17 WordPress Benefits

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17 WordPress Benefits
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: March 31, 2023

A comprehensive website is an excellent way to share your business with the world, and WordPress provides a platform for it.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is a great tool for entrepreneurs to market their products and services and rank high on search engines. It helps share written content, sell products, share updates via photos and images, and a lot more.

The list of WordPress benefits is simply endless, but here are the ones that top them all:

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17 Key WordPress Benefits

1. Easy Installation and Setup

One of the key benefits of WordPress is simple installation, making it easy not just for seasoned professionals but beginners alike.

Its one-click installation doesn’t require coding and hence can be done by those without a technical background. Since other platforms do not offer the same functionality as WordPress does, so it's a great introductory platform for beginners who want to quickly conquer the online world.

Besides its intuitive design, it also offers tutorials and directions to seamlessly get the account up and running. Moreover, being open source means that the code base is public and any developer can go in and make changes.

Expert engineers can collaborate with beginners or in-house content teams and offer the best possible outcome while setting up the website.

The software doesn’t require HTML or code editing when building a website. However, it remains an option. This function offers a low barrier to entry even for amateurs creating a website for the first time.

This eliminates the time going down the rabbit hole of technicalities and allows the professionals to focus on important business aspects.

2. SEO-Friendliness

WordPress’s in-built SEO-friendly functionality helps build and structure the website for high search engine rankings. This increases website traffic and makes it easy to share your offerings with the world.

Over the long run, it leads to a snowball effect that increases website traffic.

This is done by simplifying the use of heading tags, using keywords in the website URL, and supporting other plugins.

3. Blogging Capacity

Another prominent WordPress advantage includes blogging.

Blogging is imperative to brands as it builds authority, imparts knowledge about a brand’s offerings, and provides value to potential customers who want to learn more about the business.

WordPress websites include a user-friendly blog section,which adds another marketing layer for businesses and helps them rank on SERPs leading to amplified website traffic.

4. Flexibility

Increased flexibility is a great WordPress benefit for those who wish to customize their website which also eliminates the need to re-code the website from scratch.

The flexibility extends to different permission levels for multiple users. This can be highly beneficial for small businesses hiring specific professionals to work on their website.

Offering website permissions for specific access levels can also be helpful as it allows setting barriers to sensitive information only to the required persons.

Access permissions can be given in the form of manager access, owner access, editor access, and more.

Flexibility is also introduced by being available in 53 languages while it also powers other multilingual websites.

5. Speed and Convenience

As per the functionalities discussed above, creating a website or making changes to it is effortless and efficient with WordPress.

The flexibility and functionality help increase its speed and convenience to optimize the website efficiently. This helps avoid wasting endless hours, multiple iterations, and finances in the process.

6. Intuitive Interface

WordPress’s backend interface is highly intuitive, making it easy for people without a technical background to work with it seamlessly.

The interface has options at the sidebar which help with website customization, adding navigation menus, and creating posts and pages.

Comprehensively, simple labels, navigations, and designs help anyone in the team to make amendments to the website. These simple features make it easy for anyone to be well-versed with the software in little time.

It also offers a clean structure, which enables websites to load faster. As a result, this helps create a professional image for the audience.

7. Global Access

WordPress powers almost 40% of sites on the internet, making it a leader in the domain globally.

The reason for such widespread global adoption?

With a computer device and an internet connection, a WordPress site can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Likewise, the website can also be accessed on different devices, be it a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone.

This offers great flexibility to those who wish to travel across the globe while working on their business. This has led to its increased popularity among digital nomads, because of its ease of use and functionality.

8. Responsive Website Design

Website visits are not limited simply to a desktop, so creating a responsive website is highly essential.

A responsive website can be customized on a plethora of devices, allowing audiences that use different devices to access it.

For example, the website content or its design shouldn’t get cut off on other smaller devices. Regardless of where your visitors access the website, it should look equally appealing.

9. Mobile-Friendly

As a follow-up to the previous point, another key advantage of WordPress includes making your website mobile-friendly.

Since a majority of visitors may use mobile devices to access websites, tapping into that audience base is imperative.

Since search engines are also mobile-first rendering, mobile-friendly sites also help with high SERP rankings. Likewise, if mobile usability is poor, its search engine results will also dwindle. It considers the front-end user experience and technical components of a website to make it mobile-friendly.

WordPress also offers mobile-friendly themes to choose from.

10. Scalability

Businesses may grow with time, which requires them to have more room for change.

While small businesses may not require huge and extravagant websites, they should still have a window of scalability open if they wish to increase their operations in the future. Hence, scalable websites also help save time and resources for businesses.

