Remote Team Building: 182 Business Leaders Share Insights Into Remote Recruitment & Team Management [Q4 Report]

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Remote Team Building: 182 Business Leaders Share Insights Into Remote Recruitment & Team Management [Q4 Report]
Article by Zarah Ariola
Last Updated: January 29, 2021

DesignRush’s last report of 2020 explored a trend that will define workplaces in 2021: remote teams.

To create this report, DesignRush turned to 182 business leaders of brands across industries to gain their insights and advice on remote team building and management, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Building & maintaining a corporate culture
  • Improving productivity
  • And more

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Here are the main findings:

stat - research insights into the benefits of remote team recruitment and management

The Benefits & Challenges Of Remote Team Building

37% of surveyed business leaders said that the greatest benefit of building a remote team is that it provides access to a bigger talent pool.

Interestingly, our respondents also noted that the bigger talent pool doesn’t necessarily mean an easier recruitment process.

As for the other benefits:

  • 28% of surveyed business leaders said “increase in productivity
  • 20% said “cost savings”
  • 15% said “diversity of thought and input” was the biggest benefit of going remote

stat - research insights into the challenges of remote recruitment and management

Though most, if not all, of our respondents were satisfied with their transition to the remote model, they warned of three key challenges to be aware of:

Building and maintaining the corporate culture was the biggest challenge for 49% of surveyed business leaders.

As mentioned earlier, recruitment becomes increasingly difficult as the talent pool grows. As many as 30% said that finding the right talent was their biggest challenge.

12% of the surveyed business leaders said that for globally disbursed remote teams, navigating the time differences was the biggest challenge.

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stat - research insights into the best tools and services for remote recruitment

How to Recruit Remote Employees?

When it comes to recruitment, the research found that:

Video conferencing tools play an important role in the screening process for 64% of the respondents. They help employers gain deeper insight into the candidates’ skills, with an emphasis on soft skills, and build trust.

LinkedIn is the most popular platform for candidate sourcing and evaluation according to 62% of our respondents.

As many as 35% of remote employers check the candidates’ private social media channels during the screening process.

According to our respondents, remote recruitment requires longer lead times due to the size of the talent pool as well as the need for a thorough screening process.

stat - research insights into the best practices for remote team management

How To Manage A Remote Team?

When it comes to managing a remote team,

Video conferencing platforms remain indispensable according to 82% of our respondents.

  • 69% said that instant messaging platforms like Slack or MS Teams are an important communication tool.
  • 68% said that they rely on content storage and sharing platforms such as DropBox and Google Drive in their day-to-day.
  • 66% find project management platforms like and Asana important for remote team management.
  • 64% said that real-time collaboration platforms like Google Documents and Figma are important for their productivity.

The full report features insights into our respondents’:

  • Remote working infrastructure
  • Onboarding process
  • Best practices for building and managing company culture
  • Performance tracking and improvement
  • As well as caring for the employees’ emotional wellbeing

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