16 Best Videos by USA Companies That Entertain, Engage and Empower

16 Best Videos by USA Companies That Entertain, Engage and Empower
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Last Updated: April 15, 2022

We can’t stress it enough - videos are the content format of the future!

As the world is becoming more connected and the internet getting exponentially faster, users are more likely to explore it via smart devices, that are best suited for visual content, i.e., videos.

When it comes to video production in the US, local agencies have somewhat of an innate pedigree for continuously producing fantastic material. And not only because of the obvious Hollywood influences. They work in a unique environment, the global intersection of a top-tiered business climate, trendsetting marketing practices and a long tradition of larger-than-life visual experiences.

These are the chosen bunch, the 16 best videos from USA-based companies.

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1. Malabar by Simply Plugged

Standout features:

  • Appropriate music choice
  • Product closeups
  • Optimal duration

The promotional video for Malabar Group’s luxury jewelry, created by Austin-based Simply Plugged, clocks at the perfect one-minute mark and is a textbook example of how efficient and engaging short commercial videos should be.

The video starts with an “entrance” to Malabar’s showrooms, masterfully interweaving the narration and music with closeups of valuable Indian-style jewelry. Every detail is carefully crafted. Even the soundtrack itself (aptly named “Elegance” by Audiophile Trax) seems as if it was custom-tailored to the camera’s movement.

While oozing sophistication, usually associated with luxury brands, the Malabar’s “Indian Bride” exhibition showcases something uniquely autochthonous – a traditional mix of decadent opulence and “excessive” beauty, which video design largely relies on.

2. Farrah Tutorial by Box Office Studio

Standout features:

  • Elevates the meaning of the “explainer” video
  • Multi-step tutorial
  • Great, unobtrusive music

The Farrah is a curling iron brand “like no other” that has revolutionized the way we curl our hair.

“You no longer need to roll up hot rod of iron with your hands or interchange between different air directions for each side of your hair. Simply place the iron next to your hair and push the button. The rest is all taken care of.”

However, even the best possible hairstyling products are worthless without the proper routine and generally, basic how-to instruction. To inspire and build trust with their (prospective) customer, Farrah opted for the perfect marketing tactic – making a series of fun, engaging and ultimately, easy-to-follow tutorial videos. Enter Box Office Studio!

NYC-based video experts came in and produced a stream of simple and straightforward tutorials that not only make sure every selling point of the Farrah curling iron is emphasized and amplified, but are also effortlessly genuine and engaging.

3. Para Ti Mi Amor by Wolverine Productions

[Source: Wolverine Productions]

Standout features:

  • Storytelling
  • "Clone” effect
  • Authenticity

Ruben Equihua is an aspiring singer and songwriter that approached Wolverine Productions for a series of music videos. Being the semi-traditional love song, Para Ti Mi Amor (“For you, my love”) didn’t require any flashy effects so prevalent in the modern music industry videos, but rather genuine storytelling that acts as nice background for the lyrics.

This, however, doesn’t mean that Wolverine Productions didn’t infuse it with some unique visual tricks.

The video starts with impressive drone footage of the entire ranch. It somewhat feels empty without Ruben’s “muse”. Additionally, there are a couple of subtle “cloning” effects implemented for certain melancholic flashbacks parts, while the mid-song rotating shot with the couple clearly in focus, shows the entire coral, now filled with love.

Bonus point: Working with animals (horses in this case), is more often than not, extremely challenging despite their training. However, the palomino in question proved to be an excellent actor and a scene-stealer.

4. Sonoma Raceway by Bomba Creative

Standout features:

  • Fast-paced
  • Striking closeups
  • Documentary-style narration

True to their name, Bomba Creative takes us on an explosive, high-octane ride through the rich, 50 years long history of the legendary Sonoma Raceway.

The video begins with the extreme closeup of the track’s curbs, the ground discharging energy fueled over the past half of the century. Looking back at the incredible tale of Sonoma Valley, it honors the raceway’s most memorable moments and jaw-dropping shots of cars literally flying over the course.

Interrupting the narration of raceways execs, past and current, the footage shifts gears and gets faster and faster as the “race” through time comes to the finish line, i.e., the modern times, or celebration of the 50th anniversary.

5. PIZZAONE by AJA Creative Media

Standout features:

  • No narration
  • Mouth-watering shots
  • Action-oriented music

At first glance, nobody would expect a fast-food promo video to utilize the tense, Hollywood blockbuster music and editing. Normally, we would define it as “going to the extreme”, however, judging by the sudden pizza craving we feel, PIZZAONNE, or rather, video creators, AJA Creative Media, knew what they were doing.

