68% of online experiences start with a search engine. DesignRush listed the best SEO companies that help businesses reach better rankings and more prospective customers online.

According to BrightEdge, a search engine is where 68% of online experiences begin. With organic and paid search dominating website traffic, it is essential for organizations to stay on top of the ever-changing search engine landscape to ensure higher site rankings and visits.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, determined the leading SEO companies that help organizations target quality traffic and get more clicks in search results.

The top SEO agencies in April are:

1. Marketing Lad - marketinglad.io
Expertise: SEO, Link Building, Web Development and more

2. LinkDaddy - linkdaddy.shop
Expertise: Link Building, SEO, Marketing Video for Business and more

3. Deb Carr Digital - debcarr.com
Expertise: eCommerce Development, Web Design, SEO and more

4. Creation Web Solutions - creationweb.uk
Expertise: Web Design, Website Management, SEO and more

5. Profit Parrot Marketing - profitparrot.com
Expertise: SEO, Content Writing, Guest Posting and more

6. FASTDOT Digital - fastdot.digital
Expertise: Content Marketing, SEO, SEM and more

7. Storypages Agency - storypages.co
Expertise: Local SEO, Web Design, Reviews Management and more

8. Beeween.com - beeween.com
Expertise: Web Design, Web Marketing, SEO and more

9. Launch Site - launchsitellc.com
Expertise: SEO, PPC Management, Web Design & Development and more

10. Fblinking - fblinking.com
Expertise: Web Development, SEO, PPC Management and more

11. Small World Communications - gosmallworld.com
Expertise: Creative Campaigns, Paid Media, Digital Strategy and more

12. 930 Technology - 930Tech.com
Expertise: SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing and more

13. NormandieMkT - normandiemkt.fr
Expertise: Digital Strategy, eCommerce Development, SEO and more

14. Ditto Digital - dittodigital.co.uk
Expertise: SEO Campaigns, Technical SEO Audits, Competitor Analysis and more

15. Deep - deepagency.am
Expertise: Blogger Outreach, SEO, PPC Advertising and more

16. Local MarketPlace - yourlmp.com
Expertise: SEO, GMB Optimization, Content Marketing and more

17. White Label SEO Agency - whitelabelseoagency.net
Expertise: SEO, Multilingual SEO, Link Building and more

18. TOG Africa - togafrica.com
Expertise: Web Design & Development, UI/UX Design, SEO Content Writing and more

19. Teal Deal Marketing Agency - tealdealmarketing.com
Expertise: Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing and more

20. Elixxir Design - elixxirdesign.com
Expertise: SEO, Web Design, Reputation Management and more

21. New Era Vista - neweravistallc.com
Expertise: Content Writing, Public Relations, SEO and more

22. Katnip Marketing - katnipmarketing.com
Expertise: Public Relations, SEO, Advertising and more

23. Creaditech - creaditech.com
Expertise: Web Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing and more

24. AM Info Tech - aminfotechsmc.com
Expertise: Link Building, SEO, Content Writing and more

25. Index365 - index365.co
Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, SEO and more

26. The Bonus Writer - thebonuswriter.com
Expertise: Research & Analysis, SEO Website Copywriting, Content Writing and mre

27. AGENIX Digital - agenix.digital
Expertise: SEO, Content Marketing, PPC Advertising and more

28. Inspired Copy - inspiredcopy.co.uk
Expertise: SEO Copywriting, Ad Copy Creation, Email Marketing and more

29. Gignaut - gignaut.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO and more

30. Write My Web Content - writemywebcontent.com
Expertise: Copywriting, Content Management, SEO AdWords & Analytics and more

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