What Makes Mobile App Development Companies In Seattle Unique

Unlike other US-based competitors, mobile app development companies in Seattle employ a highly competitive workforce.

Thanks to its capability to attract, retain and grow skilled talent, Seattle ranks eighth on Insead’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index.

The top spot comes as no surprise as:

  • Seattleites enjoy salaries that are well above the national averages
  • Seattle is home to leading tech employers like Dell, Apple, Google and Microsoft
  • The city’s region ranks first in the U.S. for STEM jobs
Mobile app development companies in Seattle: global cities talent competitiveness index​
Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index
[Source: Insead]

That said, Seattle’s tech industry is booming and the high demand for skilled and well-educated employees made local app developers offer highly competitive services.

As a result, the Seattle metropolitan area has the highest concentration of jobs in the field of software development. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Another differentiating factor is the city’s diversity. According to research conducted by The Seattle Times, Seattle ranks among the top five cities for growing diversity.

In fact, thanks to its quality of life and strong job market, it also ranks among the 20 best cities to live in in the States.

This is a key characteristic because cultural diversity in the workplace carries certain benefits including:

  • It can inspire creativity and drive innovation
  • It allows for local knowledge and broader insights into specific audiences

In other words, mobile app developers in Seattle are well familiar with the local laws, regulations, customs and competitive landscape.

This gives them an edge over their competitors and their diverse skill base makes them more competent in the services they offer.

What Do Seattle Mobile App Developers Do?

Unlike their counterparts around the country, mobile app developers in Seattle are more likely to be qualified in executing projects for businesses in the locally dominant sectors.

As stated by the Office of Economic Development (OED), Seattle’s key industries include:

  • Maritime
  • Clean technology
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Life sciences
  • Global health
  • IT

Working for local brands, Seattle mobile app developers have acquired an understanding of the local ecosystem, the audience and competition. So, they can easily spot challenges and opportunities which is why they may be better suited in crafting effective applications for the above-mentioned fields.

Similarly to other agencies specialized in application development, mobile app development companies in Seattle are in charge of:

  • Developing custom applications for various devices and platforms like iOS, Android and Windows
  • Securing applications to ensure they are safe from external threats and breaches
  • Testing applications to certify their functionality is working as per the given requirements
  • Maintaining applications post-launch (updates, bug fixes, performance analysis and more) in order to provide an optimal user experience
Seattle at night
Seattle mobile app developers operate in a competitive environment
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How Much Do Android and iPhone App Development In Seattle Cost?

For Android apps and iPhone app development in Seattle, local companies develop their pricing structures depending on several factors like:

  • Their size and reputation
  • The project requirements (the type of app, its size, the type and number of platforms it should be developed for and more )
  • The project complexity and deadline
  • The number of app developers and other professionals engaged in the project
  • And more

Most professional agencies will offer the following pricing plans:

  • Hourly fee: Typically ranges between $50 and $300 per hour
  • Project-based fee: When invoiced by the project, businesses can expect to pay around:
    • $1,500 – $5,000 for an app of low complexity
    • $10,000 – $50,000 for a moderately complex app
    • $50,000 – $250,000+ for a complex app

Why Should You Hire a Mobile App Development Company In Seattle?

The major advantages of partnering with mobile app development companies in Seattle include:

1. Access to High-Degree Talent

Thanks to its capability to attract and retain skilled talent, Seattle is like a magnet for some of the best app developers in the country. Couple this with the city’s high concentration of professionals in the field, we can assume that only the best can survive in the highly competitive environment.

That said, Seattle mobile app developers offer services of the highest quality.

2. Diverse Skill-Base

As one of the most diverse cities in the US, Seattle is home to app developers of varying religions, races, ethnicity, cultural background, languages, education and abilities.

This carries a competitive advantage since employees in a company with higher workplace diversity tend to have access to a variety of different perspectives and increased creativity. They enjoy faster problem-solving skills and higher innovation rates. Therefore, they may be more competent to execute your project.

3. Unique Insights into the Local Market and Industries

Unlike other competitors in the field, mobile app developers in Seattle have built robust knowledge in the area’s most predominant sectors. Their understanding of the local market, audience and competition can make all the difference as their unique insights can help build an app that stands out and strengthens your brand’s position on the market.

How to Select the Best Seattle Mobile App Developers

Before making a decision on who to partner with, make sure you do the following:

  • Establish a budget: Make sure you know how much you are able to spend on your mobile application. However, allot additional funds to cover unexpected expenses.
  • Set clear project requirements: Research other similar apps and make a list of the features and functionalities you would like your app to have.
  • Set the deadline: Depending on your business goals, set a specific deadline for delivering the app. This will help find a partner who can build the app within the given timeframe.

Once you have these three points checked, consider the following steps:

Step #1: Search for a Good Portfolio and Satisfied Clients

The portfolios of mobile app development companies in Seattle will reveal important info on their technical expertise. You will find out if they have worked on projects with similar requirements. Make sure you check some of their apps to learn about their usability and functionality.

Additionally, take a look at their testimonials and reviews as they will give you a glimpse into their reliability, flexibility and company culture as well as help you analyze the quality of their services.

Step #2: Ask about Their Security Processes

Considering that apps have access to large amounts of sensitive user data, you would like to get a highly secure and bulletproof product. Thereby, understand what security measures potential Seattle mobile app developers have to prevent vulnerabilities.

Step #3: Find out if They Offer Post Launch Maintenance and Support

Not only does every app need regular updating and maintenance, but there is a possibility that they may come across issues. Therefore, to ensure an intuitive user experience and great performance at all times, partner with an agency that is able to engage in long-term projects.

Step #4: Ensure They Have Trusted QA and Testing Measures in Place

Most custom applications are prone to bugs and various technical issues. Trusted QA and regular testing measures can ensure the product comes without any issues and interruptions in functioning.

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15 Questions to Ask Mobile App Developers in Seattle Before Hiring Them

Not all mobile app developers in Seattle operate the same. To ensure you’ve partnered with the best one, ask each potential candidate the following questions:

  1. What platforms can you develop for?
  2. How well do you understand my business model and target base?
  3. Do you have experience in developing applications with similar features and functionalities?
  4. What is your app development process? What methodologies do you use when building apps?
  5. How will the project be managed? Who will work on it and what level of experience do these experts have?
  6. What is your approach to user experience?
  7. What security measures do you have in place?
  8. What kind of testing do you perform?
  9. Will you maintain my app post-launch? What kind of support can I expect?
  10. What level of involvement should I expect?
  11. Who will own the code after the app is live?
  12. How will you make sure my application is delivered on time?
  13. What is the project cost? Should I expect some extra fees?
  14. Shall we sign a contract and what does it include?
  15. Are you able to help with application analytics?

Takeaways on Mobile App Development Companies In Seattle

Mobile app development companies in Seattle are some of the finest professionals in the country. What sets them apart from their competitors is:

  • The quality of their service offerings
  • Their local market know-how and industry experience
  • Their diverse skills base

They have developed applications for various global industries, however, they tend to be most competent in developing products for the following sectors:

  • Maritime
  • Clean technology
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Life sciences
  • Global health
  • IT

For Android and iPhone app development in Seattle, you may pay between $50 and $300 per hour.

Best of luck!

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