HP ZBook vs EliteBook: How Do They Compare & Why Are Designers Raving About THIS Model?

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HP ZBook vs EliteBook: How Do They Compare & Why Are Designers Raving About THIS Model?
Article by Sumana Ganguly
Last Updated: May 24, 2024

HP boasts a highly sought-after portfolio of power laptops. With the new ZBook G10 model, which launched in May 2023, this portfolio has not only become richer but also more challenging to choose from.

See the available laptops from HP's growing portfolio.

In this article, we compare the brand’s two powerhouses: the HP ZBook vs. EliteBook series, often used even by top IT service companies and best cybersecurity firms.

  • ZBook laptops are portable workstations created for advanced processing, including CAD, image, and video editing
  • EliteBook laptops are highly portable, stylish, and secure laptops created for a remote workforce

We will look at each series’ key features, identify their target users, and even give you a quiz to find the best ZBook or EliteBook model for you.

Let’s compare!



ZBook vs. EliteBook: How We Compared HP’s Best Power Laptops

These models may look similar, but each caters to certain types of users. We looked at the following aspects to highlight their differences.

  • General Specifications
  • Star Features
  • Pricing Range
  • User Profile

But we know that looking good on paper isn’t enough.

Hence, we leave it to designers, the ultimate power users, to share their real-world scenarios as they weigh in on their model of choice. Who knows? It could be the one for you, too.

If this sounds like a good idea, then keep on reading!

HP ZBook Models Overview

ZBooks are mobile workstations designed to power through the most demanding pro applications.

These laptops are built for different power users:

  1. On-the-go Professionals: ZBook Firefly is the smallest and lightest ZBook for your true mobility without sacrificing performance.
  2. Creative Pros: ZBook Studio and ZBook Create work best for when your inspiration strikes. It can handle the most power-hungry creative and game development apps.
  3. Performance Users: ZBook Power and ZBook Fury offer desktop-caliber performance that you can bring with you.
Do any of these sound like you?

The ZBook caters to many power users, so these models are always in high demand. HP offers ready-to-ship workstations with pre-built features for those who need their device as soon as possible.

Need a powerful HP laptop soon?

Let's look at the general specifications if you'd like to know more about the ZBook.

ZBook General Specs

We’ve gathered some of the ZBook series’ general specs; however, HP offers the full list in this pdf document →

 HP ZBook Models
Operating Systems Windows 10 Pro 64
Windows 10 Home 64
Windows 10 Pro for Workstations 64
Ubuntu 20.04
FreeDOS 3.0

11th Generation Intel® CoreTM Processors

Intel® Core™ i9 vPro® Processors

Intel® Xeon® Processor

Memory Slots AvailableMemory is soldered down
Maximum Memory


128 GB RAM

Number of Memory ChannelsDual-channel

NVIDIA® RTX™ A2000 Laptop GPU

GeForce RTX™ 3080 laptop GPUs
NVIDIA RTX™ A5000 Laptop GPU

AMD Radeon Pro GPU


14” diagonal FHD or 4K UHD, anti-glare or touchscreen

15.6” diagonal FHD or 4K UHD anti-glare or touchscreen
17.3” diagonal FHD or 4K UHD anti-glare

Maximum Supported DisplaysNVIDIA® Quadro® and NVIDIA® GeForce® mobile graphics support up to four independent displays when using an HP Thunderbolt® Dock G2 (sold separately)
Internal StorageUp to 8 TB SSD 
CommunicationsIntel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2x2)
Bluetooth® 5 combo, vPro®
Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2x2)
Bluetooth® 5 combo, non-vPro®
Expansion Slots1 smart card reader
1 SD 4.0 media card reader
Remote TechnologyHP ZCentral Remote Boost

ZBook Star Features: Pro-Grade Performance

HP highlights the Z series’ advanced processors and impressive local storage capacities.

Here we list some of the key points, but you can find the full overview on the brand’s product page →

  • Intel Core Or Xeon Processors: ZBooks are built to run the most complex and multithreaded apps. Its processors are designed to handle next-level multitasking.
  • NVIDIA RTX/AMD Radeon Pro: The GPUs in ZBook can run pro-level graphics.
  • Up To 8TB Of Local Storage: Blaze through your files without needing external drives!
  • Up To 128GB RAM: ZBooks can multitask with you and more with its large memory configurations.
  • Software Certification: Passed the most strenuous tests and is certified for use with the best graphic design software.
  • Color Accuracy: DreamColor technology provides full-spectrum color precision without draining the battery.
  • Ports: Pros need ports. ZBooks gives you access to multiple ports for maximum productivity.

DreamColor is a star feature in these laptops, so much so that the brand has received an Academy Award for this technology.

Here’s their DreamColor story:

ZBook Pricing Range

HP ZBooks start at $1,799 in the US and in US dollars.

Since Windows laptops are highly customizable, you can find a top-tier ZBook for as high as $3,899. The final cost will depend on the model and actual specifications.

Here’s a quick price overview in the US:

 FireflyStudioCreatePower Fury
Starts at$1,799$2,199$2,749$2,199$2,299
Sale Price$1,535.19$1,821.95 $1,589.25$1,194.87
Explore the available and customizable ZBook Models!

