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  • Softexpoit

    Expert in Developing Custom Software, Mobile Apps, and Web Apps for Any Industry Worldwide| B2B
    Softexpoit's team of experts combines technical expertise and creativity to develop custom software, mobile app, and web app, backend, mac/windows solutions that meet your specific business/official [...]
    Top Services:
    Mobile App Development
    London, United Kingdom Under 49 $100/hr $10,000 - $25,000

Mobile App Development Company Hiring Guide

What is a mobile app development company?

A mobile app development company designs and builds applications for Android and iOS on various devices, like smartphones, tablets, wearable technologies, and more. They utilize different programming tools and languages to conceptualize, develop, test, and launch the product while optimizing performance, battery usage, network connectivity, and memory management.

What does an app development company do?

An app development company creates, tests, and refines applications on platforms (iOS and Android) for mobile devices using their coding and programming expertise. 

They are responsible for: 

  • Developing a seamless and engaging UX  
  • Creating an appealing UI  
  • Performing QA testing  
  • Providing ongoing technical support 
  • Releasing patches to fix bugs and performance issues 
  • Updating applications with new modes and features

How much does it cost to build an app for a business?

The cost of building an app for your business will depend on your app's complexity, desired features and functionalities, and your preferred platforms.

Most professional app development companies charge between $50 and $200 per hour.  

However, some companies charge on a per-project basis as follows:

  • $1,500 – $5,000 for an app of low complexity
  • $10,000 – $50,000 for a moderately complex app
  • $50,000 – $250,000+ for a complex app

Meanwhile, as a general guideline, yearly app maintenance can cost 15% to 20% of the initial development fee. It includes continuous bug fixes, stability and performance improvement, code optimization, additional support for new OS versions, new feature development, and more.

How long does it take to develop an app?

Developing an app typically takes one to over 12 months, depending on the size and complexity of the project: 

  • Basic small apps with straightforward features: four to six weeks 
  • Mid-size apps with above average features: four to six months 
  • Intricate apps with advanced features: six to 12+ months 

Prior to the actual app development phase, specialized companies follow this timeframe: 

  • Research and requirements analysis: one to two weeks 
  • Product strategy and planning: two weeks 
  • Prototyping and design: one week to two months

Why should I develop a mobile app for my business?

You should develop a mobile app for your business to: 

  • Increase accessibility 
  • Enhance customer experience 
  • Build brand recognition 
  • Create your marketing channel 
  • Boost sales 

Thanks to the specialized company Unico Connect, the wellness app Deep Meditate, has reached remarkable milestones with over one million downloads on Android, a 4.4-star average rating from satisfied users, and an adoption rate of 3x more than its competitors on iOS.

Why should I hire an app development company?

You should hire a dedicated app company because of its ability to develop a highly functional mobile app and provide long-term post-launch support. This support includes the following:

  • Updating advanced features 
  • Implementing new functionalities 
  • Promptly fixing any bugs 

Other reasons you should hire a professional company are to:

  • Gain access to their technical expertise
  • Access their resources, premium tools, and licenses
  • Stay on top of app development trends
  • Leverage technical app SEO to generate quality leads
  • Reach a global market 
  • And more 

Mobile app usage is on the rise as users are expected to download 143 billion mobile apps from the Google Play Store and 38 billion apps from Apple App Store in 2026. These numbers represent a 30% and 15% increase from 2021, respectively. [Statista]

How to choose the best app development firm?

Follow these steps to choose the best firm for your app project: 

  1. Set definitive goals and requirements.  
  2. Research companies and their location. 
  3. Read reviews and testimonials from previous and existing clients.  
  4. Shortlist five potential agency partners based on portfolio, case studies, and expertise in your niche. 
  5. Submit a mobile app development request for proposal (RFP). 
  6. Receive personalized proposals and get in touch with a few companies for an interview. 
  7. Ask about their security processes and measures. 
  8. Understand who are the specialists working on your project. 
  9. Check the transparency of the pricing structure. 
  10. Investigate their project management and communication skills. 
  11. Select a specialized company that fits your project requirements, budget, expectations, and company values.

What should I ask an app development agency before hiring one?

Ask these questions before hiring a partner agency: 

  1. Do you have experience working on a similar project? 
  2. What are your specializations? 
  3. Who will work on our project? 
  4. What is your agency’s retention rate? 
  5. How do you approach UX? 
  6. What will be the project timeframe based on the deliverables? 
  7. What development methodology do you use? 
  8. Do you need the involvement of our in-house teams in the project? 
  9. Who will own the code after launch? 
  10. What are the contract inclusions?

What are the best app development agencies in the U.S.?

  • Naked Development 
    • 5-star rating with 11 reviews on DesignRush; 5-star rating with 1 review on Google 
    • Top clients: Car Blip, Vigor Fitness, Snap MD, and more 
  • CXR 
    • 5-star rating with 12 reviews on DesignRush 
    • Top clients: HBO Max, Harvard Medtech, Live Nation, Montblanc, and more 
    • 5-star rating with 22 reviews on DesignRush 
    • Top clients: Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix Suns, Diary of a Fit Mommy, Cruise America, and more 
  • Digital Scientists 
    • 5-star rating with 3 reviews on DesignRush; 5-star rating with 3 reviews on Google 
    • Top clients: Gables, CommuniCare, Napa, Mailchimp, and more 
  • Azumo  
    • 4.9-star rating with 10 reviews on DesignRush; 4.6-star rating with 13 reviews on Google 
    • Top clients: Discovery Channel, Chai Vault, ScreenScape, Twitter, and more 

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