20+ Best Church Management Software Solutions In 2023

20+ Best Church Management Software Solutions In 2023
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Last Updated: January 05, 2023

Religious institutions have adopted technology to streamline their processes, as well as to improve the activities of their congregations.

The emergence and widespread use of church management software makes almost all aspects of religious community life much easier to organize, monitor and manage. 

In this article, we will take a look into the best church management software of 2023 and how these can improve the day-to-day operations in churches and impact the quality of their community's activities.

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What Is Church Management Software?

Church management software helps streamline administrative tasks in religious institutions, relieving staff’s workload and saving time and money. 

These platforms have different capabilities for managing, tracking and connecting church community members and daily tasks. They usually contain these functionalities:

  • Contact database with search and filter options
  • Booking system
  • Payment system
  • Event sign-up platform
  • System for members’ communication
  • Attendance tracking
  • Donor, volunteer and pledge platform
  • Fundraising system

Some optional functionalities that church management software platforms usually contain are:

  • Easy web development
  • Instant processing of online donations
  • Quick website updates
  • Newsletters
  • Automated invoices
  • Membership summaries and analytics
  • Worship presentation program management
  • Accounting and finance management
  • Congregation growth monitoring

20+ Best Church Management Software Solutions

The church management software products listed below stand out from the rest in 2023 thanks to their practicality, scope of functions and versatility.

Donorboc church management system website homepage
[Source: Donorbox]

1. Donorbox Facilitates Growing Donations Via Text Messaging Feature

Donorbox is a powerful fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations around the world. From churches to political organizations, this brand supports all fundraising needs. In total, they cater to more than 35,000 nonprofits across 40+ countries.

Its Text-to-Give feature helps churches grow their online donations via text messaging.

Donorbox's outstanding features include:

  • Text-to-Give
  • Quick-Donate to repeat last donations
  • Automatic issuance of donation receipts (one-off and year-end receipts)
  • Powerful donor management system
  • Recurring donations

With its powerful recurring donation system, Donorbox is a perfect fundraising solution for churches to accept donations online.

Wild Apricot website
[Source: Wild Apricot]

2. Wild Apricot Is An All-In-One Membership Management System 

Wild Apricot is a complete membership management system designed to fit the unique needs of your church.

The tool makes it easy to:

  • Create a website
  • Manage a members portal
  • Accept online donations
  • Create reports
  • Send out emails
  • Plan events
  • And more

Thanks to its self serve design and a user-friendly interface, you can customize every aspect of your church management system.

If you need help at any step of the way, a support team and community of experts are ready to guide you and share their best practices.

Wild Apricot is available as a web and mobile app for both administrators and members.

Churchteams church management software
[Source: Churchteams]

3. Churchteams Software Helps Manage Almost All Aspects Of A Church Community

Users of Churchteams management system can look forward to check-ins, mass communications, contributions and more features that are all web-based and mobile-friendly.

The software is designed for group memberships. A new member entry is assigned to a group or groups that the administrator has control over. These groups can exist for any organization within a church - Sunday school, ministry team, event volunteer, small group leader and so on.

Other notable features include:

  • Collection of custom member attributes
  • Taking of notes
  • Prayer requests
  • Tracking of assimilation
  • Report creation
  • Maintenance of profiles

The platform is accessible via any device and OS. 

Text in Church website
[Source: Text in Church]

4. Text In Church Keeps Your Church Members Engaged And Well-Informed

Text in Church is a church management software designed to help congregation leaders focus on building relationships with their members while the program automates and alleviates managing tasks. This simple communication tool is highly effective and is very popular, as over 17,000 church leaders are using it.

This tool integrates third-party services like Mailchimp and Planning Center for seamless communication and adds even more functions such as:

  • Two-way messaging
  • Automated workflows
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Smart Connect Cards
  • Easy-to-use templates

Text in Church comes with a free trial period of 14 days and comes with three distinct pricing plans - with an optional, customizable larger plan for organizations that need it.

Call-em-all church management platform
[Source: Call-em-all]

5. Text-Em-All Provides Reliable And Personalized Messaging Services

A platform providing highly-personalized mass messaging fit for a variety of organizations, Call-Em-All is primarily oriented towards group communication services.

With it, church organizations can reach large groups of members very quickly and get timely results and analytics of their message's success.

