IVR in the Cloud: Your Long-Term Business Communication Solution

Interactive voice response or IVR in the cloud has many advantages over on-site communication solutions. These include cost savings, convenience, lower maintenance, and high-security levels.

About 94% of enterprises use cloud communication applications, like phone systems, CRM, file storage and sharing, call center software, SIP calling, and cloud-based IVR. This indicates the efficiency of cloud IVR.

If you plan to shift your business communications to the cloud, cloud-based IVR is an excellent first step. Besides automation, audience segmentation, and call rerouting features, it offers numerous other functionalities that can ease business transactions.

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IVR in the Cloud Defined

IVR in the cloud is a software solution enabling consumers to pay, speak with relevant business contacts and agents, and interact with automated voice prompts.

Cloud IVR uses dual-tone multi-frequency or DTMF tones, voice recognition, and natural language processing. Cloud-based IVR interprets caller needs and redirects the call to the appropriate agent or an additional automated voice prompt menu.

Cloud IVR Services

IVR cloud systems typically provide callers with a menu from which they can choose responses by pressing the corresponding keys on their phones. Based on their answers, the cloud IVR delivers the requested information or transfers the call to the most suitable live agent.

The functions of a cloud-based IVR are not limited to menu automation and call routing. Here are the other services IVR in the cloud has to offer:

Welcome Message

Greet your clients with a pre-recorded message when they reach your trunkline for a professional touch. Use a standard welcome message or customize it as you deem fit for your business type.

Music on Hold

Fill your caller’s waiting time with a soothing tune while they are put on hold in a queue or transferred to a customer service representative.

You can also use informative voice prompts in place of music. These can include company updates, promotional announcements, advertisements, or after-office hours notes.

Virtual Receptionist

An IVR cloud solution has automated reception for inbound call management via multiple phone extensions, built-in menus, and prerecorded messages. Like an answering service with automatic systems for processing numerous calls with precision, it leaves you with no unanswered client calls.

Analytics and Reporting

Experience advanced IVR cloud metrics analysis. Identify trouble spots and arrive at more clever business decisions with real-time cloud-based IVR data analytics and reports. You can evaluate the following with ease:

  • Response time
  • First-call resolution
  • Misrouted calls
  • Customer behavior
  • Common caller issues

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Manage and track your cloud-hosted IVR campaigns with agility. Enable IVR actions and analyze them with a few clicks on the intuitive single-interface dashboard.

Call Recording

IVR allows you to record all inbound and outbound calls and save them in HD format. This is handy for training purposes, quality assurance, and issue resolution.

Email Notifications

You can opt to receive email alerts for all IVR-based conversations in your company. Also, you can send an acknowledgment or follow-up email to a caller after a cloud-based IVR interaction.

Full Disaster Recovery

IVR in the cloud is deployed in multiple data centers within every region it serves. This ensures the availability of adequate capacity at all times.

Scalable Capacity

Concerning data recovery, cloud-hosted IVR is equipped with a scalable capacity to meet the increasing call volumes together with your changing business demands.

Real-Time Configuration

You can perform real-time updates on your menus, messages, welcome greetings, and call rerouting SOPs. Redefine and fine-tune configuration sets for faster and easier bulk modifications.

App Integration

Interactive voice response cloud services enable seamless digital channel integration with a chatbot, online payment portal, or SMS software, allowing calls to move smoothly across different platforms. This will free up agents’ time, increase productivity, and improve client satisfaction.

Promo Offers and Rewards

IVR in the cloud can be used for marketing campaigns to introduce products or services and promote discount offers. This feature is an efficient marketing tactic to generate qualified leads, convert them, and make a sale.

Surveys and Polls

Ask feedback from your customers via an automated survey or poll that automatically saves their responses. A cloud-based IVR is efficient for soliciting feedback, requiring only a few taps on the respondent’s phone and making it hassle-free for consumers.

