93% of shoppers choose brands based on trust. DesignRush determined the top branding agencies that help businesses build brand trust and loyalty with customers.

MIAMI - JANUARY 05, 2023

A 2022 PwC survey reveals that 93% of holiday shoppers base their purchasing decisions on brand trust. This is particularly significant since 88% of consumers will recommend their trusted brands to family and friends, therefore boosting sales.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, compiled the leading branding agencies that help companies build a strong brand image and cultivate customer loyalty.

The top branding agencies in January are:

1. JYZ Design - jyzdesign.com
Expertise: Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management and more

2. Coalition Web Design - coalitionwebdesign.com
Expertise: Web Design, Branding, Digital Marketing and more

3. ArtVersion - artversion.com
Expertise: Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design and more

4. Scrrum Labs - scrrum.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Branding, Social Media Marketing and more

5. Brand You Creative Agency - brandyou.ie
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Naming & Development, Digital Marketing and more

6. Fresh Mind Ideas - freshmindideas.com
Expertise: Digital Strategy, Brand Consulting, Creative Design and more

7. Brandsensations - brandsensations.com
Expertise: Inbound Marketing, Advocate Marketing, Conversational Marketing and more

8. Xtreme Websites - xtremewebsites.com
Expertise: Logo Design, Branding, Print Design and more

9. Argona Partners - argonapartners.com
Expertise: Growth Strategy, Brand Development, Brand Audit and more

10. Avenue 25 - ave25.com
Expertise: Branding, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and more

11. Canny Creative - canny-creative.com
Expertise: Print Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy and more

12. 3 Colours Rule - 3coloursrule.com
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Marketing Strategy and more

13. Tony Hall Studio - tonyhall.studio
Expertise: Web Design, Branding, Logo Design and more

14. CydoMedia - cydomedia.com
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Graphic Design and more

15. Forrest - forrest-co.com
Expertise: Marketing Strategy, Branding, Brand Strategy and more

16. Elements Brand Management - elementsbrandmanagement.co.uk
Expertise: Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Marketing and more

17. Framework Series - frameworkseries.com
Expertise: Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design and more

18. Grady Campbell - gradycampbell.com
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Information Design and more

19. Emerald Digital - emerald.digital
Expertise: Brand Identity, Digital Marketing, Public Relations and more

20. NameStormers - namestormers.com
Expertise: Company Naming, Brand Naming, Logo Design and more

21. BAKER - bkrdsn.com
Expertise: Package Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy and more

22. Pithy Studios - pithystudios.com
Expertise: Brand Identity, Brand Design, Brand Strategy and more

23. Phase 3 Marketing and Communications - phase3mc.com
Expertise: Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Branding and more

24. Birth Group - birth.mx
Expertise: Internal Branding, Corporate Branding, Brand Creation and more

25. 91 Branding & Marketing - ninetyone.sg
Expertise: Branding, Brand Strategy, Communications Design and more

26. Intrepid Design - intrepiddesign.co.uk
Expertise: Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design and more

27. The Bright Republic - thebrightrepublic.com
Expertise: Creative Strategy, Brand Deployment Strategy, Social Media Design and more

28. Mark Chand - markchand.com
Expertise: Graphic Design, Brand Consulting, Web Design and more

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