What Is An Android App Development Company?

An Android app development company builds applications for mobile devices that run on the Android operating system.

They are proficient in Java, Kotlin and C++ programming languages.

Thanks to their technical expertise many users can enjoy using different types of applications that they download from some of the most popular Android app stores including:

  • Google Play
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Samsung Galaxy Apps
  • Sony Apps
  • Aptoide
  • F-Droid

What Do Android App Development Companies Do?

Some of the primary responsibilities of Android app development agencies include:

  • Performing market and competitor research
  • Identifying clients’ goals and business needs
  • Defining and shipping new features
  • Writing reusable, testable and efficient code
  • Troubleshooting, fixing and testing existing apps on a live platform
  • Resolving reported issues from both customers and QA testers
  • Maintaining projects with the latest Android changes and various SDK updates
  • Ensuring the performance, quality and responsiveness of apps
  • Researching and implementing app development best practices
  • Documenting features, issues and operation of software
  • And more
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Android is the most popular operating system on the market with a share of 72.92%

How Do Android App Developers Create Apps?

The step-by-step process of Android mobile app development includes:

  1. In short, to make any app for any operating system, such as Android, it takes around 4-6 months to build an app.
  2. Once you have your idea conceptualized, the agency will create mockups.
  3. Following on from the mockups, the process begins with programming, typically using Android Studio or Xcode software- which are specific to Android.
  4. Next comes API (Application Platform Interface) which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. For example, each time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.
  5. The Android app development company uses codes, data management, design tools and wireframe, in addition to embedding your curated content, for each section- before finally optimizing it.
  6. Typically using Java and XML, all of the design, development and usability is tested on phone simulators for any hiccups. It’s common to face issues, that’s why the development stage is important and incorporates correcting, developing and testing until it is 100% perfect.
  7. The next step includes uploading the app to Google Play or any other Android app store.
  8. Once Android app development agencies have launched your app and it’s downloadable, it doesn’t stop there. Apps need constant monitoring and updates- which your selected company will provide, as part of your agreed terms of the contract.

How Much Does Android App Development Cost?

There are several factors to take into account, regarding the Android app development cost.

Let’s break it down into sections:

  • Google Play store’s fee may be low cost, at only $25.00 per annum, however, in addition to annual fees, app store owners take a 30% cut of sales.
  • The actual cost of the development of an Android eCommerce app can cost from $8,000 to $50,000.
  • In addition, you would also need to pay for other components, from buying equipment and software licenses:
    • Social media integration: $500–$1,500
    • In-app purchasing: $1,000-$4,000
    • Infrastructure + database: $1,000–$5,000
    • Share capabilities: $500-$1,500

All in all, Android app development companies can cost anywhere from $30,000-$170,000 depending on the complexity of your app and its purpose.

Or when billed by the hour, android app development services prices start at $10 and can go up to $200, sometimes even more.

How Do Free Android Apps Make Money?

In November 2020, 96.6% of all Android apps were available for free.

That’s a huge percentage that may make you wonder how all of these app owners make money.

To generate ROI and drive earnings, they incorporate various monetization techniques like:

  • Advertising (display ads and banners): A display ad, also known as a banner ad, is a form of online paid advertising that is typically a designed image that is used to advertise exactly what that user placed in his or her cart to get them to complete the purchase that they left before.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is the use of email to promote your business. Android app development companies use it to cultivate relationships with potential customers, keep current customers informed and updated on your brand, offer coupons to encourage customer loyalty and more.
  • Subscriptions: A subscription is the right to receive a product/ or issue of a magazine or periodical in exchange for money. For example, a consumer might pay an annual fee to receive test/sample products.
  • In-app purchases: In-app purchasing refers to the buying of goods and services from inside an application on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • And more

Using a mix of these formats and placements, Android app developers can help you generate maximum revenue as well as user engagement.

Why Should You Hire Android App Developers?

These are the top three reasons why you should consider partnering with an Android app development company:

Reason #1: Reach A Global Audience

Android is the most popular operating system on the market with a share of 72.92%. iOS follows with 26.53%.

Other less popular platforms are:

  • Samsung (0.22%)
  • KaiOS (0.07%)
  • Windows (0.03%)

These numbers highlight the fact that Android devices have the biggest number of users. In fact, the number of Android smartphone users in the US is expected to reach more than 130 million in 2021.

