What Makes Texas PR Firms Unique?

While Texas PR firms offer standard public relations services, there are several key aspects that make them stand out from other US-based competitors:

Texas’ Economy Is Thriving

Texas is not only one of the most populous states in the US, but also one of the major contributors to the country’s GDP.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, in the first quarter of 2019, Texas contributed with 8.8% GDP share which is the second strongest state, after California, in terms of economic power.

The largest industries that drive its economy are:

  • Information & technology
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Trade
  • Healthcare
  • Business services

Unlike other US-based competitors, PR companies operating in Texas have a profound understanding of these locally dominant industries.

Living and operating in the area, they have naturally accumulated experience in the local ecosystem, market trends, challenges and opportunities.

Texas PR firms: the GDP share of Texas in 2019
[Source: Statista]

Texas Offers Ideal Conditions For Doing Business

Texas is the second-best state in the US for doing business. (Forbes)

Thanks to its high quality of life, stable job growth, low cost of living and business-friendly climate (with no corporate income tax), Texas entices many corporate headquarters.

As a result, the state is home to 50 Fortune 500 companies including Dell Technologies, American Airlines and Philips.

This is also the reason why the Lone Star State is like a magnet for skilled talent. Here, you will find some of the most established PR specialists in the nation.

Texas PR firms: the second best state in the US for doing business.

Texas Has A Low Cost Of Living

With an index of 90.7, Texas ranks among the 10 US states with lowest cost of living.

In fact, when compared to New York City, the Big Apple is 84.3% more expensive than Dallas and 56.9% more expensive than Austin.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that the local PR firms would seek a lower cost for their services.

You get the same quality of services at more budget-friendly rates.

The place Texas holds among the 10 US states with lowest cost of living

What Services Can You Outsource To A Texas Public Relations Agency?

Texas public relations agencies specialize in promoting brands while ensuring a positive image and engaging experiences across all channels.

Their core offerings include:

  • Media relations
  • Event marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Corporate communications
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Product launches and market entries
  • Media and spokesperson training
  • Content marketing and more
A PR agency talking discussing strategies and success
Texas PR firms typically charge between $100 and $200 per hour.

How Much Do Texas PR Companies Charge For Their Services?

The most common billing option among Texas PR firms is the fee per hour that typically ranges between $100 and $200.

The cost usually depends on team seniority and size.

A project-based fee is another possible option. This is the best route for companies with restricted budgets since they pay for specific services like promoting certain news or promoting events.

Texas public relations companies may also offer result-based fees. In this case, your partner should achieve specific targets to get paid.

This may include tracking various metrics like:

  • Increased number of website visitors
  • Increased domain authority
  • More backlinks
  • Boost in social media engagement
  • And more
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Why Hire A Texas Public Relations Agency?

These are the key reasons why you should outsource your public relations to a Texas-based specialized agency:

  • Have access to highly skilled talent: The quality of life, stable job growth and low cost of living make Texas an enticing place for PR experts. Based on the data by the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Texas employs 26,110 public relations specialists. So, here you will find some of the best experts that offer high-quality services.
  • Leverage their industry expertise: Operating in the area and serving local clients, Texas PR specialists have naturally acquired deep experience in the locally dominant industries. They have unique insights into the local markets, the audience needs, pain points and competition’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, serving corporate headquarters like Dell and Philips, they are also bound to stay on top of emerging trends. This is why they are uniquely positioned to help you reach your local audience and take a competitive advantage.
  • Enjoy cost-effective services: The Lone Star State has a lower cost of living than many other popular outsourcing destinations like New York and San Francisco. This allows Texas PR firms to offer high-quality services at more affordable rates.
The number of PR specialists in Texas
[Source: U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics]

How To Choose The Best Texas PR Firm For Your Brand

Here’s a five-step process that will make the search for the best partner less overwhelming:

Step #1: Check Their Client References

Reputable Texas PR firms will work hard to prove their expertise and success. Client references will speak volumes about their abilities, flexibility and transparency.

Make sure you find out what past and current clients have to say about the potential Texas PR firms you will work with in order to understand what kind of partnership you can expect.

Step #2: Look At Their Track Record

Dive into their portfolios and case studies you will also get an insight into their industry expertise. Search for a partner that possesses this key characteristic since it can make or break a project.

Step #3: Find Out Who Will Work On Your Project

Understand how experienced are the PR specialists who will undertake your project. Even though the agency has a great rating and strong reputation, it is its team that will work on your account.

It means that you need to make sure you’ve hired the company that has the required qualifications, the relevant experience and the passion to deliver great work.

Step #4: Choose The Right Company Size

Texas public relations agencies come in different sizes. To make sure you’ve partnered with the right one, you need to consider your preference first.

Some businesses go with large firms for various reasons like:

  • Global reach
  • Huge relationship network
  • Great experience

While others choose smaller agencies because they have:

  • More closely-knit teams
  • Local expertise

The cost of services is another key factor. Make sure you set a budget to understand which of these companies you can afford to hire.

Step #5: Understand How Transparent They Are

Ensure the partner you hire commits to specific results each month. With every transaction, you need to know what you will get for the money you spend.

In addition to delivering results, measuring success is also of key importance.

Your PR agency should track various metrics to understand if their strategies work. This will also allow them to make improvements and ensure success.

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10 Questions To Ask Texas Public Relations Companies Before Hiring One

  1. What type of services do you offer?
  2. Have you ever worked on similar projects? What is your level of experience in my industry?
  3. What is your social media expertise?
  4. What publications are relevant to our industry?
  5. How will you manage our outbound communication?
  6. How will you personalize campaigns and processes for our brand?
  7. Who will work on our project? How experienced are these specialists?
  8. How will you measure the results of our campaigns? What processes do you have in place for setting and tracking goals?
  9. How often will you send us updates and reports on all the activities?
  10. How much will the project cost us?

Takeaways On Texas PR Firms

Texas public relations agencies can help you strengthen your online presence and maintain a positive image across all channels.

They typically price their projects on hourly rates and time estimates. Their fees range between $100 and $200.

The key reasons why you should particularly hire a specialized company from Texas are:

  • Having access to highly skilled talent
  • Leveraging their industry expertise
  • Enjoying cost-effective services

To make the search for the right partner less overwhelming, take the following steps:

  • Check their client references
  • Look at their track record
  • Find out who will work on your project
  • Choose the right size
  • Understand how transparent they are

Best of luck!

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