8 Amazing WordPress Web Design Trends That Are Here to Stay in 2023

WordPress Website Design
8 Amazing WordPress Web Design Trends That Are Here to Stay in 2023
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: February 20, 2023

Did you know, according to a Zippia survey, 88% of online users will not revisit a website due to a negative user experience (UX)?

In this light, it is imperative to keep up with the latest, most effective WordPress web design trends to hook and make a lasting impression on consumers.

Understanding WordPress trends will help you address concerns, such as UX, accessibility and responsiveness. Because you do not want to waste your prospective customers’ time on a neglected and outdated website.

You will create a brand founded strongly on trust as 94% of internet users find a well-designed website more trustworthy.

In this post, we will cover the eight most promising WordPress website trends to help you win the hearts of potential clients this 2023.

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Eight WordPress Web Design Trends to Keep Your Eye On in 2023

WordPress Web Design is incredibly important as it's the visual representation of a website or application. It sets the tone and overall look and feel, while also having to keep up with WordPress Web Design Trends of today.

WordPress Web Designers need to be creative but also precise in order to ensure a pleasing experience for their clients and end users. Without WordPress Web Design the online world would just be another place full of plain text.

And with that being said, let's jump right into the eight WordPress web design trends expected to take 2023 by the horns.

WordPress Trend #1: Asymmetry

The layout is the structural arrangement of visual components on your website, presenting information and images that engage visitors.

While symmetry in layouts suggests harmony and stability, an asymmetrical layout has a more interesting and dynamic impact on users, helping your web pages stand out.

This unique style of layout creates a special illusion and a remarkable site experience.

Designers used to incorporate traditional straight lines and geometric shapes into layouts. However, these days, the web design trends for WordPress blend natural elements with the digital world to breathe more life into visuals and artistry.

Just like the uneven tree branches, imperfect shapes of hills, and flows of bodies of water, organic, asymmetrical layout types are also en vogue.

WordPress Trend #2: Hoverable Iconography

WordPress web design trends prioritize creating an interface that requires little effort for users to interact with a site. This means that your business pages should be as intuitive as possible for consumers.

The key is to utilize standardized icons, such as the hamburger menu, shopping or bag symbol, and the magnifying glass for search, among others.

This is the case where sticking to what is commonplace—and veering from trying so hard to be different—will work better for the intended end users and hence, for you as well.

Similar to layouts, your choice of iconography for your website should also be intuitive. Otherwise, your site may end up with an overly creative output that is cluttered and incomprehensible.

In the cases of less frequently used icons, it is recommended to add a brief description that displays when a user hovers over them. This will be extremely helpful for people to interpret them, minus the hassle of looking them up or being redirected to a page with an explanation.

WordPress Trend #3: Augmented Reality and 3D Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

The goal of AR/VR is to take the browsing experience to a whole different level. IT services firms are increasingly offering AR/VR solutions to enhance the capabilities of WordPress sites in industries like eCommerce, real estate, and tourism.

For an eCommerce WP website, AR and VR provide buyers with a more insightful glimpse into a product’s features, appearance, and benefits.

Take a lipstick item or a pair of sunglasses, for example. A purchaser can try on a lipstick shade or eyewear by focusing their personal camera on their face. This is made possible by AR/VR.

For the real estate and the tourism industries showcasing places, AR/VR technologies can give users a peek into what actual locations look like. Thus, prospective buyers can immerse themselves in specific environments, greatly improving UX.

Currently, WordPress has 60,023 plugins and counting. Many of these can enable you to build a site with interactive demo-like elements and innovative AR/VR effects.

WordPress Trend #4: Retro Typography

The artistry of vintage-inspired fonts and colors has this ineffable staying power. They have a beautiful, timeless appeal that allows them to cut across generations. These are some of the styles that do not just come and go.

This is especially true for bold retro typography with a modern and cool spin, intermingling contemporary imagery with traditional components.

Retro fonts easily spruce up any site layout when size and style variations are blended into them, such as:

  • Overlapping graphic designs
  • Floating elements
  • Bigger and smaller typography combined
  • Layers

WordPress Trend # 5: Minimalism

Minimalism is the less-is-more approach to delivering a clean overall look to a website for simpler, more enhanced UX.

Signals of a minimalist web design include less use of elements, softer neutral colors, flat layouts, neat texts and white spaces, in contrast to a pop of bright and bold colors.

This aesthetic has always been popular, and designers keep reinventing and reimagining it to fit WordPress website trends.

A faster site loading speed is another benefit that contributes to the popularity of the minimalistic design trend. It entails excellent, more enjoyable navigation and clutter-free web page content.

WordPress Trend #6: Multipurpose Themes

Unlike niche themes, multipurpose themes offer customization freedom, scalable functionalities, and conveniently workable eCommerce features.

The current number of WordPress themes is 31,010 and numerous of these fall under the multipurpose category. They let you all sorts of SEO-friendly business websites regardless of purpose and industry.

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WordPress Trend #7: One-Page Design

Following the minimalism trend and its obvious success, the one-page WordPress website trend is also well-known for its simplicity.

It is an exceptional layout choice for landing pages that intend to highlight crucial information. This is also an amazing option if your company website houses a smaller amount of content, eliminating distracting elements.

Like minimalist sites, it removes the need for multilevel menus, enabling your page to load fast and helping you decrease reader bounce rate.

WordPress Trend #8: Shape Texturing

Shape texturing or texturization refers to bringing realistic facets into digital products, including websites.

Strategically experiment when throwing a splash of textures into a web design.

For example, you can employ organic shapes and add small geometric shapes to create a 3D illusion.

You can also use varying lines and rounded shapes in the background throughout a web page. This style will make the user interface (UI) graphically interesting and visually pleasing without overpowering the components in the foreground. Instead, it will help draw the readers’ attention to the more important areas on the layout.

Keep in mind that consistency is the secret sauce to texturization. This will help you avoid overdoing the design and leaving it in disarray. After all, the main idea for texturing is to diver the users’ eyes to where you want them attracted to.

Reasons to Follow WordPress Web Design Trends

Several factors influence WordPress website trends, which is why they tend to come and go.

First, they will depend on the audience’s change of taste.

Second, the growth of ever-dynamic technologies heavily affects these trends.

Therefore, it is critical to keep an eye out for online users’ demands while taking into account the latest innovations spearheading the marketplace.

As a site manager and brand owner, you are responsible for delivering convenient and seamless UX by integrating the most recent trends. It is a win-win scenario because, at the same time, you will stay ahead of the competition when you do your research and satisfy customer needs and demands.

Over to You: Integrating Web Design Trends for WordPress into Your Site

The competition in any industry is fiercer than ever. Survive this environment by staying abreast of the latest, most forward-facing WordPress web design trends to use on your site.

Create an eye-catching website that is capable of leaving a great first impression and sustaining the attention of people. It will also fulfill what online users are looking for. Expectantly, this will lead to more conversions.

Just like trends, technologies are ever-changing, too. IT tools continue to evolve and develop. These define the most monumental developments on the WP platform. For this reason, you can lean on the option to outsource your WordPress needs.

Several WordPress web design companies are already working on fresher inspirations and trends for this year and beyond. More so, there are a lot of WordPress development agencies that specialize in simulating reality on company websites.

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