The 12 Best Ideas For Startup Website Designs

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The 12 Best Ideas For Startup Website Designs
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: March 25, 2024

A good web design can transform a brand from ordinary to exceptional and leave a lasting impression on its targeted audience. Explore the innovative features, exciting elements, and thought-provoking functionality that make websites stand out as digital destinations that matter.

Don't underestimate the significance of web design for your growing startup — let these 12 startup website designs guide you toward success.

The 12 Best Startup Website Designs Your New Brand Should Emulate

Daily Harvest Startup Website Design
The Daily Harvest website is fun, clean, and promotes a natural, organic vibe that compliments its service.

1. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest connects consumers with quality, frozen superfoods. And it’s a startup with a dynamic and breezy interface. A clean layout paired with bright product shots and cute, animated illustrations bring this design full circle and allow for easy immersion on the side of the users.

The user experience is a breeze, navigation simple thanks to an intuitive menu bar, dynamic movement and a bold, clear and organized online platform. The white background adds a bright and airy vibe to this design, and typography is direct, bold and minimal. Finding your next favorite superfood fix is easier than ever with this user-friendly and intuitive web design.

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Blockmedx Startup Website Design
The BlockMedx site is a modern and intuitive interface that matches the design of their mobile app.

2. BlockMedx

BlockMedx is a pharmaceutical startup that’s determined to save lives and end the opioid crisis. The platform hopes to connect patients through an intuitive and simple e-prescribing platform that can give them easier access to the meds that they need.

And the interface emphasizes this scientific and technical vibe, with an air of modernity and personality thanks to its creative design elements. A color gradient background of purple and blue eases the user along their journey, informing in a seamless and intuitive way.

Subtle animations and a clean balance between colorful and creative elements excites users and engages audiences in a playful, yet educational way.

Helix Startup Website Design
Helix incorporates interactive elements and minimal illustrations in its website design.

3. Helix

We believe that being who you are starts with how you sleep. That's why we created a sleep experience as personal as sleep itself; a sleep experience that not only makes it simple and affordable for everyone to be themselves, but actually embraces and empowers your uniqueness.We were tired of being tired. We were tired of empty promises, confusing products, and oversimplification. We weren't interested in glossing over the complexities of how people sleep. The world is made up of individuals. One option isn't an option. We all think differently, and that means that we all dream differently.

Helix is a brand that produces custom mattresses, and to match this intuitive and personalized brand identity, the web design is equally interactive and customizable. The product page is clear and direct, with bold, moving product images and a wide variety of customization options clearly displayed.

These product pages and checkout CTAs are clean, bold and simple. They are highly intuitive, offering the necessary information in a creative and bubbly interface. There’s an approachability to this design that makes it fun to interact with, promoting interactivity, engagement and ultimately a purchase.

Bright color pairings, clean copy and a sleek white background let the products do all of the talking. And it sells.

Allbirds Startup Website Design
Allbirds is an e-commerce shoe brand that promotes a fun and airy vibe through their whimsical aesthetic.

4. Allbirds

A native of New Zealand, Tim Brown was always well versed in the magical qualities of merino wool. Inherently curious, he began asking himself why such a remarkable, sustainable resource was virtually absent in the footwear industry. And with that spirit of wonder, the Allbirds journey began. After years of researching and tinkering, Tim teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert. Together, they crafted a revolutionary wool fabric made specifically for footwear. The outcome? An entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials, and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way.

Allbirds is an environmentally-focused shoewear brand passionate about connecting consumers with quality, sustainable footwear. And their website puts an emphasis on its products with ease and curiosity. The photography is bold, taking up the majority of the design. Images of the shoes line the product pages in a clean and airy way. There is an intuitive nature to this design, making it easy for users to navigate through the design and search for the style that best represents them and their personality.

There is a lightness to this design thanks to the extensive amount of white space, the clean light colors in the images, and the simple menu bar. This design is airy and clean — putting users at ease and walking them through this startup site serenely.

Journy Startup Website Design
The Journy website experience is dreamy, travel-focused, and has bright calls to action.

