Best Packaging Designs for 2024

Discover our editors' best packaging designs of 2024
Miguel Christopher De Guia
By Miguel Christopher De Guia
Last updated: July 15, 2024
  • See unconventional packaging that elevates the unboxing experience  
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  • Discover packaging styles that redefine visual communication 

10 Best Packaging Designs of All Time 

1. Tiffany Blue Box Packaging Design 

Tiffany & Co.'s blue box is without any doubt the most recognizable packaging in the world. Arguably, it's even more recognizable than the brand’s jewelry. The iconic box represents a blueprint (pun intended!) for retail containers ever since it was introduced almost two centuries ago. 

World-famous Tiffany Blue Box

Originating from the founder's selection for the Blue Book in 1845, this turquoise hue has become synonymous with luxury. Protected as a trademark, Tiffany Blue represents purity and elegance. The packaging, a complete luxury experience, comprises intricate details, a custom Pantone blue, foil-stamped logo, and a luxe matte material. The logotype, a serif font reminiscent of Tiffany's 1837 launch, enhances the brand's authenticity. Beyond aesthetics, Tiffany adapts to the 21st century with sustainable materials, resonating with audiences worldwide and leaving an indelible mark on the jewelry industry. 

2. Amazon Packaging Design 

Unlike our previous entry, Amazon’s delivery box hasn’t been around for long, nor does it emanate luxury, but it is probably one of the most recognizable, most talked about, and most often seen boxes in our lives. Seemingly a plain old brown box was designed for functionality more than anything else, perfectly epitomizing the Amazon brand. Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging service, initiated in 2008, has transformed the eCommerce landscape by prioritizing customer experience and sustainability. With over 300 million customers globally, Amazon's influence is unrivaled.  

Focusing on protecting products and ensuring easy unboxing, Frustration-Free Packaging adheres to eco-friendly practices, reducing packaging material usage. Amazon's guidelines encourage sellers to enhance their packaging, showcasing care for customers and sustainability. Qualifying packages offer quicker unboxing, reduced waste, and cost savings. The certification process involves rigorous testing, ensuring durability through simulated supply chain demands.  

3. Pringles Packaging Design 

In the snacks aisles crowded with bags of chips and salty treats, Pringles stands tall, literally! The brand disrupted the snack industry with its revolutionary cylindrical packaging, departing from traditional bags. The iconic design, conceived in 1966 by Fredric Baur, sets Pringles apart as the sole brand with this distinctive container.  

Beyond aesthetics, the cylinder ensures chip integrity, addresses storage concerns, and offers a convenient, space-efficient solution. Pringles' diverse color-coded packaging for various flavors enhances visual appeal and product identification. The brand's friendly mascot complements its approachable image, adding fun at every crunch. Pringles further excels in legible typography, transparency, and environmental responsibility, using recyclable, sturdy materials. Globally recognized, Pringles' reliable packaging reinforces its status as a trusted, top-tier snack brand. 

4. Apple’s Packaging Design 

Apple is renowned for its sophisticated smart devices brimming with convenient functionalities and its product design philosophy is seamlessly translated to their packaging as well. The simple, elegant, and slim white boxes look as elegant as any iPhone. Beyond aesthetic appeal, Apple’s packaging design reflects the brand’s commitment to premium user experience. The unboxing process is somewhat of a ritual. Each box includes high-quality material, devoid of any unnecessary paper or plastic wraps, and precisely engineered compartments. 

With a clear focus on sustainability, Apple’s design credo extends to the most minuscule details, showcasing the products in their full glory. This way, the brand not only elevates the perceived value of their technological marvels but also sets the standard for packaging visuals across the industry. 

5. Toblerone Packaging Design 

Toblerone brand can be described as “a triangle in a world full of squares.” The distinctive triangular prism shape became synonymous with Toblerone and an icon in the confectionery industry. This design not only commands attention on store shelves but elevates the entire consumer experience.  

