NEW YORK - MAY 28, 2021

The global digital ad spend is expected to surpass USD 389 billion in 2021, reporting an increase of over USD 56 billion compared to the previous year.

Besides digital advertising, businesses are investing in content marketing, email, organic social media and search engine optimization to attract, engage and convert their audiences online.    

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with specialized agencies, has issued the May list of the top digital marketing companies that help businesses create and execute successful online marketing strategies.

The top digital marketing companies in May 2021 are:

1. Juuced Marketing –

Juuced is a premiere website design and marketing company focused on helping small business owners grow their online presence.

Founded by marketing guru James Nunn in 2018, the Juuced team has decades of design, SEO, and lead generation experience.    

2. Creatif Agency –

Creatif Agencys is a team of creative designers, web developers, social media and marketing experts.

Besides social media management and content creation, the agency specializes in identifying, targeting and creating clients’ audiences on all the social media platforms.

3. Appetite Creative –

Appetite Creative is a multi-award-winning creative technology company.

The company specializes in a variety of creative and digital services including branding, social media management, video production, advertising, web design, and more.

4. Respect Studio -
Expertise: Lead Generation, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing and more

5. Vcana Global Inc. -
Expertise: Email Marketing, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and more

6. Agencia Agencia -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Branding and more

7. KARMA jack -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, PPC, Google Advertising and more

8. Brandit360 -
Expertise: SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and more

9. Captura Group Inc. -
Expertise: Digital Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Creative Agency Services and more

10. Arcadia Bytes -
Expertise: SEO, eCommerce Development, Graphic Design and more

11. Workshop Built Inc -
Expertise: Branding, Product Marketing, SEO and more

12. iMark Infotech -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC and more

13. The Creative Exchange -
Expertise: Visual Content Creation, Influencer Marketing, Paid Advertising and more

14. Lead Website Design -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Web Design, SEO and more

15. Sooner Marketing Solutions -
Expertise: Video Production, PPC, SEO and more

16. Monopoly X -
Expertise: Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and more

17. ProStrategix Consulting -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC and more

18. Bewe -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Visual Design and more

19. Erretres -
Expertise: Market Research, Branding, Web Design and more

20. -
Expertise: Content Creation, Ad Management, Social Media Management and more

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