Sylvia Heisel, a pioneer in leveraging3D printing in fashion, talks to DesignRush about the imminent explosion of Web3, the Metaverse and VR, highlighting how Gen Z doesn't differentiate between physical and digital goods.

Gen Z is spending an increasing amount of money on virtual clothing, with some saying what they wear online is more important than how they dress in the real world.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC), fashion brands like Gucci and Nike started designing their own branded digital clothes in 2023 to meet the demand. 

Teens' inclination to purchase digital attire in games like Roblox and Fortnite underscores this shifting paradigm. 

In the 28th edition of the DesignRush Podcast, Sylvia Heisel notes the repetitive nature of traditional clothing designs and finds inspiration in crafting new garments that integrate technology.

"Studies show kids don't differentiate between physical goods and digital goods in the same way that adults do. As these kids grow up, they're gonna have crossover, their digital wardrobe and their physical wardrobe will coincide and will be all one to them,” Sylvia tells DesignRush.

Highlights of our interview with Sylvia include:

  • Why 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize fashion through personalization
  • Driving innovation in fashion is about looking for inspiration outside of your industry
  • Remaining open to change in design is possible only if you enjoy the creation process

Listen to the full episode on YouTube or Spotify to find out more.

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