What Makes Software Companies In Minnesota Unique?

What separates Minnesota from other US-based competitors is that it entices some of the finest tech professionals in the country.

There are several reasons that support this fact.

The state is affordable and has a cost of living index of 97.2 which is lower than the national average of 100.

It has an unemployment rate of two percent and a median income of $65,699, which makes it the second-best state in America for employment.

This is why Minnesota holds the third position on US News’ opportunity ranking.

According to the same source, “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” is also the fourth most educated state in the country.

All these aspects combined, make Minnesota one of the best states for doing business which is why it attracts many investments.

As a result, many notable brands have offices there including Amazon and Best Buy.

To deliver outstanding services for big companies like these, software companies in Minnesota are bound to:

  • Use cutting edge tools and technologies
  • Stay on top of software development trends
  • Understand the different development methodologies

Additionally, another key characteristic that makes these agencies stand out is the experience they have acquired in the dominant industries in the area like:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Energy production
  • Service industry (financial, healthcare, insurance, hospitality and tourism sectors)

Having worked with local clients and businesses, software companies in Minnesota have unique insights into these industries which makes them the best experts on the market to execute projects in these fields.

Lowry Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis city, Minnesota
Minnesota is the fourth most educated state in the U.S.

What Services Can You Outsource To Software Companies In Minnesota?

Software companies in Minnesota offer a full range of services including:

  • Custom software development: These experts develop unique technology solutions for specific sets of users, organizations and functions. They typically solve specific issues and are created for a specific niche problem. This process requires conducting in-depth research and preparing a detailed plan to help agencies address their clients’ internal needs and deliver a high-performance solution.
  • App development: Software companies in Minnesota create mobile applications for various platforms and operating systems. They work on both the frontend and backend aspects of this process and aim to deliver fully-functional products with intuitive user interfaces.
  • Web development: These companies develop websites from scratch or using templates including blogs, eCommerce and social media sites. They incorporate the latest trends and focus on best practices to deliver great-performing websites that rank well on search engines and drive quality traffic.
  • Customer relationship management systems: Top software companies in Minnesota also have experience in developing customer relationship management systems to help businesses safely store information and better manage their clients and processes.
  • Operations management solutions: They create operations management solutions that help organizations with business process management and automation. These allow organizations to boost productivity and manage their operations more effectively and efficiently.

Other services you can outsource to these specialized companies include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Intranet development
  • Business intelligence tools development
  • IT networking
  • Consulting
  • Cloud-based storage
  • And more

How Much Does Outsourcing Your Project To Minnesota-Based Software Agencies Cost?

Top software companies in Minnesota typically formulate their prices based on hourly rates. When it comes to this pricing structure, the partner you hire may approximately charge you between $50 and $150 per hour.

Some of the factors that will dictate this cost are:

  • Company stature
  • Company size
  • Project complexity

Project cost is another option where the price can vary between $50,000 and $250,000.

In this case, the details that will influence this pricing structure are:

  • Size and complexity of the product
  • Creative design
  • Data migration
  • And more

Why Should You Hire A Software Company In Minnesota?

The primary reason why you should partner with a Minnesota-based software agency is the access to top talent.

Due to its affordability, low unemployment rate and income improvements YoY, Minnesota attracts highly skilled tech talent from the whole country.

As a result, it enjoyed +5,255 net tech job gains (2019 vs. 2018) and the leading tech occupation categories were:

  • Software and web developers
  • Systems and cybersecurity analysts
  • Network architects, admins and support specialists
  • IT support specialist

In addition, software companies operating in the state, have gained deep experience in the leading sectors in the area.

It means that they have unique insights into:

  • The local market
  • Audience pain points and challenges
  • Market trends and opportunities

So, if you are a local business or business operating in some of the leading sectors in the state, these companies can be the best asset for your upcoming project.

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How To Choose The Best Software Company In Minnesota For Your Business

A best practice to follow before you start your search for the right software company in Minnesota is to determine your business needs and define your project requirements.

A few questions to address are:

  • What do I want to achieve by developing this software?
  • What role will the agency play in the project?
  • What features and functionalities do I want the software to contain?
  • Is there a particular design I have in mind?
  • How much time can I invest in this project?
  • What is the budget I can allocate?

Then, once you have these questions answered, it's time to do a little bit of research and evaluate each company’s abilities to execute your project.

Take the following steps to make this process easier:

  • Check their track record: Dig into the portfolios and cases of every prospective agency to understand the level of experience they have, the type of clients they partner with and the type of industries they serve. Then, try to find similar products to yours and learn about their performance by reading online reviews or talking directly to the business owners. This will give you a clearer picture of whether the company you consider is able to deliver high-performance products.
  • Read their reviews: Find out what past clients say about the top software companies in Minnesota by visiting their profiles in our table or using any other third parties like social media and their websites. Reviews will speak volumes about client satisfaction but also provide you with valuable insights on their communication capabilities, company culture, quality of services and more.
  • Find out what development methodologies they use: Learn what software development methodologies these experts have experience with. Not every methodology will work for each client, so based on your software requirements, your end-users and project time frame, the company you hire should be able to adjust its software development process based on your unique needs.
  • Learn what security processes they have in place: Ask every potential software company in Minnesota how they keep their products secure. With an increased digital presence, there will be a possibility that your product is exposed to various threats and data breaches. So, it is of high importance to invest in highly secured software that will be less prone to cyber-attacks. For this reason, find out how these agencies build their products, whether they perform vulnerability testing and if they have a crisis management plan.
  • Ask if they offer post-launch support: Find out which of the top software companies in Minnesota is able to invest in a long-term partnership. All software solutions, especially the more complex ones, will need guidance but also regular maintenance and issue fixing. The agency you hire should be able to provide you with assistance after lunch since that will ensure your product performs well at all times.

15 Questions To Ask Software Companies In Minnesota Before Hiring One

  1. Have you ever worked on a similar project? Can I see some examples?
  2. Which technology stacks do you specialize in?
  3. What does your typical software development process look like?
  4. What is the typical timeline for these types of projects?
  5. What is the experience of the team members that will be assigned to my project?
  6. Who will work on the project and what level of experience do these experts have?
  7. What type of testing will you perform?
  8. What security processes do you have in place?
  9. What methodologies do you have experience with and how will you define the best method for our project?
  10. What involvement should I expect during the project?
  11. What files will I have access to during the development process?
  12. How will we communicate and will there be a specific contact person?
  13. How are intellectual property (IP) rights handled?
  14. How much will the project cost and what does the price include or not include?
  15. Do you offer post-launch maintenance?
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Takeaways On Top Software Companies In Minnesota

Software companies in Minnesota can be the best option for your upcoming project because they:

  • Employ top-notch tech talent
  • Have experience in the locally dominant industries

Their services can cost you between $50 and $150 per hour.

To choose the best partner for your project, make sure you define your business needs and project requirements clearly.

Then, take the following steps:

  • Check their track record
  • Read their reviews
  • Find out what development methodologies they use
  • Learn what security processes they have in place
  • Ask if they offer post-launch support

Best of luck!

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