ZBook User Profile

Anyone could be a power user. You don’t have to be an artist or a data scientist to need a ZBook.

Sure, ZBook models are perfect for:

  • architects
  • construction managers
  • product developers
  • creative professionals
  • game and VR/AR technology developers
  • data scientists
  • 3D artists
  • video editors

But it is also perfect for the needs of office power users and student creators.

Furthermore, a ZBook is also made for users who are:

  • Conscious about cleanliness: Do you always clean your laptop, but scared you might ruin it? ZBooks are built to withstand 1,000 cleaning cycles with select household wipes.
  • Moving from a Mac: You will appreciate the familiarity of a ZBook. The redesigned Z Command Keyboard replicates that of a Mac, both layout and scissor mechanism.

All these, combined with exclusive HP and Microsoft features, make ZBook a laptop for the movers, shakers, and those who are not afraid to be productive and push their limits.

HP EliteBook Models Overview

EliteBooks combine cutting-edge design with business-level security and performance.

This series is ideal for remote work, offering excellent:

  • Graphics: Can handle video conferencing and graphics-intensive workloads.
  • Battery Life: Battery can survive a full day of meetings. It comes with HP Fast Charge where you can get 50% battery life in just 30 minutes.
  • Connectivity: 5G LTE powered through 4x4 antennas, so you can bring your office anywhere.
  • Call Optimization Features: With HP Noise Reduction Cancellation, you won’t have to worry about background noise, even keyboard clicks.

EliteBook General Specs

Here is a quick overview of the EliteBook's general specifications. You can find different specifications here →

 HP EliteBook Models
Operating Systems

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Home


11th Generation Intel® CoreTM Processors

AMD Ryzen™ processor

Maximum MemoryUp to 64GB RAM

NVIDIA™ Discrete Graphics

AMD Radeon Vega™ Graphics

Display13.3”, 14” and 15.6” diagonal display options
Maximum Supported DisplaysSupport up to four independent displays when using an HP Thunderbolt® Dock G2 (sold separately)
Internal StorageUp to 1 TB SSD
CommunicationsIntel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2x2)
Bluetooth® 5 combo, vPro®
Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2x2)
Bluetooth® 5 combo, non-vPro®
Expansion Slots1 smart card reader

EliteBook Star Features

Perhaps best known for its Security Suite, HP boasts of its high-end, always-on, hardware-enforced security system. This enables the user to work more securely without the threat of cyberattacks.

HP's list of security features
[Source: HP]
Do these features appeal to you?

Speaking of cyberattacks, the number of instances has spiked globally during the COVID crisis. HP saw an opportunity to educate their audiences on the risk and the importance of secure technology (hint: HP laptops).

Check it out:

EliteBook Pricing Range

EliteBook’s cybersecurity and enterprise-level features packed in a sleek and sophisticated build make these models worth every penny.

Like the ZBook, you can find a lot of good deals online. This series usually retails around $1,500 to $2,800 in the US.

Explore the available and customizable EliteBook Models!

EliteBook User Profile

HP strictly meant business when they made EliteBooks.

These laptops are perfect for professionals whose workflow mostly includes documents, emails, and multimedia.

It may not be as robust as the ZBook, but it can handle heavy graphics, especially those Zoom calls everyone has been having these days.

EliteBooks are for people who have embraced the concept of remote work and are not willing to compromise security and performance for a more mobile lifestyle.

As this is now the norm for most users, there is an increased demand for stylish yet secure laptops. Good thing HP also offers ready-to-ship business laptops with all the necessary features for those who need their device as soon as possible.

Need a mobile HP laptop soon?

HP ZBook vs. EliteBook: Designers’ Verdict Is In!

While both laptops are powerful in their own right, the consensus is that the ZBook is for creators, while the EliteBook caters to business professionals.

Being the ultimate powerhouse between the two, ZBook has been getting rave reviews from architects and designers online.

Architecture Lab even called the ZBook Studio 15 G5 model

“[A]n absolute win and is probably the best laptop/workstation for a budding architect.”

With HP’s highly customizable range of laptops, students and professionals alike can find a device that matches their needs.

Whether you get the base model or upgrade it to top-tier specifications, ZBooks simply performs.

The same goes for designers.

Having a choice between the Firefly for 2D graphics and the more powerful models like the Fury for high-end video and 3D tasks proves to be an impressive feat by HP.

HP ZBook vs EliteBook FAQs

Is HP Elite Book or ZBook better?

The HP ZBook is the laptop that’s considered the ideal choice for creators, architects, and designers due to its security features, power, and massive hard drive.

It provides more flexibility than the EliteBook, which may be a better fit for business experts.

Which HP ZBook is the best?

Determining which ZBook is the best will depend on several factors. The ZBook Firefly will be ideal for those looking for a mobile laptop that performs. The Create and Studio variants would be the best for creative and game developers, while the Fury and Power models are for those who want top-tier performance across the board.

Still undecided? Check out HP's ready-to-ship bestsellers.
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