Websites can be extended with increased pages without compromising the site’s performance.

11. Free of Cost

WordPress is 100% free software with no additional fees, so businesses do not need to pay for extra functions.

The software can be downloaded from Wordpress.org free of cost. Although other people will be able to access it, the website should be hosted somewhere.

This calls for two options:

  • Self-hosted – Businesses take care of hosting costs, maintenance, and security costs. This may require time, technical expertise, or a monthly fee for the server space. Being self-hosted helps improve its speed and performance and offers the flexibility of using any hosting provider.
  • Managed hosting – This is when someone else is given the responsibility to handle the hosting, maintenance, and security. Managed hosting is better for those without technical expertise.

Other costs may include premium WordPress themes or premium plugins.

More on the same in the following point.

12. Diverse Themes

The theme is the outer layer of the website, which gives your organization a face with its distinct look and style.

You can change it to different layouts and designs, without digging into the coding layers of the website each time you change the look.

WordPress agencies offer thousands of themes, color combinations, and design choices to choose from. There are free and premium themes available.

Many of them are professionally designed and have additional SEO and mobile-friendly capabilities. However, free themes may often miss out on certain components compared to those in the premium versions.

Premium themes range from $30 to $80, as they are created by experts with in-depth information about CMS.

Some themes specifically cater to industries such as pizza restaurants, landscapers, attorneys, and sky diving schools. These themes also offer different functionalities for specific websites, helping them to align perfectly with the niches.

Customizable themes help upload logos and change colors and the background.

To download them, follow the installation instructions, which will vary based on a self-hosted or managed website.

13. Quick and Easy Content Addition

There is a lot of designing and coding that may go into creating a page, but with WordPress, most of the design work is already pre-installed. This makes creating a content page or blog post as easy as a single click.

Moreover, you can also format text and upload images documents, video production companies' files, images, and galleries without HTML or FTP software, nor having to create themes from scratch.

14. Easy Updates

CMS is required to update your platforms to keep up with the rapidly transforming digital world. WordPress keeps up with the consistent changes and aligns with technological advances and best practices.

Businesses may need to update and maintain blogs frequently. While other software may require a web designer to handle it, WordPress makes it easy for a novice to do. Not only do you save time but you can also cut costs significantly.

Since the website’s function and purpose may change over time, updates also help keep up with the latest technology, user needs, and trends. Regular updates imply that the CMS remains relevant, problems are resolved promptly, and other significant features are added consistently.

You can also update themes and plugins with security updates promptly, ensuring that none of your posts or pictures are breached.

Automatic updates, done with a click, make it even easier and less hassle, while also offering peace of mind to business owners as their website is always updated.

15. Plugins and Apps

58,644 plugins help businesses handle multiple tasks on a website. WordPress offers a library of plugins for different purposes, which can be installed in just a few minutes.

Besides selling products and services, WordPress plugins enable you to build a community, set aside part of the website for members or subscribers, display tweets from Twitter feeds, accept payments, and more.

Moreover, these may also help with SEO, audio and video, security, and even blog word count.

WordPress offers numerous apps and database customizations compared to other CMS platforms. Plugins include email marketing plugins, design, speed plugins, and more.

However, businesses should keep track of inactive plugins as too many of them might slow down the website. This may lead the website to use its processing power to determine the actions to perform and the ones to ignore.

Moreover, old plugins might also have security flaws and must be updated to fill those holes. If a flawed theme continues to be on the website, it can lead to security breaches.

16. Website Security

Security plugins protect the website from hacks and vulnerabilities and other data breach issues. As mentioned above, aspects such as old plugins can open the way for data breaches. The software itself should also be kept up-to-date.

WordPress offers protection from being hacked or a data breach, allowing businesses to be assured of possible threats.

17. Consistent Support

Being an open-source platform, WordPress users on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter globally contribute to making it better. This is done by answering questions and solving related problems, leading to a seamless troubleshooting process.

Such support has led to it being the choice of one-third of websites worldwide.

Moreover, the online community is highly active, where the trickiest questions are answered in detail. Another platform is a community forum that can be accessed for having your questions answered.

Such forums are even more beneficial when someone has already asked a similar question, which eliminates the need to post it again and wait for an answer.

Other WordPress tutorials and videos online are also significantly helpful.

WordPress Benefits – Key Takeaways

Taking a business online may have its trivial moments, which can be resolved with a strong website foundation with which professional web development companies can help.

Almost 409 million internet users visit WordPress pages every month, which makes the platform an authority in the industry. Being a market leader for so long has equipped them with the knowledge of what works for the market and their audiences' requirements, making it a one-stop solution for businesses seeking a strong online presence.

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