Almost 60% of employees quit their managers, not their jobs. DesignRush General Manager, Gianluca Ferruggia, speaks with Authority Magazine to help managers become better and succeed in their roles.

MIAMI - JUNE 08, 2022

Being able to successfully manage a team and fulfill managerial responsibilities at the same time is the top challenge 68% of managers face, a Soapbox survey reveals. This provides an insight as to why almost 60% of employees quit their managers, not their jobs, according to DDI.

A proven expert in people management after successfully building DesignRush from the ground up as a B2B Marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, General Manager Gianluca Ferruggia speaks with Authority Magazine.

Ferruggia claims that to retain great talent today, managers should:

  • Be honest and direct with their team members
  • Share their knowledge
  • Admit their mistakes
  • Set a good example
  • Not be selfish
  • Reward great talents in their company

When Authority Magazine asked how to synchronize large teams to effectively work together, Ferruggia shares DesignRush’s approach.

“The success of the company depends on the synchronization of multiple teams’ efforts,” said Ferruggia. “The approach we use is very dynamic, a mix of a flat and hierarchical organizational structure to maximize our efforts and boost our productivity. While it’s important to give everyone a say, clearly define who’s accountable for their part of the process.”

In reference to the main question of the interview — five things managers need to know to successfully manage a team, Ferruggia underlines the following points:

  • Goals should be clear and ambitious but also realistic
  • Delegation is key
  • Teamwork and communication work hand in hand
  • Empathy goes a long way
  • Guided autonomy empowers leaders

Ferruggia also advises that for employees to thrive, managers must accept their weaknesses and know their strengths as this increases their effectiveness as leaders.

“Accepting your weaknesses will help you make more informed decisions, such as building a team with the right skill sets that compensate for what you can’t bring to the table. At the same time, knowing your strengths will build your confidence and will help you focus your attention on maximizing your top skills. This increases your effectiveness as a leader, and your employees will feel valued for their contribution. Not only will this help them thrive but also motivate them to do better and excel in their fields.”

Visit the Authority Magazine for the full interview.

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