Top 10 Personal Brand Statement Examples + A Guide To Write One

Top 10 Personal Brand Statement Examples + A Guide To Write One
Article by Sumana Ganguly
Last Updated: February 08, 2024

In a 2022 study on personal branding trends, participants stressed its importance in professional and everyday life. Findings indicated that 74% of Americans trust individuals with a personal brand, and 63% are likely to buy from them. For entrepreneurs, trust is pivotal, and developing a personal brand becomes a potent tool for business growth. So, what is a personal brand statement?

A personal brand statement, succinctly showcasing your values, skills, and experiences, acts as a brief online introduction, functioning as a catchphrase or elevator pitch. It not only highlights professional offerings but also reveals the individual's personality, much like in business branding, contributing to a well-rounded personal brand.

Let’s look at the top 10 personal brand statement examples in this article.

1. Ann Handley

"Empowering ridiculously good marketing."

Ann Handley, a digital marketing pioneer, writer, and keynote speaker, is renowned for elevating fellow marketers' businesses to unparalleled success. Her succinct personal brand statement, "Empowering ridiculously good marketing," captures her expertise in a casual yet impactful manner.

The term "ridiculously good" distinguishes her from other marketers, conveying both competence and approachability. Ann inspires marketers to "create marketing magic," revealing her ability to make the seemingly impossible achievable.

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2. Joe Pulizzi

"Advocating content marketing."

Joe Pulizzi, a self-proclaimed content marketing evangelist, distinguishes himself with a unique personal brand statement. While commonly recognized as a content marketing expert or pioneer, the term "evangelist" sets Joe apart.

It signifies his mission to not merely educate but to instill a passion for content marketing. The term's religious connotation is redefined, emphasizing Joe's dedication to converting others into fervent content marketing enthusiasts.

3. Pam Moore

"50% geek, 50% marketer, 100% social nut!"

Pam Moore, a marketing consultant and social media speaker, expresses her fun and dedicated approach to marketing in her personal brand statement. Describing herself as "half geek, half marketer, 100% social nut," Pam embraces her individuality with unabashed authenticity.

Her choice of words creates a unique and memorable personal brand, showcasing her expertise and enthusiasm for social media and marketing.

4. Sujan Patel

"I am the force behind growing companies."

Sujan Patel, a prominent digital marketer, boldly asserts, "I grow companies," making a compelling personal brand statement. This declaration goes beyond assisting growth and positions Sujan as the driving force behind expansion.

He further establishes credibility by highlighting his agency's role in crafting digital marketing strategies and his personal involvement in building and growing software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. This bold statement captures attention and underscores Sujan's impact on business growth.

5. Mark Schaefer

“Marketing. Strategy. Humanity.”

Mark Schaefer, an educator, speaker, marketing consultant, and author, has crafted corporate marketing strategies for notable brands such as Microsoft, IBM, and AT&T. What sets his personal brand statement apart is its subtlety, conciseness, and creativity.

“It succinctly encapsulates Schaefer’s focus, activities, and distinctive approach,” according to Omer Usanmaz, CEO and co-founder of mentoring and learning software Qooper.

6. Jennifer Welsh

“Empowering successful women to take control of their finances.”

As the founder of Money School, Jennifer Welsh communicates a powerful personal brand statement that clearly articulates her profession and target audience. Her statement effectively conveys what she does and for whom, establishing a strong foundation for her personal brand.

7. Kat Norton

“Let’s make Excel the solution, not the problem.”

Known as Miss Excel, Kat Norton gained fame on TikTok for her concise Microsoft Excel tutorials and now provides Excel courses on her website. Norton's statement cleverly addresses her audience's challenge while showcasing her problem-solving personality, indicating a deep understanding of her audience's needs.

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8. Katelyn Bourgoin

“’The Customer Whisperer.’ I help marketers discover the hidden reasons why customers buy so they can become un-ignorable.”

Katelyn Bourgoin, a creator and serial entrepreneur, founded a branding agency, a mentoring platform for female entrepreneurs, and a restaurant consulting firm. Her personal brand statement ingeniously communicates her role in helping marketers understand their customers and make their brands unforgettable.

It effectively positions her as "The Customer Whisperer" who uncovers the hidden motivations behind customer purchases.

9. Jessi Fearon

“Real life on a budget.”

Jessi Fearon operates a personal finance and budgeting blog under her name, where she offers valuable insights to help readers effectively plan their budgets and tackle debt. Her concise personal brand statement, "Real life on a budget," carries a significant impact.

While seemingly straightforward, the statement precisely communicates Jessi Fearon's expertise in navigating a practical lifestyle within financial constraints. The choice of words, "real life," conveys her approach, considering real-world events, challenges, and possibilities.

10. Sofia Crokos

“Elegant. Genuine. Timeless.”

Renowned as a celebrity event planner in New York, Sofia Crokos and her team have orchestrated weddings for notable figures like Robert Downey Jr. and Marc Anthony. Her personal brand statement, comprised of three simple words, emphasizes everlasting sophistication and authenticity. This statement swiftly communicates her specialization in curating luxurious events for the elite.

Further exploration reveals her firm's success in establishing global relationships with esteemed vendors. Sofia's strong personal brand statement underscores her proficiency in organizing upscale events and provides clarity in her expertise for potential clients.

How To Write a Personal Brand Statement?

Crafting a personal brand statement demands creativity, intention, and attention to detail. We’ll show you how to write a personal brand statement in six steps:

Define Your Target Audience

Understand your audience across various platforms, distinguishing between your website and social profiles. Identify your brand voice by considering what you are selling — whether it's a product or service or your expertise and skill set for networking.

Identify Your Value Proposition

In that same vein, determine what sets you apart. A compelling personal brand statement should leave the reader intrigued. Reflect on your past experiences, accomplishments, and unique skills highlighted by colleagues.

Express Your Personality

Strike a balance between professionalism and personability based on your industry, job role, and experience. Observe how thought leaders and even branding agencies in your field present themselves and incorporate creative action words or positive personality traits that make you stand out.

Be Concise

In the realm of personal brand statements, brevity is key. Most people skim content online, so clarity and purpose are crucial. Whether viewed by a recruiter on LinkedIn or a potential client on your website, a concise statement helps your audience make quick, positive judgments.

Write Like Everybody’s Watching

Assume interested parties, including hiring managers, may explore your social media profiles. Ensure consistency and professionalism in catchphrases, bios, and taglines across all platforms. Consider keeping personal profiles private or featuring brand-specific content to maintain a professional image.


Regularly revisit your personal brand statement on various platforms. Don’t wait for a job search; check in during goal setting, resume updates, or personal milestones, as they may all affect what your brand statement stands for.

However, make sure to remain sincere, as representing your skills, experience, and reputation inaccurately will do more harm than good in the long run.

Everyone possesses a distinctive quality that sets them apart in their professional domain, and it's essential to share it with the world. Now that you grasp the significance of personal brand statements and the importance of branding, as well as their impact on your career, it's time to begin the creative process.


What is a personal brand statement?

A personal brand statement is a concise expression, typically a couple of sentences, highlighting an individual's unique skills, experiences, and values. It serves as a quick introduction, summarizing what one offers professionally. Beyond showcasing expertise, it allows for your personality to shine through, acting as a memorable tagline or elevator pitch.

Why is a personal brand statement important for career growth?

Crafting a personal brand statement is crucial for career growth, as it succinctly communicates your unique value proposition, helping you stand out in your field. It clarifies your expertise to prospective customers, ideally making a positive and memorable impression.

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