Platform's features include:

  • Automatic detection of mobile numbers
  • Scheduling messages in advance
  • Replies management
  • Templates and personalized texts
  • Voicemails and recorded messages
  • Message scheduling

Call-Em-All comes in two pricing packages - both having no hidden fees to them: Pay-as-you-go or a monthly subscription.

[Source: MinistryPlatform]

6. MinistryPlatform Allows Large-Scale Customization And Scalability

MinistryPlatform connects-the-data-dots to tell a comprehensive, realistic story of your people.

And when you know who your people are and what they need, you can help them take their next step toward Christlikeness.

MinistryPlatform offers:

  • A powerful, view engine that gives you the ability to slice and dice data, real-time. And then the results are actionable.
  • Integrations with other solutions and are constantly working to introduce new ones to continually expand the power they bring as the center of the church software ecosystem
  • An unprecedented API that allows for unlimited customization and scalability

You can track engagement, automate ministry processes, create your own charts & dashboards, and your data is never commingled with data from other churches.

Not only is MinistryPlatform customizable, flexible and integrates with other systems, but their platform provides everything you need in a ChMS right out of the gate. 

Continue To Give - online giving solution
[Source: Continue To Give]

7. Continue To Give Is An Online Giving Solution

Continue To Give is a church and non-profit software that allows people to make donations easily and quickly. It offers several options you can donate money from including:

  • Text giving
  • Kiosk giving
  • App giving
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Website donation forms
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Facebook Giving

The company has partnered with Visa to help givers enjoy lower transaction rates.

Continue To Give also offers complete donor and church management system that allows you to better manage your community and efficiently run your processes. Its dashboard is customizable, so you can easily shape it based on your needs. 

What's great about this church management software is that it it makes communication smoother by:

  • Sending emails and text messages
  • Printing mail
  • Sending contribution statements

Among the other features this platform offers there are:

  • Tracking events and tickets
  • Task management
  • Child check-in
  • Group sign-up
  • Generating reports
One Church Software - church management tool
[Source: One Church Software]

8. One Church Software Is A Cloud-Based Church Management Tool

One Church Software has all the features you need to run your organization efficiently. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and it helps ministries to easily manage their day-to-day operations including events and donations.

Here are some of the great features this tool offers:

  • Setting up a member portal
  • Managing users
  • Safe and secure kids check-in system
  • Managing events and collecting registration fees
  • Automating various processes like emails and SMS
  • Secure giving
  • And more

One Church Software comes with a security system that will keep your data safe. And, it lets you generate meaningful reports to get an insight into different data that allows you to make smarter decisions.

This tool has a free edition and also offers two paid plans that mostly differ based on the features availability.

Donation website
[Source: Donation]

9. DONATION Lets You Track Your Church's Donors And Sources Of Contribution

Software4NonProfits' DONATION software is primarily helpful for tracking donors, keeping records of donations to church and issuing charitable receipts.

Due to its features, it is most suitable for small and mid-sized organizations. It is very easy to use and has reporting and mail-merging functionalities, as well.

DONATION can help church administrators, bookkeepers, treasurers and financial secretaries with

  • Tracking donations
  • Managing donors
  • Tracking giving, offerings and contributions
  • Sending mail correspondence

Over 7000 registered users organizations around the world currently use this software. 

Chmeetings website
[Source: Chmeetings]

10. Chmeetings Is A Cloud-Based Tool For Planning And Managing Of Church Events

This professional church management system organizes members and events and communicates and follows-up with the congregation. It exists as a desktop program, and also as app versions for iOS and Android.

Some of the most notable features of Chmeetings are:

  • Group text messaging
  • Professional support
  • Cloud-hosting
  • Data importing
  • Daily backup
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Omni-channel access

Chmeetings has won the Rising Star and Premium Usability awards by Finances Online is was the top rated Church Management Software by Softwareworld.

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Go Church App - church management software solution
[Source: Go Church App]

11. Go Church App Is Customizable Communication Software

Go Church App allows its users to connect with their congregation and establish smooth communication from anywhere and at any time.

It is a great solution for small to mid-sized churches since it makes it possible for them to create their own app from scratch, customized based on their needs.

Some of the unique features it includes are:

  • Sending push notifications to users and groups
  • Adding events
  • Inserting links to online giving portals
  • Directing users to websites and other platforms
  • Sharing videos and integrating them with YouTube
  • Creating different forms and sending emails to other users
  • Uploading PDF files
  • And more

What's great about this software is that it has built-in analytics which allows you to track the total downloads in both iOS and Android app stores, see how much time people spend in your app and which features are the most popular.

