59% of business leaders cite cost-cutting as the main reason they outsource business services. DesignRush reached out to experts to find out the key reasons why companies will outsource business services in 2022.

MIAMI - APRIL 22, 2022

A StatInvestor survey shows that 59% of business leaders outsource business services to cut costs. Other leading drivers include focusing on core functions (57%) and solving capacity issues (47%). The demand for business service outsourcing continues to grow as it remains a key tool that helps companies support their strategic goals and get ahead of the competition.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the reasons businesses will outsource business services in 2022.


MYVA360 Founder and CEO Jelena Mijajlovic believes that an increased number of businesses will outsource business services in 2022 to enjoy quality support while cutting costs.

“More businesses will be outsourcing business services in 2022 to gain quality support without the prohibitive costs that come with hiring,” said Mijajlovic. “Outsourcing enables businesses to receive the specific kind of support they need when they need it, enabling flexibility and scalability.”


According to Vannia Rajan, CIO at KnackForge, companies outsource business processes to succeed in accelerating the use of digital technologies while migrating many capabilities to the cloud.

"More firms are outsourcing their business services due to the need for rapid [digitalization] & cloud migration for them to thrive and succeed post-COVID-19,” said Rajan. “Small firms find it tricky to build their skills in-house owing to high turnover and demand for talent outstripping supply. Outsourcing is here to stay, and it's going to get bigger in 2022."

DesignRush released the April list of the top business process outsourcing companies that can help businesses achieve higher efficiency and generate desired results:

1. MYVA360 - myva360.com
Expertise: Social Media Virtual Assistance, Graphic Design Virtual Assistance, Sales Virtual Assistance and more

2. ProcessCorp - processcorp.com.au
Expertise: Administrative Support Services, Sales and Customer Support, Marketing Support and more

3. FBC Asia Pacific Inc. - fbcapac.com
Expertise: Customer Service, Virtual Assistance, Lead Generation and more

4. Optio Publishing Inc. - optiopublishing.com
Expertise: Website Design, Internet Marketing, Media Production and more

5. Source It Out - sourceitout.com
Expertise: Help Desk, Telemarketing, Call Center and more

6. AL-Azila Projects - alazila.com
Expertise: Business Consulting, Operation Management, Team Building and more

7. Epicenter Technologies - epicenter.tech
Expertise: Customer Acquisition, Customer Service & Support, Back Office Operations and more

8. KnackForge - knackforge.com
Expertise: Cloud Computing & Infrastructure, Staff Augmentation, IT Consulting and more

9. Smith.ai - smith.ai
Expertise: Answering Service, Sales Outreach, Appointment Scheduling and more

10. Better Support - bettersupport.co
Expertise: Customer Support, Talent Management, Virtual Assistance and more

11. ATI Business Group - atibusinessgroup.com
Expertise: Internal Agent Support, Customer Support, Finance & Accounting Support and more

12. Backend Communications - backendcommunications.com
Expertise: Email Support, Live Chat, Voice Call Support and more

13. Zedtreeo - zedtreeo.com
Expertise: Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Payroll Services and more

14. Crane IP - craneip.com
Expertise: Market Entry Support, Integrated IP Law Services, Taxation and more

15. Amihan Global - amihan.net
Expertise: Call Center Services, eCommerce Customer Support, Back Office Outsourcing Services and more

16. Quality Med Billing & Consulting - qualitymedbilling.com
Expertise: Medical Billing & Coding, Telemedicine, Consulting and more

17. AnnexMed INC - annexmed.com
Expertise: Revenue Cycle Management, Answering Services, Medical Billing Services and more

18. Purview Healthcare - purviewhealthcare.com
Expertise: Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Calling, Business Analytics and more

Brands can explore the top business process outsourcing companies by location, size, average hourly rate and portfolio on DesignRush.

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