60% of global consumers prefer a unified fintech platform. DesignRush, a B2B Marketplace, helps organizations connect with the most suitable agency partner for their fintech projects.

MIAMI - JUNE 07, 2022

60% of consumers prefer transactions with financial institutions that provide a single platform, according to EY.

That’s why Opportunity International EduFinance, a non-profit organization devoted to improving access to quality education, looked to hire an experienced website developer who will create their School Loan Aggregator Platform. This unified platform should “facilitate borrowers’ access to a multitude of financing products, increase lender outreach and product awareness, offer complete underwriting solutions and documentation, simplify loan application and sanction processes and reduce turnaround time for quick disbursals.”

Hence, they submitted their project to DesignRush Marketplace, hoping to find the best match for their project.

Through the Marketplace, Opportunity International EduFinance managed to refine the hiring process and partner with an experienced, time-sensitive agency that produces high-quality work.

Specifically, the organization was able to:

  • Experience fast, transparent and convenient hiring process
  • Connect with three developers from suggested agencies, all having a significant experience
  • Dive more deeply into the prospects’ past projects and case studies
  • Award the project to the most qualified and suitable agency, with a firm grasp of the services to be provided
  • Sakshi Sodhi, senior technical assistance advisor at Opportunity EduFinance, recommends the DesignRush Marketplace for its ability to offer quality vendors.

“Before reaching out to Designrush, I had reached out to [a] couple of website developers myself,” said Sodhi. “The quality of developers that were recommended by them [was] by far the best ones. I will surely recommend DesignRush to others in [the] future.”

About DesignRush:

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