This software offers one pricing plan and a one-time basic setup fee.

MissionMakr Is An Online Short-Trip Mission Software
[Source: MissionMakr]

12. MissionMakr Is An Online Short-Trip Mission Software

MissionMakr is an online mission trip management and communication tool.

It provides you with a complete list of tools that you need to assist and engage the people involved in your short-term trips including:

  • Supporters
  • Teammates
  • Leaders
  • Partners
  • And more

Through each phase of your trip, before, during and after, it offers great efficiency, ease and excellence.

This online, short-term mission trip software is highly customizable and scalable. It provides tools to:

  • Recruit mission team members and supporters
  • Organize and equip your trip participants online and in one place
  • Administer all the trip details including tasks and fundraising
  • Share the story about God during your trips

You can use MissionMakr on any platform from desktop to mobile devices.

Breeze church management software
[Source: Breeze]

13. Breeze Is A Convenient System For Smaller Congregations

Web-based church management platform that is ideal for smaller and mid-sized congregations. Its most impactful feature is the interactive interface with quick access to member details, the ability to communicate with members and track donations.

It can also:

  • Manage volunteers
  • Track givings and contributions
  • Build reports
  • Categorize contacts into members, volunteers and staff
  • Generate reports
  • Integrate with MailChimp and QuickBooks

Fully-customizable, Breeze lets users update custom fields and import data. There is also a useful event management module that is used to track attendance and print name tags for events.

It comes at only one very affordable price for the entire package that contains a mobile app, free upgrades and no setup fees.

Aplos website
[Source: Aplos]

14. Aplos Is One Of The Few Systems With Automation Abilities

Church management software with great automation abilities, Aplos provides a full donations system with tracking and increased giving.

Donations and bookkeeping are all kept in one place, making accounting very easy to do. Aplos has built-in tools that make fundraising easier and makes donor insights and automated workflow simple to set up.

This platform also makes it possible for you to:

  • Know your congregation and connect its members
  • Create lists and groups
  • Manage events and meetings
  • Provide check-ins for kids
  • Integrate payrolls
  • Create email templates and prepare thank you letters
  • Create budget reports

Aplos comes with a free trial and can be bought at a very affordable price that comes with all of the functionalities, such as people database, website builder, reporting and analytics.

church community builder software
[Source: Church Community Builder]

15. Church Community Builder Is A Church Management System Available Via Web And Apps

A cloud-based church management solution whose key function is to facilitate engagement with church community members.

It has built-in user support via phone and email, as well as an online knowledge base. Admins can access Church Community Builder’s systems remotely. User reviews are praising its ease of use and ability to organize info into a searchable database that is simple to update.

Some of Church Community Builder’s most notable features are:

  • Check-ins
  • Contribution management
  • Online forms
  • Volunteer management
  • Guest follow-up
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS

Church Community Builder also has data migration and on-site training capacities, as well as programs for managing service plans, song libraries and serving rotations. 

The product comes with three different pricing ranges, and each of the packages is equipped with a varying set of functionalities.

Nucleus church management software
[Source: Nucleus]

16. Nucleus Is A Convenient Website Builder

Nucleus is a website-builder and a cloud-based platform for the growth of churches’ congregation. 

It creates a central hub website that is used by members for online signups and a clear path for guests to plan their visits with an effective follow-up plan.

Some of its capabilities are:

  • Creating a website with a neatly organized sermon
  • Archiving of messages
  • Creating custom playlists for sermons
  • Attachment of downloadable resources to every message
  • Creation of podcast feed
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Form building

The platform has a free trial available and also online support that is available during business hours.

Servant Keeper - church management software
[Source: Servant Keeper]

17. Servant Keeper Is A Church Management System With Advanced Communication Features

This church management system makes it possible for administrators to search for specific skills among members of their congregation.

Using this software, admins can easily communicate with their congregation via direct messaging.

This tool is a solution that manages business operations of religious organizations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It does so by storing members’ info and data and allowing multiple levels of customization in order to meet every church community’s specific needs.

Some of the functionalities Servant Keeper offers are:

  • Online giving
  • Child check-in
  • Online scheduling
  • Accounting

The package includes support via email and online resources and is offered for a one-time fee. The platform operates on Windows and Mac OS systems.