5. Journy

When cofounder Susan Ho was working as an executive of a fast-growing startup, she went on vacation to Buenos Aires and didn’t have time to plan her trip in advance beyond her flights and hotel. She ended up spending over 10 hours of her vacation in her hotel Googling, sorting through TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews, only to still end up in a “local, authentic steakhouse” surrounded by tourists. It was far from the types of hidden gems she loves discovering while traveling. In 2015, she brought on Leiti Hsu (the two met 10 years ago on the dance floor in Shanghai) to start Journy. Leiti is an accomplished journalist and food show host who has worked as an advisor to hospitality and food tech startups. She also hosts the red carpet at the James Beard Awards and the World’s 50 Best Awards. As an expert traveler with insider connections all over the world, Leiti’s excited to be able to create a service that allows more people to travel the way she does — with access and insider knowledge of the best places to be.

Journy is a startup that creates customized travel experiences with the help of dedicated travel experts. And this website design highlights travel in a dreamy and innovative way. Semi-transparent photography sits as the main header image, with a light blue color overlay promoting peacefulness.

Beneath, clear navigation tools and clever movement lead users through the brand’s travel itinerary process. There’s an exciting balance between white space, colorful accents and intuitive copy that creates a user experience that is streamlined, simple and effective. This single-page website design is authentic, modern and playful, giving the startup and integrity that promotes trust and satisfaction.

Ollie Startup Website Design
Ollie's fun and playful website design provides a more human personality to man's best friend.

6. Ollie

Here’s what we did: We teamed up with canine nutritionists to develop cooking methods and personalized formulas through a kickass algorithm (because, science.) And we made it super easy for us humans with packaging that keeps it fresh, measuring the perfect portion in case we feed you before our morning coffee… and delivering it to our aka your home. Basically, we worked like dogs to make sure you could have the very best, because you are the best.

The Ollie startup aims to provide pets with better, more nutritional food options to promote a happy, healthy life for your canine. It’s a brand with a heart and soul, and it’s obvious that the team cares thanks to this playful, stunning and emotion-evoking design. An airy and cool color palette promotes a serene, soft and airy vibe, which allows for product imagery, text and animations to dance and dazzle.

There’s an innate care and compassion here. This design works because it engages on an emotional level. It talks about dogs like they’re people, like they’re members of the family. It gives the dogs an identity that can’t be ignored. This is a clever way to promote the brand, whose intention is positive. It brings these characters, your pets, to life.

Kayako Startup Website Design
Kayako's creative live demo feature provides users with comprehensive information in a fluid format.

7. Kayako

When Kayako started in 2001, customer service software was clunky, frustrating, or just not there. We turned boring, confusing software into a helpdesk that customers and staff loved to use. Skip forward to today. Customer service is more important than ever before. It has the power to delight, or disappoint; to make - or break - a business. And customer service teams are adapting. To be proactive, to be delightful. To create effortless, consistent, smooth experiences. To drive loyalty; to turn their customer service into a competitive advantage. But the software these teams use is holding them back. Kayako is here to change that, and help businesses get better at customer service.

Kayako is an innovative startup with a goal to streamline customer service and help businesses connect better with their consumer interactions. The Kayako website uses breezy illustrations to add a professionalism and a playfulness to its web design. But it’s its intuitive and creative features that elevate this design tenfold.

The live tour option walks users through the platform and its services. This is highly intuitive, fun and straightforward. It opens the door to the product and connects possible users with the service with ease. It’s exciting, streamlined and fun. It takes the guesswork out of understanding the intricacies and gives them all the answers before they have time to come up with the question.

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Parachute Startup Website Design
Parachute is a modern brand with a minimal, intuitive and interactive website design.

8. Parachute

I created Parachute because I want people to start and end their days feeling their very best – and that begins with better sheets for a better night’s sleep.Years ago while traveling in Italy, I checked into a picturesque hotel on the Amalfi Coast and discovered the softest, most comfortable bedding. When shopping for sheets later on, I found myself surrounded by stacks of products that all looked the same. I wanted something like those beautiful linens I’d experienced in Europe, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune or settle for something treated with chemicals. I made it my mission to not only offer the best sheets on the market, but to also inspire a community around sleep, wellness and creating a comfortable home. In 2014, Parachute launched with an assortment of Bedding, and today we continue to make exceptional products that deliver the highest quality to you and your family.

Parachute is a brand that has grown in popularity at rapid speeds in recent months. It’s a startup that offers quality bedding to consumers almost entirely online. And the website itself captures that peaceful, dreamlike quality that comes from a brand selling a sleep-inducing product.

