What Makes Software Companies In Minneapolis Unique?

Slowly but surely, Minneapolis is rising as the next tech hub on the US map.

The cost of living in San Francisco is 17.13% higher than in Minneapolis. This is why the city of Minnesota is a mighty alternative to other major tech hubs like New York, San Francisco or Boston.

As such, Minneapolis is the tenth best city in the US where tech specialists can truly afford to live and leave behind Silicon Valley.

Between 2018 and 2019, Minneapolis added 4,209 new jobs in the tech industry where the prominent positions are:

  • Software and web developers
  • Network architects, support specialists and admins
  • Systems and cybersecurity analysts
  • IT support specialists

According to CompTIA, the median salary in Minneapolis’ tech sector is $84,864 which is 66% higher than the median wage in the metro.

These are the main reasons why Minneapolis entices some of the best software developers in the country. So, software companies in Minneapolis clearly employ highly skilled tech talent that can provide internationally competitive services.

Unlike other similar software development companies in the US, Minneapolis-based ones have developed expertise in the locally dominant sectors:

  • Finance
  • Biomedicine
  • Technology
  • Retail

So, software companies in Minneapolis tend to be more competent in building software for clients activating in these industries.

view of Minneapolis ar sunset
The median tech salary in Minneapolis is $84,864

What Do Minneapolis Software Development Companies Specialize In?

Software companies in Minneapolis specialize in providing custom software development services such as platforms, programs and digital interfaces.

They design, create, test, deploy and maintain custom solutions to help businesses of all sizes maximize their productivity, improve their workflows or streamline their processes.

They develop software solutions tailored to their clients’ specific needs and unique requirements to help them solve a key problem within their organization or facilitate certain internal tasks.

Minneapolis software development companies provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Integrations
  • Network set-up and management
  • Database management
  • Deployment
  • Quality assurance
  • Consulting
  • Testing
  • Post-launch support and maintenance
  • IoT solutions
  • AR/VR solutions
  • Big data solutions
  • And more

What Are The Different Types Of Software Companies In Minneapolis?

Software companies in Minneapolis can be grouped into a few different categories, based on:

  • The programming language they use: Minneapolis software development specialists are skilled in different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, C++, Python, CSS, JAVA, JavaScript and more. Some companies excel in one or a few stacks while others can adopt their clients’ technologies.
  • The solutions they provide: Some software companies in Minneapolis focus on developing websites and mobile apps while others specialize in desktop solutions. At the same time, you can find developers in Minneapolis who can create complex operating systems or provide services such as AI, IoT, cloud computing, data science, AR/VR and more.
  • The industries they serve: Some Minneapolis software development companies have chosen to specialize in a few verticals such as retail, technology, biomedicine and more. So, developers in Minneapolis are well-equipped to build software solutions for clients operating in these sectors.

How Much Do Software Companies In Minneapolis Charge For Their Services?

Software developers in Minneapolis typically price their services by the hour. So, the number of hours they will spend working on your project will dictate the total cost.

Most software companies in Minneapolis, MN charge between $100 and $199 per hour.

Prices for software services in Minneapolis vary from one company to another depending on:

  • Your project’s complexity
  • Your project’s scope
  • The number of developers involved
  • The number of hours dedicated to your project
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Why Hire Software Companies In Minneapolis, MN?

Compared to off-the-shelf solutions, custom software developed by a professional company is not only specifically designed to answer your needs but also helps in saving money in the long run.

Readymade solutions can initially seem less expensive but require paying licenses fees on a long-term basis.

Plus, these solutions have a limited set of features and functionalities. In addition, none of these off-the-shelf providers do not offer maintenance and support. So, if something in your system fails or encounters issues, you’re left hanging.

The key to making the most out of software capabilities is clearly choosing the custom route. Though more expensive upfront, custom software proves its value over the long run.

Software companies in Minneapolis have teams of senior-level IT professionals with specialized expertise in creating solutions customized with the specific features you need to solve key business problems.

The customized solutions developed by these specialists can automate manual processes, can be scaled as your business expands and can be easily integrated between departments within your company.

In addition, Minneapolis software development companies offer technical support, maintenance and continuously update your software for peak performance.

So, don’t think twice about outsourcing the services of a software development company to reap all the benefits above.

But let’s look at a few specific reasons why you should hire a Minneapolis software development company:

  • Access to top-tier talent: Minneapolis tech sector is booming which is why the city is becoming an attractive destination for proficient software developers from across the country. So, hiring a Minneapolis software development company will grant access to highly trained talent that can design high-performance software.
  • Local market expertise: Software developers in Minneapolis have gained in-depth experience in the locally dominant sectors: finance, technology, biomedicine or retail. If your company activates in one of these industries, be sure to outsource software companies in Minneapolis as they are certified to excel in these particular verticals.

How To Select The Best Minneapolis Software Development Companies

Finding the right Minneapolis software development company for your own organization is not an easy task.

Before booking meetings with prospective candidates, you need to clearly define your objectives. So, be sure to ask yourself:

  • What type of software do you want to build?
  • What features and processes do you need to incorporate in the new solutions?
  • What will its purpose be?
  • What do you want to accomplish by investing in a custom solution?

After answering these key questions, in order to select the best software developers in Minneapolis, consider these factors:

Factor #1: Their Previous Projects

The first step you need to take is studying these companies’ past projects and best-case studies.

Their portfolio will reveal insights into their performance, resources, capabilities and quality of work. You’ll be able to grasp if they can deliver top-notch solutions or have helped clients meet their business goals.

Moreover, you will find out if a software development company has worked with similar clients and solving business issues like yours. If they claim expertise within your niche, they will be more likely to produce quality work in a quick fashion.

Factor #2: Their Communication Skills

As a general rule, communication stands at the forefront of project success. It’s highly important to choose a business partner that lays down clear communication channels.

Whatever the software company you choose, you must ensure they will always keep you in the loop regarding all the stages of the software development process: from the design thinking phase to development and launch.

So, be sure to assess their communication flow to nail down a successful project.

Factor #3: Their Reviews

Make sure to carefully read their reviews to gain information about these companies’ flexibility, transparency, project management and reliability.

If their entire roster of past clients has been satisfied with the results and can vouch for their capabilities and accuracy, you’ll be much more confident in making your decision.

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10 Questions To Ask Software Companies In Minneapolis, MN

Before starting a partnership with software developers in Minneapolis, don’t forget to ask them these questions:

  1. What are your main areas of expertise?
  2. Which technology stacks do you master?
  3. Have you created custom solutions for our industry before?
  4. What is your development methodology of choice?
  5. What team members will be working on our project and what is their level of experience?
  6. What type of tools do you use to track your progress?
  7. Can you provide us with an estimated timeline for project completion?
  8. Do you offer maintenance and support post-launch?
  9. Do you develop custom solutions from scratch, or do you rely on existing structures as well?
  10. How much will the project cost?

Takeaways On Software Companies In Minneapolis

Minneapolis has the potential to become a leading tech hub in the States. As such, skillful software developers are coming in droves to the city of Minnesota to capitalize on affordable housing and living costs.

So, software developers in Minneapolis are sure to provide the highest quality of services. They are more qualified in creating software solutions for clients within the locally dominant sectors: finance, technology, retail, biomedicine.

Most Minneapolis software development companies charge between $100 and $199 per hour.

To find the ideal business partner, investigate these companies’:

  • Portfolios
  • Reviews
  • Communication skills

Good luck!


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