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 San Francisco is home to technology giants like Apple, Twitter and Uber

What Makes App Developers in San Francisco Unique?

Silicon Valley has become a synonym for tech innovation. Despite its rather extravagant standard of living, San Francisco is a magnet, attracting young entrepreneurs and engineering talent alike.

Forbes ranks San Francisco the tenth best city in the US for business and careers (18th if you count cities with a population below one million residents) so it’s not surprising that it houses more than twelve Fortune 1,000 companies including ABM, Levi & Strauss and more.

San Francisco (and the vicinity) is a home to technology giants like Apple, Twitter, Yelp, Uber, Zynga, Pinterest, Dropbox, Airbnb and Google which contributes to Golden City being considered the tech capital of the world.

This is why app developers in SF are known around the globe for their creativity and expansive software knowledge capacity that allows them to deliver some of the most innovative and high-performing applications in the world.

App developers tapped into San Fran’s long history of established companies in the business and professional services sectors and partnered with local clients including 1900+ tech companies, 120+ biotech companies and 200+ cleantech companies.

This is why they are uniquely positioned to create successful apps for both local and clients across the country.

What Do App Developers In San Francisco Specialize In?

San Francisco app developers are highly skilled in crafting multi-purpose mobile applications for various platforms. Their job is to understand their client’s needs and goals and then morph their unique ideas into tangible software products that solve specific problems or unmet need.

While they approach every customer individually, they push the bar higher as they strive to accomplish same or similar results for every respective client. That may include:

  • Establishing brand awareness and recognition
  • Increasing business accessibility
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Cultivating customer loyalty

The primary responsibilities include building and programming apps for computers, smartphones, wearables and tablets, as well as:

  • Performing market research
  • Discovering the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • Understanding clients’ goals and requirements
  • Identifying key application functionalities and features
  • Developing databases
  • Securing apps
  • Integrating APIs
  • Web and eCommerce development services
  • UX/UI testing
  • Augmented reality
  • Conducting QA testing
  • Maintaining apps
  • And more
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What Do iPhone App Developers In San Francisco Do?

Since Apple HQ is located in the Bay Area, with the plan of opening another office building, or rather, a campus “within walking distance of everyone”, local app developers developed a knack to working in iOS for businesses that aim to cater to Apple devices.

San Francisco iOS app developers mostly specialize in building native products or apps that only run smoothly on iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and similar Apple smart devices.

The main programming languages iPhone app developers in Los Angeles use are:

  • Objective-C
  • Swift

These experts are also qualified in building cross-platform applications meaning developing products compatible with multiple operating systems.

How Much Does App Development in San Francisco Cost?

Building a mobile app is very expensive unless you want an out-of-the box, quick solution and a DIY app builder.

Finding a software developer with an ideal value-per-cost ratio can be extremely hard but choosing the app developer that best suits your needs can and will save you time and money, resulting in app that makes your business stand out.

The most common billing option among the top mobile app development companies in San Francisco is the fee per hour. It varies wildly as some agencies can go as low as $25 and as high as $200. It mostly depends on:

  • The agency’s size and seniority
  • The agency's specialty and field of expertise
  • Project complexity (the type of app, number of features, etc.)
  • Project scope and deadline
  • Your requirements

Additionally, some agencies charge per project. In this case, the price depends primarily on the product complexity.

And the cost may vary between:

  • $1,500 – $5,000 for simple apps
  • $10,000 – $50,000 for moderately complex apps
  • $50,000 – $250,000+ for highly complex apps

Why Hire Mobile App Development Companies in San Francisco?

Here are the top three reasons why you should consider investing your time and money in San Francisco mobile app development companies:

  • Having access to best IT expertise: San Francisco companies operate in the most competitive tech environment in the world. For that reason, they are bound to employ top-rated IT talent and use premium tools to deliver high-quality services.
  • Having unique insights into the local market and industry: Mobile app developers in SF have a deep understanding of the local ecosystem industry, the audience’s pain points and challenges as they are in the epicenter of technology innovation. These companies are uniquely positioned to help brands reach their local audiences and take a competitive advantage.
  • Staying relevant: These agencies implement app development trends as soon as they emerge. This allows them to keep their products up-to-date and relevant which ultimately contributes to outstanding user experience.
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How To Choose The Best San Francisco Mobile App Developers For Your Business?

Before reaching a decision on who to partner with, even before start thinking what is the most efficient screening tactic, you should:

  • Set clear project requirements
  • Establish a budget
  • Set the deadline

After this step, consider what features and functionalities best suit your future product’s purpose. Consider the following key factors:

  • UX design: An essential part of a well-designed app is an engaging user experience. It is what morphs the visitors to convert into paying customers. The right company should be able to create an experience that’s fluid, intuitive and above all, functional. It should infuse the necessary features and functions to ensure your users are satisfied every step of their journey.
  • Maintenance: To be successful, applications require regular maintenance and the SF app developer you aim to hire should guarantee your app works at peak functionality throughout its existence. Trends are changing faster than ever, technology even more so employing someone constantly on their toes is a must.
  • Security: Be sure to learn how they protect their products to ensure you get a highly secure and bulletproof product.

Besides app features, your choice should also depend on:

  • Clear and consistent branding implementation: Branding is crucial for business success. It drives consumer behavior and helps people in making purchasing decisions. That’s why you need to ensure you hire an agency that is able to infuse your own distinct branding into the products to create a seamless experience.
  • Portfolio: The past work of these companies can tell you what projects they have worked on and whether or not their previous experiences match your niche.
  • Reviews: Previous clients’ feedback is invaluable when discovering best suiting companies and testing their reliability.

10 Questions To Ask When Interviewing App Developers In San Francisco

Finding an ideal app development firm in San Francisco is a highly challenging task in itself. The sheer number of them can be a little overwhelming. However, in order to make an informed decision we’ve listed these 10 questions for your potential partners:

  1. How well do you understand my target market and competition and what are your core competencies?
  2. Have you ever built applications for clients in the same or similar industry?
  3. What does the development process look like and where can I see your portfolio/reviews?
  4. How do you ensure engaging UX and do you do QA testing?
  5. What platforms should I submit my app on?
  6. Who will own the code after launch?
  7. Do you offer post-launch support and maintenance?
  8. What security processes do you have in place?
  9. How can I measure the success of my application and what is the monetization strategy?
  10. How do you charge and what is the cost of my app?

Takeaways On App Developers in San Francisco

Businesses of all sizes consider mobile app development in San Francisco because companies operating in The City by the Bay:

  • Employ world-leading IT talent
  • Have experience in the locally dominated industries
  • Are widely known for innovative approach capacities
  • Have access to premium tools and tech
  • Incorporate latest digital trends

App developers in San Francisco may charge you between $25 and $200 per hour.

The recommended steps when choosing the ideal business partner for your app project are:

  • Establish a budget
  • Set clear project requirements
  • Set deadline
  • Read their portfolios and reviews
  • Learn if and how they protecting their products

These agencies should be responsible for:

  • Performing market research
  • Offer post-launch support and maintenance
  • Pay attention to clear and consistent branding
  • Have experience in your industry
  • Focus on UX/UI design

Best of luck!


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