It’s clean, sophisticated and bright layout puts the products at center stage. Sleek and modern typography adds necessary context and a clear layout helps users find their next favorite comforter set.

But an aspect of this startup website that really jumps from the page is its “Customize Your Own Bedding Set” functionality. This option opens up the door for an innovative and exciting element that lets users play with the design and interactive. It’s intuitive, fun and playful — urging users along with their journey and lulling them to the checkout page.

Revere Startup Website Design
Revere puts fitness first using bold product photography and large typography.

9. Revere

Our products were born from Mike Barwis’ three decades of experience training the world’s best athletes, and were built using only nature’s most powerful ingredients. The results are products that every athlete can trust to maximize their performance - and that use only clean, healthy ingredients you can pronounce.

Revere is a health and wellness startup creating quality products from quality ingredients to promote a happy, healthy life. From pre-workout to post-workout and throughout the workout process — Revere has the products athletes want.

There’s a dynamic nature to this design, a result of the brand and its product. You can see this in the movement of images and text as you scroll. It’s also apparent in the bold focus on photography to lead users throughout the site with ease.

Subtle parallax scrolling, text overlay and clear navigation help users immerse themselves into this brand and its offerings in a delightful and sophisticated way.

EFynch Startup Website Design
EFynch is an authentic brand that infuses that integrity and authenticity into its web design.

10. EFynch

Whether a new home buyer or seasoned home owner, finding the right handyman and managing any home improvement project can be a challenge. With so much conflicting information online and mis-referrals, EFynch gives you the power to search, verify, and hire with confidence. All while saving up to 40% due to efficiencies we help you capture. EFynch is a platform which connects people to contractors. We assist in the sharing of information between everyone including the collection of bids, communications, and even provide a secure platform for payments. Our goal is to focus on making this transaction easy and reducing the stress of sales.

EFynch is a site that connects contractors to the work that consumers need. And the website promotes professionalism, trust and authenticity seamlessly. Landing on the page, a video automatically plays in a semi-transparent way. And an intuitive CTA appears on the screen, urging users to engage without giving them the option not to.

Whether you’re looking for work, looking for a professional or you’re the middleman between the two, this website makes the process as simple as a few clicks.

Clear CTAs, bright colors, engaging photography and videography and subtle movement creates a dynamic design that demands to be interacted with.

Burrow Startup Website Design
Burrow lets users create the sofa of their dreams online.

11. Burrow

We've long struggled with couches that are either cheap and flimsy, or heavy and expensive. They require a team to move, are complicated to put together, and inevitably won't fit into your next space. That's why we're building clever, comfortable furniture for your life and living room. We hand-select all of our materials to ensure sustainability and durability.

Burrow is a startup reinventing the idea of the common sofa. These products are simple, intuitive and easy to maneuver — everything the modern age demands. And this innate understanding of its audience and its wants is evident in its website design.

The brand only offers a small selection of products, clearly displayed in the menu bar. But its the number of comprehensive and intuitive options that are embedded in these product pages that really takes this design to the next level. Users can choose color, style, size and more all from one screen and without a chaotic array of drop-down options and product shots.

You can’t help but get lost creating your new favorite sofa.

Kubient Startup Website Design
Kubient is an intuitive and modern website that brings brands into the future.

12. Kubient 

We are partnered with some of the biggest brands in the industry, only quality ads from quality companies. We don't just optimize, we use complex algorithms coupled with cognitive learning to get the most out of your placement. No hidden fees. No padding. We show you direct prices and our flat rate fee so there are no mysteries.

Kubient is a tech company focused on the future of video advertising. It’s a service that offers publishers and advertisers with a brand that can help them make the most of their media content. Using AI and machine learning, Kubient propels brand’s advertising campaigns into the future.

And the website matches this innovative and creative vibe. It’s clear and straightforward, urging visitors to choose whether they’re a publisher or an advertiser. From their, they’re taken to a more dedicated website that fills them in on the information that is most relevant to them. This website is intuitive, engaging and straightforward.

Startup Website Designs To Inspire Your Next Digital Interface

Startups often juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities but shouldn't neglect web design. Stellar web design can attract your target customers, set you up from the competition, and position you as a leader in your industry. It all starts with a great online platform.

These 12 startup web designs are edgy, chic, and innovative, offering inspiration for your brand's identity. Contact a professional web design agency and perfect your design!

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