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Brand Identity Communication Chat Box Megaphone

What Is Branding? The Importance Of A Strong Identity & 10 Companies Creating Core Brand Values

Proper branding communicates a company's mission, services and core values to consumers. We examined exactly how to create a strong brand identity of your own -- plus, the businesses that do it well.
Minimal UI Design Computer Designer Creating Website
Design Trends Top 10 Lists July 20, 2018

The Best Minimal Website Design & User Interface Examples — Plus, Why They’re Effective

Minimal interfaces empower users to understand your brand's message faster and easier. We rounded up the best sites to draw inspiration from and determined which elements helped them find success.
Custom Illustration Desktop Building Website
Design Trends Top 10 Lists July 19, 2018

The 12 Most Creative Custom Illustration Examples In Web Design Building Strong Online Businesses

Two-thirds of consumers would rather interact with a visually-appealing design -- and these websites prove that custom illustrations are the key to better engagement.