The bottom line: Investing in a professional Android mobile app development would ensure you reach a wider user base and a larger pool of prospects.

Reason #2: Stay Relevant

Today, many business operations heavily rely on mobile hardware and software innovation. With about 4.83 million apps to choose from in Google Play Store and App Store only, the app industry is one of the most influential.

However, application development is also one of those fields that evolve every single day. What works today, may not work tomorrow.

This seeks:

  • Staying on top of emerging trends at all times
  • Incorporating the latest technologies

Recently, the sector has been significantly influenced by the surge of advanced tech components like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and chatbots.

According to MindInventory, some of the Android app development trends brands should watch in 2021 are:

To stay relevant and ensure an intuitive user experience, businesses need to develop or update their existing Android apps based on such emerging technological innovations.

Professional Android app development companies are always up-to-date with these emerging trends and are able to quickly adapt your app to these so that you can serve your clients better.

Reason #3: Keep Your Client’s Sensitive Data Safe

According to an AV-Test recent security report, in March 2020, the number of new Android malware samples was 482,579/month.

With 93.93%, trojans are the most common type of malware on Android devices. They are employed by hackers with the aim to spy on you, steal or delete data and even disrupt the performance of your app.

Hacker attacks like these can cost you money and customers.

To avoid such a scenario, your Android app development company will incorporate security best practices like:

  • Using implicit intents and non-exported content providers
  • Applying signature-based permissions
  • Incorporating SSL traffic
  • Using HTML message channels
  • And more

All these will enforce secure communication and keep your sensitive data and those of your clients safe.

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How To Choose The Best Android App Development Company

Follow these steps to make the search for the right Android app developers easier:

  • Determine your requirements: The first step to take is to think about your business needs. Think about why you want to invest in an Android application, what features and functionalities it should have and what type of goals it should help you reach. This will help you shape your search and help you find a partner who has the relevant expertise to meet your expectations.
  • Check the companies’ past work: Previous work in the form of case studies and portfolios will showcase the skills, capabilities and experiences of each prospective Android app development company. You will find out what type of projects they accept and what sectors they are familiar with. The company that understands your audience well can accelerate project delivery.
  • Think about their communication skills: Communication can make or break a project. To ensure yours is delivered successfully, pick an Android app development company that is responsive and defines contact person and communication channels from the very beginning. See how open they are for questions, whether they are happy to provide feedback and if they have a customer support system in place.
  • Understand their strategic approach: Android app development agencies come in different shapes and sizes. So, they will use different methodologies and have different approaches to the development process. Ask how they will fit your business model and which of them is the most relevant for you. Make sure you partner with a company that can provide customized solutions according to your business specifications.
  • Ask about post-launch support: All types of apps, both large and small, need some kind of maintenance. Whether it is small assistance like making updates and adding new content or more complex ones like fixing issues and adding new features, apps need to be maintained after they go live. To ensure an intuitive user experience at all times, make sure you partner with an Android app developer who can invest in a long-term partnership.

10 Questions To Ask Android App Developers

These are the top 10 questions you should ask during your interview with the prospective Android app development companies:

  1. Have you ever built a similar application? How well do they perform?
  2. What does your app development process look like? What methodologies do you use?
  3. Who will work on our project and how experienced each Android app developer is?
  4. Are you going to submit our application to Google Play Store once it goes live?
  5. What are the best ways for these types of apps to make money?
  6. How will we communicate during the project?
  7. Will you provide us with the documentation once you develop our app?
  8. Do you offer after-launch maintenance?
  9. Will we own the code after launch?
  10. What are your payment terms? How much will the app cost us?
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Takeaways On Android App Development Companies

Android app developers can build high-performance and well-secured apps that drive business growth.

The cost of Android app development services starts at $10 per hour.

The benefits of partnering with a professional company are:

  • Reaching a global audience
  • Staying relevant
  • Keeping your users’ sensitive data safe

To choose the best Android app development company, take the following steps:

  • Determine your requirements
  • Check the companies’ past work
  • Think about their communication skills
  • Understand their strategic approach
  • Ask about post-launch support

Best of luck!


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