How Much Does Logo Design Cost? A 2024 Pricing Guide

Logo Design
How Much Does Logo Design Cost? A 2024 Pricing Guide
Article by Sumana Ganguly
Last Updated: April 05, 2024

Believe it or not, there are free logo-making websites with which you can create a logo for next to nothing if you choose the DIY approach. However, those may leave a lot to be desired, so for professional results, expect to spend upwards of $2,500 with professional design agencies.

As a recent survey found that 34% of U.S. adults have made purchases influenced by an appealing logo, it’s advisable to opt for professional services, but we’ll cover every approach in more detail. What further underscores the importance of good logo design is that logo appeal is even more important among the Generation Z demographic, of whom a staggering 56% made a purchase influenced by logos.

So, how much does logo design cost today? Whether you’re a small business owner, corporation executive, or organization leader, knowing the cost of creating a compelling logo can help maximize your investment.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Logo Design

As we mentioned, DIY logo design can be a great budget option if you’re feeling creative. With a range of tools and software available, anyone can attempt to create a logo without prior design experience. That said, the key word here is “attempt” — the quality and uniqueness of your logo will heavily depend on your design skills and the limitations of free tools.

The following are a few examples of free logo design platforms:

  • Free Logo Design: This free logo maker with drag-and-drop functionality lets you create your desired logo with millions of icons to choose from.
  • Canva: With thousands of free templates available, Canva’s logo maker lets you design logos from scratch while allowing you to customize aspects like color combinations and fonts.
  • Designhill: Designhill’s logo generator uses AI that constantly learns the elements that will work for your company, making it better each time you use it.


  • Cost-effective with many free tools available
  • Full creative control over the design process


  • Time-consuming for those unfamiliar with design tools
  • Quality may suffer without prior design experience


  • Free to around $50
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Hire Freelance Logo Designers

Freelance logo designers are a great choice if you’re seeking a balance between cost and expertise, as they usually charge less than professional logo design agencies. That said, the logo design price will ultimately depend on the designer’s experience, reputation, and your project’s complexity. Before committing, review their portfolios to ensure their style aligns with your vision.


  • Good balance of cost and expertise
  • Direct communication with designer


  • Quality and logo design price varies between freelancers
  • Requires time to review portfolios


  • $100 to $2,000+

Crowdsource Your Logo Design Needs

Imagine tapping into the creative minds of multiple designers at once. Crowdsourcing platforms allow you to do just that — you set a budget, provide a brief, and then choose from a variety of submissions. This method can provide unique designs, but the quality can vary.

After launching a contest, designers worldwide submit their concepts based on your specifications. As submissions roll in, you can provide feedback and steer the direction of the designs.

Finally, after reviewing all entries, you select the winner who best captures your brand’s essence. You then secure the rights to the winning logo and pay the designer their due.


  • Access to a variety of ideas from different designers
  • Fixed price point lets you know your budget upfront


  • Sheer volume of options can be overwhelming
  • Quality of submissions may vary


  • $99 to $1,000
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Utilize the Services of an Expert Logo Design Agency

An expert logo design agency brings a team of professionals to work on your branding. They delve deep into your brand’s ethos, target market, and industry trends to create a bespoke logo.

This option will vary in cost by potentially being more affordable than hiring a freelancer or opting for crowdsourcing. However, it could also exceed that pricing range, especially when a package comes with other branding solutions like animation or multimedia production.


  • Comprehensive branding solutions beyond just the logo
  • Professional and bespoke design services


  • Process can be longer due to in-depth research and revisions
  • Significantly higher cost than other options


  • $2,500+

What Is the Average Price for Logo Design?

The 50 leading logo design firms on DesignRush typically bill an hourly rate of $117. Around 17.8% of these agencies are open to projects with a budget below $1,000, and only 0.8% set their minimum budget above $50,000.

It’s important to note that the actual cost can swing dramatically depending on your choice. DIY solutions might cost next to nothing but require your time and creativity.

On the other hand, agencies offer a comprehensive package at a higher price point, bringing professional expertise to the table. Freelancers and crowdsourcing fall somewhere in between, providing a mix of affordability and custom design.

The average cost that we’ve mentioned here serves as a starting point for budgeting, and the final cost should align with your specific needs and the value you place on unique, effective branding.

The Most Expensive Logo Design Price

The most expensive logo design price is $1.28 billion, as seen with Symantec’s logo. This astronomical figure far exceeds the typical budget for logo design. It also shows how some companies view their logo as a pivotal investment in their brand identity.

However, it’s important to clarify that this figure doesn’t solely pertain to the cost of designing the logo. The majority of the amount actually stems from Symantec’s acquisition of VeriSign’s security business, which included the rights to their well-known checkmark logo.

Upon recognizing the established value and market trust, Symantec incorporated this visual element into its brand identity after the acquisition process. The actual cost of designing the logo isn’t publicly disclosed, but it’s safe to say it represents only a fraction of the total expense.

So, for the actual cost of the most expensive logo design, that title would go to British Petroleum’s logo, with $210 million.


The cost to craft your logo can vary widely depending on your needs and preferences, from free DIY options to spending a sizable amount with professional designers. Remember, a great logo does more than just look good — it can influence consumer choices significantly.

Knowing what you’re willing to invest in your logo can really pay off. It makes every dollar you spend a smart investment towards your brand’s future.


Why is a logo expensive?

A logo is expensive because it encompasses much more than just a simple design — it’s the heart of a brand’s identity, capturing everything the company stands for in one iconic image.

Designers pour hours into understanding what makes a business tick, who they’re trying to reach, and how to stand out. They sketch, revise, and tweak until everything — from the color to the symbolism — speaks a brand’s language fluently.

Is a logo design worth it?

Yes, getting a professional logo design is worth it since it’s the cornerstone of your brand’s visual identity. A logo can make or break first impressions, and it may also make you stand out from competitors. Ultimately, a good logo will foster brand loyalty as well.

How long does a logo design take?

It takes around one to four weeks to design a logo. This timeline can stretch or shrink based on a few key factors.

First off, understanding a brand’s core identity takes careful thought and research. Designers dive deep into the brand’s values, target market, and overall vibe before even sketching the first draft. Then there’s the design complexity, as more intricate logos take more time.

Finally, the number of revisions can also extend the process, as tweaking and perfecting the design to get it just right is crucial.

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