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ECommerce Shopping Website Design Features Functions
Design Trends Top 10 Lists July 13, 2018

The 10 Best Ecommerce Website Designs Of 2018’s Top Features & Functions

The average cart abandonment rate is 68.9% -- but a user-friendly web design can reduce that number, increase sales and create a more positive brand presence.
Mind-Blowing Person Marketing Statistics 2018

Mind-Blowing 2018 Marketing Statistics Showing The Power Of Social Media, Content, Video & Email

The best digital marketing strategies are rooted in fact -- and we've got dozens of the latest and greatest incredible marketing statistics that will help you prioritize your brand's campaigns.
Avignon Festival Fine Arts Print Design Posters
Design Trends Top 10 Lists July 12, 2018

15 Fine Art Prints & Posters Promoting Performances, Art Festivals & Design Schools

85% of consumers would rather give business to brands with print marketing -- and these colorful, edgy print designs take it to a whole new level while incorporating the biggest graphic design trends.