally, you can set up social media pages, craft guest post content on relevant websites, partner with peer reviewers for your product and endorse it to more people. Users are 71% more likely to trust online referrals, so creating a good product and ensuring a good user experience plays an essential role before you even market your service.

The goal is to create a network of backlinks and references to your app, endorsing its usefulness and educating users on the benefits of searching and downloading the app.

Step #3: Use the Right Keywords

It sounds simple enough, but plays a significant role in app search engine optimization. It should also go without saying that the most critical step is to conduct intelligent keyword research. This informs what words and phrases to use for your application title, product descriptions, subtitle, app reviews, and even the online content to be posted about the application.

Practicing clever copywriting in your content to inform users of your app’s benefits effectively. This works well with search engines’ algorithms and serves the solutions you’ve promised to provide your customers.

Step #4: Measure Your Mobile App SEO

SEO is a data-based process, which is why it is so effective in your digital marketing strategy. Make it part of your routine to track how effective your ASO and SEO practices are. You can make this a monthly review, brainstorm and collaborate with the team on a job well done and what can be improved, and adjust accordingly.

Step #5: Stay Updated on Best Practices in SEO for Mobile Apps

If you’re a frequent user of any online and social media platform, you’ll know how often the algorithm changes and how much it affects the content we encounter. Staying up to date on the best practices for SEO and ASO is an essential step in sustaining your ranking, so be sure to include it in your process. Then, the next step is maintaining the quality of your product. After all, what use is marketing an application that your users can’t thoroughly enjoy?

At first, you can manually do it all yourself to best understand the approach. There are many resources online and Google SEO tools you can try out and see what works best for you. That said, don’t hesitate to look into and integrate SEO automation once you get the hang of it!

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Why Does App SEO Matter?

Whether you’re catering to SEO or ASO, the goal remains to provide excellent quality content to meet your customers’ needs. This is the design behind the ever-evolving algorithm behind our search engines, especially Google.

As of January 2022, Google leads the search engine market at 85.55% -- while ranking high on other search engines is essential, Google is the priority for any online platform. With all this effort to sustain a good ranking, how does this help boost SEO for mobile apps?

Coming Out on Top Means Relevance

As search engines are eager to provide high-quality content to make it as usable as possible, they prioritize placing the most helpful websites at the top of the list. The top five web pages that rank on a search engine results page (SERP) receive around 67.6% of the number of clicks from each search.

Connect with the Right Customers

Search engines are primarily used by people who require a particular product. With a little effort on your part to promote the benefits of your service, they will eventually make their way to your online platforms and engage with your material. With SEO and ASO, you’re able toyou can put out content that your potential customers can find and discover for themselves.

Build a Dedicated Audience for Your App

In SEO, you have an opportunity to present the positives your product has to offer. With enough time and effort, you can create a loyal customer base, whether they buy into your service immediately or after a bit of time passes. The key is to maintain a good, reliable presence where your business can remain at the top of mind and eventually convert leads into sales.

SEO for Mobile Apps: Key Takeaways

Practicing SEO will take some getting used to, and it may be a step you didn’t expect to take when you started your business. That said, it will go a long way to establishing an online presence for your brand. Crafting content with the relevant keywords boosts your rankings on search engines and app stores and helps bridge your potential customers to your product.

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