Raklet - church management software
[Source: Raklet]

18. Raklet Is An All-In-One Church Management System

Facilitating the growth of churches and their congregations, Raklet is an all-in-one platform that focuses on engaging with members, volunteers and donors and organizing their activities.

With a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to customize the entire platform, it can also be branded to match the signature colors of the church's community. 

Some of the capabilities Raklet has made it possible to:

  • Secure acceptance of donations
  • Automated invoice issuing
  • Custom set up family check-in
  • Volunteers scheduling
  • Worship teams organization
  • Membership renewals

The platform comes with a free trial and several pricing tiers. 

Church Windows - church management software
[Source: Church Windows]

19. Church Windows That Facilitates Everything From Scheduling To Accounting

This solution helps administrators manage their day-to-day tasks and interact with church followers.

Church Windows also offers technical support via online videos, webinars and training sessions.

It contains scheduler, donations, accounting and payroll module, all available to signed up church administrators and software users.

Admins can view and track individual and household records, take members’ interaction notes and create reports of visitation and attendance.

Some other features include:

  • Donations 
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Events and volunteer management
  • Scheduling application
  • Fund accounting
  • Taxes and deduction

It works on Windows OS mainly, although there is also a browser-only version. The software comes in four distinct packages and pricing levels that all have distinct capabilities.

By the Book church management software
[Source: By the Book]

20. By the Book’s Roll Call Is A Church Software For Congregation Management

Fit for a congregation of any size, Roll Call gathers member information and equips admins with communication capabilities.

It also provides engagement scores, mobile check-ins to track attendances and payment processing.

Depending on the amount and size of features, the software can be bought for a fixed price or monthly fee. 

Cahaba Works church management software
[Source: Cahaba Works]

21. CahabaWorks Is The Best Church Management Software For Funds Management

CahabaWorks church management software is offering integrated, professional management of members, contributions and fund accounting. Its primary purpose is the church’s money management. 

With in-person, live online and documentation training options available, it is easy to use on Mac and Windows platforms.

The platform includes these functionalities:

  • Built-in accounting
  • Member portal
  • Online giving
  • Small group management
  • Child Check-in
  • Attendance tracking
  • Multi-site management
  • Pledge management

The software comes with a free trial and a pricing plan for different levels of equipment. 

What Are The Key Benefits Of Church Management Software?

The goal of every church management software is to facilitate administration and management, and to alleviate staff workloads

Religious organizations and institutions can gain numerous advantages from using them - and these are some of the most important ones:

  • Accessibility and versatility: Church management software can gather and collect the necessary information from churchgoers, keep track of calendar, events and meetings, send notifications and updates to subscribed members in real-time. This saves a lot of time and reduces the possibility of human errors to a minimum.
  • Communication made simpler: These programs and platforms provide technology and tools for better and quicker communication between users of all profiles: members, church staff, ministry leaders, administrators and visitors. All of them are easily informed of any news via notification systems and can share updates and send messages to each other.
  • High levels of personalization: Church management software can notify members when there’s an upcoming community meeting or any event that may be of interest. Their personal intimation options can be individual or collective and can work via email, thus saving time on designing and sending every email individually. 

Better monitoring of congregation growth: Using these software solutions, administrators and church officials can gain insight into service attendance, managing memberships and new membership prospects thanks to a database of members that contains their details and information that can be updated easily.

Improved financial reporting: These systems also provide very efficient financial reports and copies of bills, invoices and bank statements.

What To Consider When Choosing A Church Management Software?

It may be difficult to decide on one church management software product and be at ease with your decision when faced with numerous options.

To make an informed decision and pick one that best fits your congregation’s needs, consider:

  • The features and services it offers: When you have a good idea of software’s functionalities and features it offers, it can present the crucial piece of info needed for you to decide in its favor. Certain functionalities can help you reach your goals faster and, since every organization has its own pain points, not every software will answer them. Try to find out as much as possible about each product through third-party reviews, case studies and instructional videos. 
  • Additional setup, support and transactional costs: Be wary of extra expenses and fees that may come atop the original price of a product. The producer should make this clear, so look for the “fine print” and info on that.
  • Its security: Security and safety of your institution’s members’ data and info is paramount. Check for security certificates and results of independent testing of the product’s safety. 
  • User-friendliness: Establish whether staff and users of different age groups and education levels can easily navigate and operate its features.
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