“The hype is real”. Clocking at just 30 seconds, the video does indeed pack a punch, entirely relying on visual appeal. The quick, blink and you’ll miss it jump cuts show both the mouth-watering, steamy pizza, the making of it, as well as implying a few well-known scenarios of how to enjoy it and where to find it. Talking about efficiency! Hopefully, the delivery is just as fast.

6. 4K Spiez Castle, Interlaken, Thunersee Switzerland by Noble Production Studios

Standout features:

  • Striking dream-like scenery
  • Fitting soundtrack
  • High-production value

There’s something magical about aerial footage, especially when it’s shot over the fairytale landscape of Switzerland. Alex Harris, a videographer at Noble Production Studios (and a licensed drone instructor) created this dream-like featurette out of pure inspiration combining it with an aptly named track “3 AM” by Lalos.

In his own words:

“I rented a car from Sixt and drove from Nuremberg to Schweiz. This was a stop on the way where I stayed the night and got some awesome fog (when is there not fog) before I left.”

It’s an excellent example of how the tourism industry can adopt new technologies and trends to promote various destinations and attractions.

7. Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund by Snowy Peak

Standout features:

  • Edutainment at its best
  • Cinematic feel
  • Nature-inspired

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund is a determined and growing group of conservationists dedicated to passing a ballot measure to restore the gray wolf to the great wildlands of Colorado.

The RMWAF approached Snowy Peak wanting an introductory and educational video for public awareness of their campaign. The resulting video not only bolsters this worthy initiative but wows the audience with stunning footage usually found in some high-production (documentary) films while staying true to the goal.

The slow-mo shots and general cinematic quality effortlessly transport viewers to the Colorado frontier, uniting the tranquil feeling with the untouched wilderness, helping them truly understand what’s at stake – intrinsic equilibrium.

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8. Hand in Hand - James Tate Wilson by RELIGHT creative

Standout features:

  • Reflection of artist’s persona
  • The New West
  • Nature-inspired

Folk acoustic storyteller, James Tate Wilson worked closely with RELIGHT creative to deliver another great music video on our list, Hand in Hand. The single from the album Dancing on the Moon is dominated by his uncomplicated voice and authenticity in every verse.

Its simple but effectively inspiring melody demands deep reflection and evokes the feeling of loneliness. Just by that rumination alone, RELIGHT creative, crafted a perfect video rooted in the artist’s native Colorado.

Just like our previous entry, the video showcases the state’s natural beauty, but in a much more personal way. The empty highway, the bare, harsh terrain and a yellowish overlay complement the somber guitar strumming perfectly. He is a modern cowboy, trudging the “New West” alone, without a hand to hold.

Just like the song itself, the way the video is edited parallels the deceptive dreamy music background while James’ harsher lyrical statements mirror the scenery.

9. CELIS by Hen's Bread Productions

Standout features:

  • Graphics and effects
  • Extreme closeups
  • Music interludes

The creative minds at Hen's Bread Productions were excited to work with Celis Brewery, who desired a video that would show off their beer in all its glory.

Contrasting ye old’ style of packaging design, Hen’s Bread opted for a modern approach, an engaging multimedia sequences of both brewed beers as well as a third segment showcasing both beers mixed together to make White Lightning!

The video begins with a beer can coming to the stage through cloud effects (interestingly enough the track chosen for this part is “Cloud patterns” by Cospe). The closeups of sweating containers make the audience thirsty for one of two flavors described as “delicious and refreshing”, or “bold and invigorating”, depending on your personal taste. When mixed together, the calm music suddenly changes to Ooyy’s energetic AIWIC tune that perfectly describes the feeling of sampling the “White Lightning”.

As the tagline suggests “Beer makes friendships” and judging by this collaboration between Hen’s Bread production and Celis Brewery it does hold true.

10. Ambient Skies 2021 Highlight Reel by Ambient Skies Productions

Standout features:

  • Smooth transitions
  • Uniformed color palette
  • Dynamic music

Ambient Skies is a creative collective of filmmakers, brand loyalists and marketers who specialize in content creation.

Established back in 2006, over the last 15 years our studio has produced over 1,000 hours of award-winning creative content including live-action, stills & animation. The 2021 Highlight Reel showcases the best of the best examples of their work masterfully edited in one seamless mosaic.

Emphasizing and linking all these sequences together is the excellent feel-good track (Summer Kennedy – Oh My, My) that puts the team behind the camera in center stage.

