83% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. DesignRush recognizes the best eco and sustainable print and packaging designs in honor of World Environment Day.

MIAMI - JUNE 03, 2022

Trivium Packaging found that sustainability is a major deciding factor for 54% of consumers looking for a product. In fact, 83% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. It proves that more people are becoming more than environmentally aware.

So, in honor of World Environment Day on June 5th, DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, recognizes the best eco and sustainable print and packaging designs to encourage awareness and inspire action.

For images along with more details about these projects, visit https://www.designrush.com/best-designs/packaging/trends/best-eco-sustainable-print-package-designs.

1. Ember & Beam by Here and Now Creative

Ember & Beam is a brand producing all-natural candles. Its packaging design, a project executed by Here and Now Creative, provides a memorable experience. The agency focused on minimalism, using branded details and brand imagery to help increase recognition.

For more Here and Now Creative projects, visit hereandnowcreative.co.

2. Incredible Eats by Little Fox Design

Incredible Eats is a brand that develops edible and plastic-free cutlery. Their packaging design company, Little Fox Design, put up an eye-catching packaging design for their spoons and sporks focusing on bright colors and round typeface.

For more Little Fox Design projects, visit littlefoxdesign.com.

3. EarthProof Protein Packaging by R&G Strategic Communications

R&G Strategic Communications is responsible for the packaging design of EarthProof Protein, a brand making non-animal-based protein products made from sustainable sources. The agency used on-brand font styles, cartoonish illustrations and creative product shots to reflect the brand’s spirit.

For more R&G Strategic Communications projects, visit rgstrategic.com.

4. The North Face by BBMG

BBMG, the agency behind North Face’s packaging design, helped the brand develop a refurbished product line. Following a clutter-free approach and focusing on bold and eye-catching copy, the design catches the audience’s attention and positions the brand as one that inspires more adventures with less waste.

For more BBMG projects, visit bbmg.com.

5. Alter Eco by Modern Species

Alter Eco, a brand making organic chocolates, partnered with Modern Species to refresh their look. The design agency incorporated flavor-associated colors, nature-inspired visuals and a front pocket feature to make the packaging stand out.

For more Modern Species projects, visit modernspecies.com.

6. Hydrogen Europe’s Report 2021 by REVOLVE

Hydrogen Europe is an organization that represents the interest of the hydrogen and fuel cell industry as well as its stakeholders. The organization counted on REVOLVE's help to design a report that communicates various updates, policy changes and discussions in the industry. The result was a print design that blended a modern cartoon theme with light and warm color palette and real-life and graphic illustrations to communicate the brand’s message.

For more REVOLVE projects, visit revolve.media.

7. Sendle Sticker by Republic of Everyone

Sendle Sticker, a brand that produces stickers for parcels, partnered with Republic of Everywhere to develop impactful stickers. The agency focused on designing powerful illustrations of animals wearing masks to make the population understand how mailing services contribute to harmful emissions.

For more Republic of Everyone projects, visit republicofeveryone.com.

DesignRush identified the leading print and packaging design companies that can help businesses create sustainable designs that reinforce their identity and influence consumers’ buying decisions:

1. Vesanique - vesanique.com
Expertise: Print Design & Collateral, Packaging & Illustration, Logos & Identity Systems and more

2. NOMON DESIGN - nomondesign.com
Expertise: Packaging Design, Editorial Design, Branding and more

3. Rui Verissimo Design - ruiverissimodesign.com
Expertise: Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Brand Identity and more

4. Ram Pandit - rampandit.net
Expertise: Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Advertising Design and more

5. YA2 Design - ya2.design
Expertise: Identity & Logo Design, Packaging Design, Illustrations and more

6. Visual Art Group - visualartgroup.it
Expertise: Branding, Packaging Design, Graphic Design and more

8. MinalStudio - minalstudio.com
Expertise: Graphic Design. Branding & Identity, Packaging Design and more

9. FronteraTec - fronteratec.com
Expertise: Graphic Design, 3D Printing & Design, Logo Design and more

10. MILLER Design & Marketing - millerdesignandmarketing.com
Expertise: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding and more

11. Comstock Studios - comstockstudios.com
Expertise: Brand Development, Packaging Design, Product Development and more

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