The digital marketing market is expected to be valued at $807 billion by 2026. DesignRush revealed the top digital marketing agencies that help brands increase their online visibility through various digital tactics.

MIAMI - JANUARY 05, 2023

In September 2022, Statista reported a 15% budget increase for digital marketing, while traditional advertising spending fell by -0.7%. This trend aligns with the shift towards digital marketing, whose value is expected to reach $807 billion by 2026, as reported by Expert Market Research.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, identified the leading digital marketing agencies that help brands boost brand awareness and customer engagement through different channels.

The top digital marketing agencies in January are:

1. ForeFront Web - forefrontweb.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Branding & Strategy, SEO and more

2. You'll Enjoy - youll.be
Expertise: Social Media Management, Web Design, Graphic Design and more

3. Online Path - onlinepath.com.au
Expertise: SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and more

4. Publi-7 Communications - publi-7.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, SEO, Smart Targeting and more

5. Pristine Advisers - pristineadvisers.com
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Media Relations, Investment Marketing and more

6. Influocial Technologies - influocialdigital.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, SEO and more

7. Marketing Partners de Perú - marketingpartnersperu.com
Expertise: Branding, Digital Marketing, Endomarketing and more

8. Appetite Creative - appetitecreative.com
Expertise: B2B Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Production and more

9. Boodle Web Mart - boodlemart.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Web Design, SEO and more

10. Aloclick - aloclick.com
Expertise: Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Branding and more

11. Build Scale Prosper - buildscaleprosper.com
Expertise: Creative Design, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy and more

12. Evoke Strategy - evokestrategy.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design and more

13. Boost Shop - boost-shop.io
Expertise: Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, SEO and more

14. SPCTEK - spctek.com
Expertise: Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more

15. Super Social - super-social.com.au
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design and more

16. Pink Shark Marketing - pinksharkmarketing.com
Expertise: SEO, Social Media Management, Google Advertising and more

17. Abnoq Services - abnoq.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing and more

18. Bananas Marketing Agency - bananas.agency
Expertise: SEO, PPC, Online Review Management and more

19. BoostYourCampaign - boostyourcampaign.com
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Paid Ads and more

20. Healthcare DMS - healthcaredms.com
Expertise: Healthcare SEO, Healthcare Paid Search Advertising, Healthcare Social Media Marketing and more

21. R9 Digital Marketing & Consulting - r9digital.com
Expertise: Performance Marketing, SEO, Creative Design and more

22. iBlue Marketing - actualidad.bluecolombia.co
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO and more

23. Prolific Zone - prolificzone.com
Expertise: SEO, Amazon PPC, Branding & Strategy and more

24. Sydney Digital Marketing - sydneydigitalmarketing.com.au
Expertise: Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO and more

25. Computer Service Solutions - computerservicesolutions.in
Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing and more

26. Masterful Marketing - masterful-marketing.com
Expertise: Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO and more

27. Dos Mundos Creative - dosmundoscreative.com
Expertise: Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy and more

28. KrishaWeb - krishaweb.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and more

29. Frank - frankyou.com
Expertise: Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing and more

30. Hook Marketing - hookmarketing.ca
Expertise: Marketing Consulting, Integrated Marketing, SEO and more

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