11. GTT – Sponsors by Apus Media Inc

Standout features:

  • Action-oriented
  • Lively soundtrack
  • Eye-catching effects

GTT Communications is a global network provider serving thousands of multinational enterprises connecting people across the world. Their robust global influence is often celebrated and promoted with the company’s renowned events.

The video for GTT’s Global Sales Kick-Off Event 2021, courtesy of Apus Media, showcases the organization’s appreciation for its (literal army of) partners. The way it's made, boasting impressive transition effects, along with vigorous (custom-made) heavy metal music bears a striking resemblance to the world’s boxing heavy-weight championship announcement.

By using this seemingly unrelated influence it manages to achieve two goals:

  • Inspiring an almost tangible excitement for the event itself
  • Showcasing the market as a fighting arena (with its own set of rules and regulations)

12. AZ Trail to Lake Mary Outdoor Adventure by Occulus Films

Standout features:

  • Genuine outback experience
  • Documentary style video
  • POV shots

Founded by two brothers with a shared passion for storytelling, Occulus Films is a full-service video production and film production company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Their “AZ Trail to Lake Mary” video is an episode of a series called "Arizona Outdoor Adventures" that features motorcycle riding, backpacking and backwoods camping.

Shot in the Arizona outback, the video depicts the authentic, first-hand exploration of the state’s hidden, untouched nature. What differentiates it from your typical documentary are the constant POV shots that give viewers a chance to experience the genuine taste of adventure from the comfort of their couch.

13. Bentley Water Projection by Lair

[Source: Lair]

Standout features:

  • Emphasizing the power of the elements
  • Masterful editing
  • Multilayered effects

Automotive industry commercials are a genre of their own, but even diving deep into their specific aesthetic mindset, some definitely stand above the rest.

The “Bentley Water Projection” video gives us a unique peek behind the (water) curtain, or rather making of such commercials.

The never-before-seen Bentley Bentayga SUV had to have a grand entrance to the public, so Lair agency hid a giant 170x80 foot water projection system in the bay beside the Californian world-famous golf clubhouse at Pebble Beach. As the reveal party for this ultra-exclusive event got rolling at sunset, they engineered a faux lightning storm drawing the crowd’s attention to the bay. As the enormous water projection erupted, they rear-projected onto it. When the show finished, the new Bentley was revealed on the pier.

14. IntersectENT by WireBuzz

[Source: WireBuzz]

Standout features:

  • Testimonial video at its best
  • Dramatic closeups
  • Magazine editorial look and feel

Recently, testimonial videos have become a craze in the marketing circles and for good reason. In fact, they are the best and most efficient way to turn prospects into customers without seeming pushy.

This is exactly why medtech company IntersectENT hired WireBuzz to promote their PROPEL sinus implant products. Not through the usual listing of benefits, nor fancy 3D rendering of its functions and capabilities, but by offering a genuine human experience.

The video opens with the brand’s name in classy golden sans-serif font on a white background that gradually turns to live-action, putting the ex-patient in the spotlight with meticulous post-production work and quality lighting. The entire scene progression is optimistic, vibrant and sharp, worthy of a fashion magazine editorial let alone medical aid promo.

15. PATH by The Goalen Group

Standout features:

  • Narration and testimonial collage
  • Upbeat music
  • Quick animated cuts

PATH rapid rehousing programs assist individuals, families and Veterans with finding permanent housing solutions by providing short-term rental assistance, supportive services and case management.

Goalen Group jumped at the opportunity to aid the cause by creating a video that mixes a couple of distinct styles to spread PATH’s message to the world. It’s simultaneously an explainer video, testimonial and brand promo.

Some shots borrow heavily from real estate commercial style to show that everyone, despite their social status and/or financial standing deserves a home.

16. Noble Bison Reel 2019

Standout features:

  • Unified style and color palette 
  • Upbeat music
  • Masterful editing

Noble Bison Productions is a full-service video production company based in Denver, Colorado. Their story started with them taking a leap of faith and dropping everything to follow their shared passion for filmmaking. Over a decade of experience in the film industry resulted in building a client-focused company that never compromises quality.

And this is not just a promise, NBP can back it up, every step of the way. Their 2019 Reel is a masterful demonstration of quality, meticulous filmmaking craft but also an impeccable sense of artistry.

Although showing interweaved clips (of their past work) in one video, they managed to unite them all into a distinct, unified music video that by itself creates a strong narrative — a story of a company worth telling.

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