Information Inquiries

The cloud IVR system automates clerical tasks, such as data retrieval, without requiring a live assistant’s involvement. This is excellent for answering bank account queries, questions on company details, and other simple inquiries.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based IVR services are accessible remotely on any device. This significantly reduces interruptions, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Other Valuable Features

  • Multiple languages support options
  • Visual cloud IVR
  • CRM integration
  • Compliance and security
  • Fraud prevention
  • Caller authentication
  • Advanced call path
  • Outbound IVR and automatic callbacks

Benefits of Cloud-Based IVR

Maximize your use of IVR in the cloud. Whether you run a startup or you are seasoned in your industry, you can enjoy these business optimization benefits:

Reduced Operational Costs

Cloud-hosted IVR systems are cost-efficient. These help lower call volumes for client care representatives while helping your business remain accessible to callers during off-peak hours and holidays.

Cloud IVR solutions are cost-saving for companies of any size, including offshore call centers. However, they are particularly advantageous for small- to medium-sized businesses and startups that are not fully staffed yet intend to maintain high customer engagement.

Equipped with robust features, they cost much less than in-house IVR whose price starts at around $1,500 per line for small businesses. Mid-sized enterprises will have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for in-house implementation. On average, cloud-based IVR can reduce these numbers by up to 30%.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Nearly 60% of consumers say that long waiting times are the most frustrating aspect of customer service. These result in a high call abandonment rate. With its self-service solutions, cloud IVR can drastically decrease, if not entirely eliminate, long holds. Hence, it improves the customer experience.

Here are more ways in which interactive voice response enhances the consumer journey:

  • Simplifying payment processes
  • Integrating CRN tools to give information, such as online purchase history
  • Sending outgoing reminders
  • Customer callback option
  • AI-powered human-like two-way conversational experience

Agent Productivity Boost

IVR in the cloud helps increase first-call resolution rates (FCRs). With caller issues solved quickly, live customer service agents can allocate more time for placing outbound sales calls. They can also spend more time providing solutions to more complicated consumer problems instead of making follow-up calls involving the same common concerns.

In addition, interactive voice response technologies help evenly distribute workload among call specialists for better work optimization.

Error Reduction

Effective IVR deployment can reduce glitches within customer service processes because it does not entirely depend on a live representative to reroute calls or take notes.

Strengthened Security

Cloud-hosted interactive voice response systems incorporate voice recognition technology for caller identity verification. This adds an extra layer of data security to protect sensitive personal information, like social security numbers, bank account details, and medical lab results.

Server Redundancy

Backup functionalities and redundant servers that come with cloud IVR services keep your telecommunications infrastructure up and running when the main server is down.

Besides keeping your customer service operating, this offers immediate premium solutions, minus the high expenses of performing in-house configurations.

Common Business Types Using IVR in the Cloud

Enterprises in any sector can take advantage of cloud-hosted IVR services. The cloud-hosted communication solution is a good fit for any company. It is most extensively used in these business types:

  • Utility companies, like energy providers, to facilitate bills payment, check account balances, transfer account ownership, and receive emergency alerts via automation
  • eCommerce stores to verify orders, provide shipping updates, manage parcel returns, send promotional offers and reminders
  • Marketing agencies to send client satisfaction surveys, seek feedback through polls, place outbound calls for advertising campaigns, manage reward programs, and conduct market research
  • Hospitality management, like hotels, to let callers book, allow rebooking or reservation cancellation, and manage guest requests
  • Healthcare, like hospitals, clinics, and telemedicine, to receive appointments, provide insurance information, facilitate bills, send follow-ups, monitor patients, and refill prescriptions
  • Education, like schools and research institutions, to provide updates on a learner’s performance, retrieve attendance reports, communicate with partner institutes
  • Banking and finance for balance checking, loan application follow-ups, and investment portfolio modifications

Wrap-Up: Gearing Your Business for Success with IVR in the Cloud

IVR in the cloud offers communication solutions that help set your company up for long-term success. Cloud-based business communication systems enable you to adapt to the fiercely competitive market that relies heavily on rapidly evolving technologies and emerging new ones.

Automating your interaction platforms helps you keep up with competition and stand out in your industry. The cloud-hosted structure of communication with clients lets you maximize your time and resources so you can focus on growing your organization.

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