Product reviews can boost conversions by 58%, on average. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the tips businesses should leverage to boost eCommerce conversions.


According to Bazaarvoice, page visitors who read product reviews are 58% more likely to convert and generate 62% more revenue on average than visitors who don’t interact with reviews. It suggests that product reviews affect shopping behavior and can help boost revenue.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 16,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” for tips on how to boost eCommerce conversions.


The One Technologies Co-Founder Kiran Beladiya claims that businesses should develop online stores that build customer trust to boost conversions.

“Trust is the most critical factor for conversion,” said Beladiya. “An attractive yet easy-to-operate eCommerce application or website only succeeds if visitors/users trust it. Customer care numbers/email, quick resolutions guarantee, and genuine customer reviews can offer trustworthiness.”


In the opinion of Vipul Shah, COO at Ace Infoway, businesses should take a mobile-first approach when developing eCommerce websites to allow for an easy mobile shopping experience and maximize conversions.

“As of June 2022, the average conversion rate in eCommerce businesses is 1.71 percent,” said Shah. “Since mobile shopping is taking over, maximizing online conversions is possible if the shopping process is straightforward single-handedly. We need to ensure the site loads fast and is easy to navigate on small screens. This helps customers feel comfortable converting sooner rather than later. Mobile-first is the key!”


Huptech Web Founder and CEO Rishi Thakker advises businesses to minimize page load time since today’s customers don’t like to wait.

“Page load speeds are the entry points of any eCommerce store,” said Thakker. “Imagine customers trying to enter your store, but all your store can offer them is a long queue. No customer likes to wait! If you don’t welcome them at entry points, good luck expecting the unachievable.”

WP Swings Co-Founder Himanshu Rauthan shares parallel thoughts and adds that factors such as minimizing redirects, optimizing images, etc., can also help decrease page load times.

"One of the most vital point in eCommerce CRO of a web store is page load speed,” said Rauthan. “Your site can convert 2.5x higher with load speed less than 1 sec in comparison to a site with 5 sec loading time. So, choosing top web host, image optimization, minifying CSS, & reducing redirects will boost the speed.”


According to Erin Schnittker Siemek, CEO and founder of Forge Digital Marketing, eCommerce businesses should leverage email automations and retention marketing to boost conversions.

“My number one tip to increase conversions is to set up your email automations,” said Siemek. “The easiest way to increase conversions going into 2023 is through retention marketing. We suggest tools like Klaviyo and Shopify for the best ecommerce conversion combination and for our clients to leverage our automation and ongoing email and SMS campaigns for huge returns (especially going into BFCM week!).”


As stated by Empat CEO Nazar Gulyk, ensuring relevant search results is particularly important for large eCommerce platforms.

“Relevant search results — this is key for large eCommerce platforms,” said Gulyk. “In one of our projects, we increased sales by 20% the next day the search engine was upgraded by using only the best-match product name and adding the search history. It's also a good idea to include featured snippets for your platform. People always want to get what they are looking for.”

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