72% of shoppers are more likely to buy from brands they trust with private data. DesignRush revealed the top branding agencies that help businesses craft messages that foster customer trust.

72% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from brands they trust with their personal information, according to HubSpot. It's important for businesses to partner with branding agencies that understand consumers' ever-changing preferences and behaviors, helping create messages based on trust and understanding.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, listed the leading branding agencies that help companies shape their brand perception and influence purchasing decisions based on trust.

The top branding agencies in August are:

1. Fireart Studio - fireart.studio
Expertise: Branding, Logo Design, Digital Product Design, and more

2. Southcoast Marketing Group - southcoastmarketinggroup.com
Expertise: Graphic Design, Branding, Digital Marketing, and more

3. Hi-Lab Solution - hi-labsolution.com
Expertise: Digital Branding, Product Development, Visual Identity, and more

4. Add Valore - addvalore.com
Expertise: Web Design, Content Management, Branding, and more

5. Spot On - thespotonagency.com
Expertise: Content Creation, Branding, Digital Marketing, and more

6. NORTHdesigns - northdesigns.co.uk
Expertise: Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, and more

7. VMAL - vmalcreative.com
Expertise: Web Design, Digital Marketing, Branding, and more

8. Vantage Creatives - vantagecreatives.com
Expertise: Digital & Print Design, Brand Identity, Web Design, and more

9. Ugly Wolf - theuglywolf.com
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Guidelines, Marketing Design, and more

10. Creative Design Solutions - designcanbedangerous.com
Expertise: Brand Development, Graphic Design, Advertising, and more

11. Teresa Redón Studio - teresaredon.com
Expertise: Packaging Design, Brand Identity, Brand Collaterals, and more

12. Gunter Graphics - guntergrfx.com
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Digital & Print Design, and more

13. dizayn.io Creative Studio - dizayn.io
Expertise: Web Design, Product Strategy, Branding, and more

14. AMP Talent Group - amptalent.com
Expertise: Digital Branding, Portfolio Management, Press Release Writing & Distribution, and more

15. Naturality Digital - naturality.io
Expertise: Influencer Marketing, Digital Advertising, Brand Visual Design, and more

16. The Unicorn - theunicorn.agency
Expertise: Animation, Branding, Illustration, and more

17. DWHQ - dwhq.com.sg
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Launch & Activation, and more

18. Enliven Agency - enliven.agency
Expertise: Logo Design, Graphic Design, Brand Consulting, and more

19. Groove Brand Experience - groovebrandexperience.com
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Market Research, and more

20. The Sole Circle - thesolecircle.com
Expertise: Print Design, Digital Marketing, Branding, and more

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