What Are Freelance App Developers?

A freelance app developer is someone who creates mobile and computer applications. Their responsibilities include developing, programming, and testing apps for various devices. This includes PCs, laptops, smartphones, smart TV, and smartwatches.

They use programming languages and development skills to create and test applications for popular operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android. Freelance app developers also consider UI and UX design principles when building apps.

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Application development market is projected to reach US$166.20bn in 2023
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What Does a Freelance App Developer Do?

First, app developers are called freelancers if they work as independent contractors. They are often paid on a per-project basis, although some work on a retainer basis for an IT services company. Hence, they are paid by the hour or per month.

Second, their primary responsibility is to create application software. These are programs meant for the end-user to do a specific purpose. Some excellent examples of application software are:

  • The Microsoft Suite
  • Internet browsers
  • Communication software
  • Music applications
  • Game applications
  • And more

That said, their freelance app development responsibilities may include the following:

  • Utilizing wireframe models to create tailored user interfaces
  • Ensuring the application's optimal functionality and user experience
  • Addressing performance issues and bugs
  • Coordinating with back-end developers and designers to deliver software solutions

Here are four ad-hoc services that freelance app developers can provide:

Service #1: App Development Strategy

Applications can help businesses boost their bottom line. One reason is that software solutions can help improve users' quality of living. For instance, healthcare apps make it easy for patients to schedule a consultation, receive prescriptions, or buy their medicines.

You may have a million-dollar idea for an application but need more resources to turn it into reality. Freelance mobile app developers can help create a robust app development strategy. This can help you figure out the steps you should take and the tools you need to make it happen.

Service #2: UI/UX Design

There are also app development agencies that specialize in UI/UX Design. That's because how your application looks and functions can impact your users' experience.

While a beautiful-looking app is essential, mobile app developers should consider whether an application is easy to use. This ensures that your users are constantly engaged with your app.

Service #3: Support and Maintenance

Aside from having beautiful and functional apps, it is also crucial that they are available and reliable. This includes monitoring the applications for bugs and other vulnerabilities, as well as taking actions to prevent any data breach from happening.

Service #4: Porting Mobile Apps

A freelance app development agency can also offer mobile app porting services. This is the process of transforming an application to be available for other devices.

For example, focusing on Android app development can limit the number of users you can cater to. The same goes for iOS app development. As such, you may tap a partner agency to make a platform-specific application available on other devices.

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Why Hire a Freelance App Development Company?

Having an app also allows you to promote brand loyalty and improve your customer engagement. However, only some have the resources to create an application. That's why we have listed the five reasons you should hire freelance app developers:

Reason #1: Specialization

Just because someone works in IT does not mean he can build an app for your business. Those that provide freelance app development have the skills and knowledge to create apps. They may even focus on certain types of applications like native apps, mobile apps, and web apps.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may also encounter freelancers that create apps for specific industries. Some common examples are healthcare, finance, e-commerce, lifestyle, and gaming apps.

Reason #2: Right Technology

Aside from specialization, app developers use the right technology to build your application. Some of the common frameworks used in app development are:

  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Apache Cordova
  • jQuery and jQuery Mobile
  • Onsen UI
  • And more

Some app development companies also leverage technologies based on your desired features. Some excellent examples are gyro sensors to detect movement, Bluetooth for wireless connection, and facial recognition for security and authentication purposes.

Reason #3: Project Management

As mentioned previously, some services provider also offers app development. It is the process of figuring out how to turn your app idea into reality, which includes project management.

Often, a partner agency will assign a project manager to ensure that your project is on track. They will be responsible for delegating tasks to the team and sending regular invites to you. That way, you can rest assured that you can launch your application on time.

Reason #4: Quality Output

Reliable freelance mobile app developers will strive to deliver quality output. This means having an app that is functional and easy to use.

For example, you hired a service provider to create an app for your online store. It only makes sense that you prioritize a quick check-out process. That's because launching an e-commerce app aims to make online shopping convenient for your customers.

As such, it is imperative that you check a partner agency's portfolio. This can give you an idea of the industries they cater to and the apps they build.

Reason #5: Direct Marketing

Aside from convenience, having an app makes it easy for you to communicate with your users. With the use of push notifications, people can receive real-time updates. It is like hearing your smartphone ding and seeing a chat head to inform you that someone message you on Messenger.

This is a feature you can include in your app development brief and something that an app developer can do.

How Much Do Freelance Mobile App Developers Charge?

Freelance app developers can charge between $90,000 and $300,000 for a project that spans 15 to 30 weeks. They can also charge $30 to $200 per hour or $3,500 to $500,000 per project.

Pricing will vary considerably based on the complexity of the project. A one-time app development project will be relatively cheaper than a project that requires development, iteration, and maintenance.

Other factors you should consider are the type of app you are building and the required program integrations.

How to Find the Right Freelance App Developers for Your Business?

With hundreds of freelance app developers you can hire, finding a suitable service provider can be cumbersome. That's why we recommend that you follow these three steps in hiring the right freelance app developer:

Step #1: Identify the Features You Need

To help narrow your search, consider the type of application you need. Consider who will be your end users, as some agencies specialize in apps meant to streamline business operations while some are customer-centric.

You should also identify the features you want to see in your app and its platform. That way, you can easily create a shortlist of app development agencies.

Step #2: Consider Their Experience

You may not want an app developer who has never created an app, just like you wouldn't want a pilot who has never taken to the skies. Ask them about their experience, and then look at some projects they have done in the past.

Step #3: Put Communication First

Your app development project will only go well with establishing clear communication. Rapport is crucial throughout the project, as this can impact how you receive updates and send feedback.

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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Freelance App Development Company

When hiring the best-performing freelance app developers, ask the following questions. That way, you can find the right partner agency for you:

  1. Have you ever worked on an app development project like ours?
  2. What tools and technologies do you use when creating an app?
  3. What design principles do your use to ensure excellent app user experience?
  4. Who will be responsible for our project?
  5. Who will be our point of contact or project manager?
  6. How long will it take before we see the first iteration of our app?
  7. How involved can we be in this project?
  8. Following the launch, who will own the code for the app?
  9. Do you offer app development support and maintenance?
  10. Can we integrate other software with our app?

Takeaways on Freelance App Developers

An app can help boost your business's bottom line. That's because it fosters brand loyalty and can be used as a direct marketing channel.

Thus, you should consider a partner agency's skills and experience before hiring. You should also consider your budget, required features, and the app's purpose.

Best of luck!

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