Consistent branding leads to 10-20% revenue increase. DesignRush listed the leading branding agencies that help companies drive sales through brand consistency.


A Lucidpress report showed that brand consistency accounts for an average of 10-20% revenue increase. However, 77% of brands surveyed admit to struggling with off-brand content. This suggests that a branding strategy requires expertise and well-defined guidelines to work.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, determined the best branding agencies that ensure consistent branding for businesses and elevate their ROI.

The top branding agencies in November are:

1. REQ -
Expertise: Branding, Online Reputation Management, Advertising and more

2. Empowered Path Studios -
Expertise: Advertising, Brand Design, Brand Strategy and more

3. GKV -
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Brand Development, Public Relations and more

4. Marovino -
Expertise: Logo Design, Package Design, Branding and more

5. Masters Creative Branding -
Expertise: Web Development, Branding, Video Production and more

6. Super Duper Studios -
Expertise: Branding, Social Media Marketing, Web Design and more

7. Guzman Labs -
Expertise: Marketing, Web Design, Branding and more

8. Here Design -
Expertise: Product Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and more

9. EWM -
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Branding, Web Development and more

10. Social Driver -
Expertise: Brand Development, Digital Advertising, SEO and more

11. Explore Agency -
Expertise: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Digital Marketing and more

12. Leo9 Studio -
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Branding, Brand Guidelines and more

13. SLIQUE Media -
Expertise: Branded Content Production, Influencer Marketing, Restaurant Marketing and more

14. Phase 3 Marketing and Communications -
Expertise: Public Relations, Branding, Graphic Design and more

15. Blank Box -
Expertise: Logo Design, Branding, Web Design and more

16. Studio Up -
Expertise: Brand Design, Web Design, Digital Advertising and more

17. Day Dream Design Firm -
Expertise: Social Media Branding, Brand Development, Web Development and more

18. Virtually Adventurous -
Expertise: Web Design, Branding, Brand Coaching and more

19. Puppetbrush -
Expertise: Brand Design, Web Design, Graphic Design and more

20. Brandefy -
Expertise: Video Production, Digital Marketing, Branding and more

21. Olam Sites -
Expertise: Logo Design, Web Design, Social Media Advertising and more

Expertise: Branding, Digital Marketing, Digital Communications and more

23. Escandi -
Expertise: Visual Identity, Naming, Brand Design and more

24. EloQ Comunications -
Expertise: Branding, Crisis Management, Digital Marketing and more

25. In Motion Marketing -
Expertise: Web Design, Digital Marketing, Branding and more

26. Hi-Lab Solution -
Expertise: Digital Branding, Product Development, Graphic Design and more

27. 90 Day Profit Breakthrough -
Expertise: Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing and more

28. Puneet Sakhuja -
Expertise: Brand Strategy, Brand Guidelines, Package Design and more

29. Bean Labs -
Expertise: Creative Development, Brand Strategy, Branded Entertainment and more

30. Nice Branding Agency -
Expertise: Business Branding, Restaurant Branding, Brand Support and more

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