The number of available marketing technology solutions reached 9,500 in 2021. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the top emerging platforms and tools digital marketers should leverage in 2022.

MIAMI - MARCH 03, 2022

The shift towards digitalization encouraged businesses to rely on various tools and platforms to reach and convert their target audiences. As a result, the number of marketing technology solutions increased to 9,500 in 2021 and businesses are expecting to increase their budget for such tools by 61% in 2022.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the top emerging platforms and tools businesses should utilize in 2022.


According to Gaenzle Marketing CEO Anthony Gaenzle, AI plays an important role in helping content writers deliver content pieces more effectively and efficiently.

“There will always be a critical human element to content marketing,” said Gaenzle. “Artificial intelligence, however, will play a growing role in helping content marketers fine-tune their craft and become more efficient and effective.

Tools like Jasper AI can help content creators get a solid first draft in place. Then you can take it from there and really add your own flavor, boost the piece by adding content and improve upon the initial concept. Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. Having a nice draft magically appear in front of you is a great start.

Tools like Grammarly are also critical, as they help with the tedious, yet indispensable proofreading aspect of content creation. Content marketing is going to continue to rule the marketing world, so leveraging tools like these can help your business improve processes and grow more quickly.”


In the opinion of Sandra Caetano, founder and creative director at Highway 61, streaming platforms such as Twitch, Clubhouse and Discord are growing in popularity as they can help digital marketers improve their marketing efforts in connecting with target audiences

“Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows real-time interaction between creators and audience[s]. The audience on Twitch is around the age group 16-34. Twitch, is a great community-building platform for marketers to connect on a personal level with their target audience.

Discord accounts [for] over 100 million active users. The platform operates on servers, which are community groups that allow video, audio and chatting. [Each] user can build their own server or join one created by another member. Discord was at first solely popular among gamers who wanted a platform to stream games and connect with the broader gaming community. As of now, Discord does not do ads on the platform yet, making it a solely organic play for brands. Startup investment Otis had great success in this arena.

Clubhouse uses audio-only connectivity between the audience and the speakers. Subjects and themes like starting a business, relationships, discussions by celebrities and comedy are presented to live audiences. It is yet to be determined how Clubhouse can serve for marketing to marketers but professionals are racing to crack the code first as they build their audiences to secure monetization opportunities upon their availability.”

DesignRush released the March list of the best digital marketing companies that can help businesses reach their target audiences and obtain better conversion rates online:

1. Gaenzle Marketing -
Expertise: Copywriting, Video Marketing, SEO and more

2. Highway 61 -
Expertise: Social Media Management, Storytelling, Advertising and more

3. Zoewebs Sdn Bhd -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, SEO and more

4. Deyo Digital -
Expertise: Keyword Research, Content Creation, SEO and more

5. Anderson Collaborative -
Expertise: Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Online Advertising and more

6. Grow Combine -
Expertise: Paid Advertising, Mobile App Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and more

7. NOISE Inc. -
Expertise: Email Marketing, Copywriting, SEO and more

8. Mirex Marketing -
Expertise: Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and more

9. EloQ Communications -
Expertise: Social Media Management, Market Research, Public Relations and more

10. SmartSites -
Expertise: PPC, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization and more

11. ImageX -
Expertise: Social Media Management, Copywriting, SEO and more

12. Clickstarter -
Expertise: Paid Social Media Advertising, Paid Google Search, SEO and more

13. PNdigital -
Expertise: PPC, SEO, Video Production and more

14. Foomle design -
Expertise: Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and more

Expertise: Email Automation, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Analytics and more

16. Sooner Marketing Solutions -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, PPC, Video Production and more

17. TEDA -
Expertise: Digital Strategy, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation and more

18. Hedges & Company -
Expertise: Programmatic Advertising, Amazon Advertising, PPC and more

19. WDL.Digital -
Expertise: Content Writing, SEO, PPC and more

20. NdovuCloud Technologies LTD. -
Expertise: Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Cloud Computing and more

21. Market Pros International -
Expertise: Messenger Marketing, SEO, Copy Production and more

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