The origin of Toblerone's distinctive design sparks intrigue, with theories ranging from Theodore Tobler's admiration of the Swiss Alps' Matterhorn peak to a Parisian cabaret show inspiring the unique shape. Regardless of its genesis, Toblerone's packaging stands as an unparalleled masterpiece in the world of design. The triangular peaks and valleys don't just distinguish the product; they provide a user-friendly experience, solidifying Toblerone as a global emblem of Swiss craftsmanship. Check out the best product design companies on DesignRush.

6. McDonald’s Happy Meal Packaging Design 

No matter how old you may be, no matter where in the world you live, chances are you’re quite familiar with the iconic McDonald’s Happy Meal! For over four decades, the jolly red and yellow box has been an enduring symbol, solidifying McDonald's as a beloved family-friendly brand. 

This packaging not only brings joy and excitement, particularly for children eagerly anticipating the toy within but also holds a nostalgic charm for adults. While it may have undergone some evolution over the years, the fundamental structure of the box remains unchanged, a testament to the lasting impact of McDonald's on both the collective memory and the joyous moments shared by generations of families. 

7. Campbell’s Soup Packaging Design 

Campbell’s Soup can is a classic example of packaging from the end of the 19th century. While charming, its enduring design, with familiar warmth and tradition interweaved throughout the iconic red and white container, became legendary after Andy Warhol helped popularize it and make it known around the globe. 

With his pop art masterpiece, "Campbell's Soup Cans”, created in 1962, this series of 32 paintings, each depicting different soup flavors, Warhol elevated mundane, mass-produced packaging to the realm of high art. The result? Campbell’s Soup packaging design became an integral part of the American culture that none dared to change. It’s a timeless symbol in the culinary world and an enduring legacy among the best packaging designs of all time. 

8. Heinz Ketchup Bottle Packaging Design 

Introduced back in 1876. Heinz’s distinct, upside-down ketchup bottle revolutionized condiment containers. Its unique shape and narrow neck became synonymous with the brand, fostering immediate brand recognition. Its signature shape allows for effortless pouring and minimal waste, setting an industry standard. The ketchup's slow pour mirrors its commitment to quality.

Heinz's packaging has not only become a symbol of trust and consistency but has also influenced packaging norms across industries, showcasing the enduring impact of thoughtful and functional design on consumer experience and brand success. 

9. Chanel Packaging Design 

Chanel's packaging design transcends mere material presentation; it’s more than a perfume vessel, it's a tangible symbol of timeless elegance and luxury. The sleek black and white color scheme with the iconic logo design exudes sophistication, reminding of Coco Chanel’s unique style that revolutionized the fashion industry.

With its meticulous attention to detail, from embossed logos to quality materials, Chanel's minimalist approach to packaging emphasizes quality, aligning with its brand ethos. In fact, it has become a coveted item in its own right, with a thriving second-hand market. 

10. KFC Bucket Packaging Design 

While it’s truly more of a product than the packaging, KFC’s iconic bucket is certainly a triumph in fast-food branding, shaping the industry with its celebrated design. Ever since Kentucky Fried Chicken sold its first bucket of chicken to-go, back in 1957, the bucket has become one of the most recognizable images in the industry. 

The red and white color scheme, adorned with Colonel Sanders' image, has become synonymous with the brand. Beyond aesthetics, the bucket is convenient offering a communal dining experience, encouraging sharing, and reinforcing KFC's social appeal. Now, that is a seamless blend of functionality and brand identity.  

Best Packaging Designs 2023 - 2024

Best Packaging Designs of 2023

Best Packaging Designsof 2023
Alma Mistica
Alma Mistica Packaging Design

Alma Mística's packaging is a departure from conventions, seamlessly intertwining aesthetics with symbolism. The bold straight line running from cork to label symbolizes the connection between body and soul, inviting oenophiles into a realm of tranquility. This symbolism extends to the label, divided into halves representing the sublime soul and chaotic pleasure.

