Adobe XD's Latest Update Helps You Work Smart, Not Hard

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Adobe XD's Latest Update Helps You Work Smart, Not Hard
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: December 19, 2017

Last week, Adobe released their December update to Adobe Experience Design CC (Adobe XD, for short), and let's just say, hard work has never been so easy. 

The wireframe and prototype program introduced several features that may seem small, but bring a big impact for UX. They include: 

  • The ability to quickly underline text -- a feature that was much-requested by designers. 
  • Fast stroke align type control, which mimics a feature in Illustrator. According to Adobe, you can quickly toggle between types without compromising your design. 
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Stock Images, directly from XD. Now, you won't have to leave the program to license an image quickly! In addition, the updated XD integrates with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop. 

Perhaps the most valuable feature is Adobe XD's international compatability and sharing! Design Specs (Beta) -- which was actually introduced last month -- allows users to share designs quickly with collaborators. What's better? The program has "multi-language support," making project handoff and design navigation within a team particularly simple. 

Learn even more about the updated Adobe XD on their blog. 

Overall, these updates are great news from the wirefram and prototype program. In an time with a need for instant gratification and never-ending news, keeping up with the Joneses (if the Joneses had a really, really great website...) has never been more important. Therefore, being able to crank out projects, collaborate with other remote colleagues, and maximize the designs you can produce overall is critical

Adobe XD is a favorite program of user experience designers everywhere. And it's easy to see why! Its parent, Adobe Creative Cloud, is a powerhouse in all things design, from photo editing to videography to motion graphics. 

Their near-monopoly over the industry is only growing, too. Adobe recently reported stellar Q4 earnings, raking in over $2 billion

Why the nonstop growth? Because of programs that work, with features designers love.

What's your favorite Adobe CC program? Share below!

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