What Is An Influencer Marketing Agency?

An influencer marketing agency is a company that helps brands discover, contact and collaborate with the right influencers.

They assist organizations at every stage of the influencer process, from locating the best business partner to creating content and analyzing marketing campaigns.

These companies serve as the middleman during this partnership and create effective strategies to make sure businesses achieve their desired goals.

By harnessing the power of potentially prosperous connections, an influencer marketing company brings brands’ stories to life and helps engage their target audience.

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The number of influencer marketing platforms and agencies has more than tripled between 2015 and 2018

What Do Influencer Marketing Companies Do?

Influencer marketing agencies specialize in executing high-end influencer programs for organizations and business owners that want to strengthen their online presence.

To help them achieve their specific objectives, they engage in various tasks that may include:

  • Influencer search
  • Consulting
  • Content guidelines
  • Content writing
  • Video production
  • Campaign structuring
  • Paid search and media
  • On-site event management
  • User experience
  • Design and development
  • Branding
  • Reporting and analytics

How Much Do Agencies Charge For Their Influencer Marketing Services?

Influencer marketing agencies usually price their services based on hourly and monthly rates. On average, the fees vary between:

  • $50 and $200 per hour
  • $1,000 to $18,000 per month

Pricing depends on various factors including:

  • The company seniority and team size
  • The number of posts required
  • The number of followers the influencer has
  • The number of views the influencer gets per post
  • The marketing resources you will have access to
  • The type of channels the campaigns are distributed to

5 Reasons To Hire An Influencer Company

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the number of influencer marketing platforms and agencies has more than tripled between 2015 and 2018.

These are the top five reasons why you should hire a professional company for your influencer marketing efforts:

Reason #1: Save Time And Money

61% of marketers claim that finding the right influencers for their campaigns is challenging. (Mediakix)

The success of every influencer marketing campaign depends on whether you have partnered with the right celebrity or industry leader.

However, there are millions of people who have established authority on social channels, which can make identifying the best one quite overwhelming.

If you choose the wrong partnership, it can end up costing you - your money as well as your brand’s reputation.

This is where influencer marketing agencies come in handy. They help you eliminate the time required for researching and managing influencers while allowing you to focus on your internal tasks.

An experienced company will not only ensure you engage in the right partnership, but they will also help you create content, structure campaigns and set and measure your goals without having to hire additional experts.

Influencer marketing agencies: the number of marketers who claim that finding the right influencers for their campaigns is challenging
[Source: Mediakix]

Reason #2: Meet FTC Guidelines

93% of influencer’s top sponsored posts are not FTC compliant. (Mediakix)

With the increased popularity of influencer marketing, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has set strict guidelines that all businesses and influencers should follow.

Yet, too many organizations and industry leaders are violating them. Some are not even aware that certain rules exist.

Influencer marketing companies are always up-to-date with these guidelines and continuously track updates and changes.

They will ensure that during your partnership, you and the influencer you hire follow the best practices so that your brand maintains credibility.

The number of influencer’s top sponsored posts that are not FTC compliant

Reason #3: Promote Your Brand On The Right Platform

57% of marketers are planning to increase their influencer budgets this year. (Linqia)

You have multiple platform choices when it comes to promoting your brand on social media and choosing the right one can be a key element that can make or break a campaign.

The top five channels marketers used in 2020 are:

  • Instagram
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

While Instagram is the king when it comes to partnering with influencers, other platforms may work better for certain industries.

Campaigns that work well on Tik Tok may go unnoticed on LinkedIn or perform poorly on Facebook.

By conducting thorough market research, the influencer company you hire will get meaningful insights into your target audience to find out where they’re most likely to see your ad which will help you choose the right platform.

Influencer marketing agencies: the social platforms marketers will use for influencer marketing in 2020
[Source: Linqia]

Reason #4: Establish A Strong Relationship With Influencers

While finding the right influencer for your business needs is one challenge, establishing a proper relationship with them can be another.

Celebrities and industry leaders constantly receive new partnership opportunities. This is why they are highly selective about the brands they choose.

There may be companies that offer a higher value to influencers than your brand. Whether it be in the form of cash or free products and services, they will always partner with the brand that benefits them the most.

While a social media influencer agency can help you find the right fit, they can also help you maintain strong communication which matters in running successful campaigns.

They will assist you in producing engaging content, reviewing campaigns and fixing issues to ensure an effective and lasting partnership.

Reason #5: Track Analytics

One of the biggest challenges among brands is tracking the success of their partnerships with influencers.

In other words, it is not easy to measure the return on investment (ROI).

However, social media influencer agencies understand the metrics and know the right tactics to pull valuable insights to see how different campaigns perform.

Whether it is through the use of specific tools or within the platforms themselves, they are experts at evaluating the success of sponsored posts.

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How To Choose The Best Influencer Marketing Company

A good influencer marketing company offers more than just an affordable budget package. Here are the key steps that you should take to ensure you have partnered with the right agency for your brand:

  • Discover their industry expertise: Select an agency that has a proven track record of successful partnerships with clients in the same or similar industry. It’s important to partner with a company that can connect you with a relevant influencer who will be able to promote your products or services effectively.
  • Understand their process: Find out how each potential influencer company works. Learn about their processes in terms of what criteria they use to select influencers, how they manage their projects, how they create content and how they measure success. This will give you an idea of what it would be like to work with them and whether they can meet your expectations.
  • See what past clients say: Search for authentic reviews online to get valuable info on the company’s reliability, the quality of their services and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Find out what tools they use: Ask the best social media influencer agencies what tools they have at their disposal. Most of today’s companies have access to premium software that they can use to manage campaigns, get access to real-time numbers and much more. Select a partner who can track different performance metrics and accurately measure the success of your campaigns.

– Influencer marketing agencies: finding the best influencer company for a business

10 Questions To Ask Influencer Marketing Companies Before Hiring One

  1. What is your experience with clients in the same or similar industry?
  2. What services can you offer during the influencer marketing process?
  3. How do you build and maintain your influencer network?
  4. How do you handle the FTC disclosure?
  5. How do you measure the success of your campaigns?
  6. How will you ensure that you connect us with the right influencers?
  7. How will you make sure they promote our offerings on the right platforms?
  8. What will be our involvement in the process?
  9. How often will we communicate and how often will you send us reports?
  10. How much will the project cost?
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Takeaways On Influencer Marketing Agencies

Social media influencer agencies help you partner with the right celebrity or industry leader and promote your products or services online successfully.

They most commonly price their services on hourly rates and approximately charge between $50 and $200 per hour.

Partnering with a professional influencer company will allow you to:

  • Save time and money
  • Meet FTC guidelines
  • Promote your brand on the right platform
  • Establish a strong relationship with your influencer
  • Track analytics and measure ROI

To select the best company for your business needs:

  • Discover their industry expertise
  • Understand their process
  • See what past clients say
  • Find out what tools they use

Best of luck!

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