IVR Contact Center and Its Practical Applications for Business Operations Optimization

IVR contact center allows communication automation between your company and your clients, bringing more value to the efficiency of your business processes.

Call center IVR systems provide over-the-phone fast-paced customer support, cost-saving and time-efficient. IVR customer service enables your client care team to control a high volume of calls better and eliminates long waiting times for consumers.

Owing to call center IVR, you can operate your organization without the need for a larger and hence, costlier workforce. Implementing an IVR contact center factors in a self-service component to your operations, helping give customers faster solutions and boosting their support services experience.

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What is an IVR Contact Center?

An IVR or interactive voice response is an automated telephone software system that functions as your contact center’s virtual receptionist. Through call center IVR systems, your callers can interact with self-serve menu options via dial entries or speech recognition functionality.

IVR contact center collects information from callers to help instantaneously resolve concerns raised. When a client needs further assistance with an issue beyond the capacities of call center IVR systems to answer, the IVR customer service redirects them to the proper agent who can most suitably address the problem.

With well-structured and streamlined call center IVR strategies and technologies, your business can deliver enhanced client support and a quicker turnaround time for resolution. In addition, you can save on valuable human resources or additional hires when you have an IVR available to act in response to simple customer queries.

How Do Call Center IVR Systems Work?

Working as a form of an answering service, call center IVR systems are used together with the automatic call distribution (ACD) technology to deliver client support by asking the caller to choose from a menu and key in the response by dialing. The ACD’s auto-attendant can also reroute the customer to a call center representative whom it identifies as the most qualified agent to handle the caller’s needs.

On the one hand, the dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signals proceed to process the caller’s dial entry. These signals convey the dial responses to the IVR call center systems. Then, the IVR customer service reverts to the caller with prerecorded answers.

On the other hand, call center IVR software with a speech recognition feature can process the caller’s verbal responses via natural language processing (NLP). NLP is a specialized artificial intelligence that understands simple speech input such as singular words and short phrases.

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Workflows Used for IVR Customer Service

Here are the automated workflows or applications utilized in an intuitive and versatile IVR contact center:

Automatic Routing

Automatic routing lets a caller set specific instructions via prompts from the IVR menu. By picking from the IVR options, the client provides the call center IVR systems with relevant details. The IVR tool returns to the customer with answers derived from previously supplied information.

When the caller has further questions, they have the option to get connected with a support agent.

Personalized Call Center IVR System Messages

You can configure your call center IVR systems for a personalized approach to messaging. For instance, you can personally record the greeting. This way, there is still a human aspect in the whole client call experience.

Another example is setting up your IVR customer service to retrieve the caller’s name if available on your IVR call center database based on the phone number used. The voice prompt can automatically adapt to include the customer’s name during the call, specifically in salutations and when enumerating instructions.

Addressing clients by name gives a more personalized tone and a hint of exclusivity to the service despite the prerecorded message automation.

Automated IVR Contact Center Processes

With adequately executed automation of your call center IVR software, you can run your company in a way that benefits your workforce and your consumer base. Automated processes enable faster response to customer queries and, in turn, increase in consumer satisfaction. Also, these allow your client support agents to focus on manually handling more complicated cases.

Here are some sample processes that you can automate:

  • Questions about business information such as office location and business hours
  • Available pricing model and variations of your products and services
  • Order tracking for logistics and shipment
  • Checking of account balance or credit limit for banking services
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Benefits of a Call Center IVR

Besides customer support automation, a setup for personalized IVR customer service interaction, and faster first contact resolution time, the IVR contact center offers many other advantages for optimizing your client care procedures.

Appropriately Taking Care of Peak Periods and Large Volume of Calls

Win over the challenges with peak hours and a high incoming call rate. With well-structured and meticulously streamlined call center IVR solutions, your support service agents do not have to be overwhelmed even amid an influx of simultaneous calls.

IVR customer service software is designed to allow smoother, easier handling of high call volumes. Through your IVR, you can:

  • Provide self-service options
  • Automate call rerouting
  • Offer a scheduled callback to clients who could not wait in line for longer
  • Continuously make customer support available on a 24/7 basis

Segmenting Clients Based on a Set of Criteria

One instance wherein customer-segmenting proves to be practicable and valuable in an IVR contact center is when anticipating the volume of calls based on one caller’s location.

If your business offers services and your service systems are down in a particular area, you can predict the increase of calls from that region.

When faced with this situation, you can filter or segment calls from the affected locality. Then, you can prepare a message tailored to address and inform about the relevant issue at hand similarly experienced by your other subscribers. In the prerecorded message, you can explain precisely what is happening, why the system is out, the resolutions your technicians are on, and the estimated time of getting the system working again.

Priority is another criterion you can use to segment your calls. You can first cater to VIP clients and assign agents specifically dedicated to this customer group.

Leveraging Gathered Customer Information 

Another benefit of call center IVR systems is the collection of significant consumer data. You can later utilize their details to help tailor and reshape your IVR customer service offerings for a more personalized customer journey.

Moreover, you can employ your IVR contact center tools to solicit client feedback and thoughts on their most recent customer service experience. You can have a quick survey after the conversation ends. Make sure it would not take too much of your client’s time and that it is easy to follow. One way is to ask them to rate your client support services using their dial pads. It is also appropriate to ask beforehand if they are willing to participate in your survey.

Boosting Your Brand Name and Business Reputation

A call center IVR system that offers self-serve options and live agent assistance facilitates well-organized and more professionally-structured customer care services.

It is a remarkable boost for your brand name when your audiences and target markets are satisfied with your product or service offerings and your presale and after-sale support.

What you aim to achieve with an IVR contact center is to make your clients feel secure because they have a recourse to turn to, even if they may not constantly be communicating with a live representative. Clients are then presented with several options on how they would like to have their concerns and queries rectified.

A 24/7 IVR customer service improves your overall business reputation, too. If you are transacting with customers in different time zones, the continuous availability of IVR contact center solutions helps establish rapport and build loyalty. This is because it means that you genuinely value your patrons and take their needs to heart. It is an efficient way of letting them know that they can count on how you do business on any given day or at any time.

Enabling Omnichannel Customer Service

Call center IVR systems can also support an omnichannel customer support structure. When you take the omnichannel strategy for a better client service experience, you tap various support platforms for effective and well-fueled call center IVR operations. These platforms include chat and email support in addition to phone calls.

This approach equips your customer service teams with the tools to retrieve and cross-reference client data from the different support channels in use whenever they need it.

For example, an online buyer calling for the second time to ask for updates on shipment and delivery does not have to dictate details such as order number all over again. The reason for this is when your customer first calls, your IVR call center systems have already captured and stored relevant order information that both self-serve IVR and an actual support agent can recover and use. As a result, you manage to deliver solutions more quickly.

Omnichannel call center IVR encourages seamless movement of client-agent interactions from one platform to another without losing context or data along the way.

Conclusion: IVR Contact Center for Improved Client Care

An IVR contact center is worth the investment. Maximizing your use of IVR customer service software does not overwork your support team of agents. On the contrary, you organize and optimize your operations and, at the same time, elevate consumer satisfaction. Neither do you compromise the high standard of quality for your customer service.

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