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Understanding How The Pandemic Has Affected The Demand For Agency Services

DesignRush’ Q3 Industries Report analyzes the demand for agency services based on over 500 research respondents and focusing on five verticals: software and app development, web design, eCommerce, digital marketing and branding.

In the report, we look at the impact of the COVID crisis on the demand for services within the verticals. Enter your details in the download form to get your free copy.

Key Insights

  • Healthcare, online retail, education and food and beverage businesses are among the top investors in digital agency services
  • Outsourcing is rising in popularity as businesses become more cost-sensitive
  • Businesses are increasing investment in design and branding that distinguishes them from the growing online crowd
  • Companies are exploring new advertising channels and platforms as the popular ones become more competitive

Enter your details in the download form to get the Demand For Agency Services During COVID-19 Crisis report for more insights.

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