86% of employees and job seekers research company reviews and ratings to determine if they should apply for a position. DesignRush interviewed branding experts to help businesses attract the most qualified candidates in the increasingly competitive market.


86% of job seekers research prospective employers before applying for a position, including the employer’s website, reviews and other channels. To attract the best talent on the market, businesses are investing in employer branding.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, leveraged its 11,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – and actionable tips on employer branding to help businesses attract the top talent.


According to Nadia Kaminskaya, founder and CEO of Branding Bosses, improving current employees’ experience resonates beyond the company walls.

"Employer branding is a key factor in successfully attracting top talent and retaining employees,” said Kaminskaya. "This can be achieved by building a strong company culture, focusing on employee engagement, and encouraging employee advocacy.”


According to Serene Kwok, founder of Bluehive Consulting, people looking to be employed are likely to go after opportunities with values they can relate with.

“By making your brand personal and using engaging human narratives, you can attract the right talent who share the same values,” said Kwok.

To help businesses attract the top talent, DesignRush released the December list of the top branding companies:

1) Branding Bosses - brandingbosses.com

2) Deyo Digital - deyodigital.co

3) Megan Killion Consulting - megankillion.com

4) Digixonic Studios - digixonicstudios.com

5) Panel Marketing - panelmarketing.ca

6) Cognegiac - cognegiac.com

7) Ask us for anything - askusforanything.com

8) Bluehive Consulting - bluehiveasia.com

9) Total Idea – total-idea.com

Brands can explore the top branding companies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.

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