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Understanding How The Pandemic Has Affected The Demand For Web Design & Development Services

DesignRush’ Q3 Industries Report analyzes the demand for agency services based on over 500 research respondents and focusing on five verticals: software and app development, web design, eCommerce, digital marketing and branding.

In this segment of the report, we look at the impact of the COVID crisis on the demand for web design and development services. Enter your details in the download form to get your free copy.

For insights into all five verticals, download the full Demand for Agency Services During COVID-19 Crisis report now →

Key Insights

  • 91.2% of respondents reported an increase in demand for at least one area of website design and development services
  • Remote work has driven demand for web security and “conversation-centric features”  
  • The COVID pandemic drove many businesses to put more effort into their online presence, with web design and development proving to be one of the fastest-growing digital industries

Enter your details in the download form to get the Demand For Web Design & Development Services During COVID-19 Crisis report or download the full Q3 Industries report here for more insights.

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Top 10 Web Design & Development Agencies

1. Digital Silk →

Expertise: Digital strategies | Software development | Custom web & app development

Digital Silk is a top-rated digital agency based in Miami, Florida. The agency specializes in creating digital experiences and serves clients across industries, including tech, telecoms and education. Their most notable clients include HP, Microsoft and AT&T.

2. WebClues Global →

Expertise: Web & mobile app development | UI/UX design | Marketing

WebClues global is a top-tared web & mobile app development agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. The agency serves clients across industries, including transportation, eCommerce and IoT. Their most notable clients include Indianrailways, MyOrde and VlogMe.   

3. Matchbox Design Group →

Expertise: Branding | Print marketing | Website development 

Matchbox Design Group is an award-winning digital and branding agency based in St. Louis, MO. The agency serves clients across industries, including NGOs, fashion and home improvement. Among their most notable clients are Habitat for Humanity, MAK Grills and Knife & Flag.

4. Vincit →

Expertise: Custom software development | Mobile app development | UI/UX design

Vincit is an award-winning software development agency based in Irvine, California. The agency serves clients across industries, including tech and manufacturing. Their most notable clients include Logitech, Nokia and Yamaha.

5. Webby Central →

Expertise: Corporate branding | Website design & development | Growth marketing

Webby Central is a top-rated web design agency based in Waplope, Massachusets. The agency serves clients across industries, including B2B, eCommerce and healthcare. Their most notable clients include NOSCO, WorXout and Juputer.

6. Hudson Integrated →

Expertise: Social media marketing | Web design & development | UI/UX design 

7. SmartSites →

Expertise: Digital marketing | Web design | ECommerce development 

8. Urban Insight →

Expertise: Web design & development | Project management | Consulting 

9. Popart Studio →

Expertise: Web design | Graphic design | Web development 

10. Dotlogics Inc. →

Expertise: Web design | Digital marketing | ECommerce development 

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