Alma Mística's packaging design is not just about aesthetics; it's a gateway to exploring the profound relationship between wine and human experience.
Alma Mistica Packaging Design
Kleer Skincare Packaging Design

Kleer Skincare packaging design challenges norms by boldly embracing inclusivity and innovation. The white and brown color scheme evokes purity and universality, reinforcing the brand's commitment to catering to all skin types. Contrary to glossy trends, the matte texture offers a modern twist while catering to all skin types and needs. Emphasis on “all”. The cutout "K" on the box packaging, colored by the tube inside, showcases a clever union of sustainability and creativity.
Kleer Skincare Packaging Design
Brownie Points' Packaging Designs

Brownie Points' packaging design bridges generations with a seamless merge of nostalgia and modernity. The blend of 70s and 80s vintage aesthetics with contemporary flair appeals to millennials and Gen Z alike, offering a satisfyingly nostalgic yet fresh experience.

The color story, from fiery reds and oranges to serene blue gradients, mirrors the candle's melting process, adding depth and therapeutic allure. By paying homage to various eras, the design achieves a timeless personality, effortlessly connecting with consumers of all ages.
Brownie Points Packaging Designs
Usual Wine's Packaging Design

Usual Wine's packaging design masterfully merges tradition and contemporary minimalism. Drawing inspiration from ancient Mediterranean wine containers, it evokes a timeless allure while embracing fully streamlined simplicity. The minimal label and transparent bottle showcase the wine's essence, echoing the brand's commitment to purity.

This fusion of the past and the present creates an enduring connection with consumers, solidifying Usual Wine's position as a standout choice for those seeking understated elegance in their wine experience.
Usual Wine's Packaging Design
Fenty Skin's Packaging Design

Fenty Skin's Melt Awf packaging design masterfully blends impeccable functionality with chic aesthetics. With its compact size, it embodies convenience, fitting perfectly into makeup pouches for on-the-go use. The easy squeeze bottle ensures effortless dispensing, complemented by clear labeling for quick identification.

Protected by a durable outer casing, the product remains secure and stylish, accentuated by pastel colors for a touch of femininity. This thoughtful design reflects Fenty Skin's dedication to providing quality skincare solutions, enhancing both product safety and user experience with elegance and practicality.
Fenty Skin's Packaging Design
Wasa Crispbread's Packaging Design

Wasa Crispbread's packaging design, rooted in Scandinavian heritage, shines with a bold color palette of sky blue, pastel yellow, and baby pink creating an energetic backdrop that stands tall on grocery shelves. The irreverently skewed typography adds a playful touch while ensuring easy readability, and effectively communicating product information.

This contemporary and vibrant design revitalizes the American staple, reflecting Wasa's authenticity and commitment to quality ingredients.
Wasa Crispbread's Packaging Design
Moving Fruity's Packaging Design

Moving Fruity's packaging design celebrates women's sexual health with playful symbolism and vibrant illustrations of fruits and vegetables. The straightforward labels provide detailed product information without being overly explicit, ensuring transparency and clarity for consumers.

The visual impact is heightened by a mix of pastel and deep hues, including light yellow, lavender, and lilac, balanced with deep tones to create an eye-catching yet feminine aesthetic. Modern typography strikes a balance between whimsy and clarity, embodying the brand's empowering and unique nature.
Moving Fruity's Packaging Design
The Wine Bag’s Packaging Design

The Wine Bag is considered one of the best packaging designs wowing with its unconventional yet fashionable look, resembling a chic handbag. This innovative design transcends typical product packaging, combining the elegance of fashion with the tradition of wine, making it a stylish companion to any outfit.

The bold crimson red color, symbolizing passion and luxury, accentuates the packaging's chic appeal, resonating with the high-quality red wine inside. Despite its quirky aesthetic, the packaging remains purposeful, with detailed instructions ensuring functionality while maintaining readability.
The Wine Bags Packaging Design
Despierta’s Packaging Design

Despierta's packaging design encapsulates enchanting magic through ethereal illustrations, inviting customers on a spiritual journey with each cup of tea. Rooted in modern mysticism and spirituality, the design transforms the tea-drinking experience into a ritual of introspection and connection with the universe.

The soothing color palette of pastel hues induces calmness and reflection, complementing the brand's universe of mystical tranquility. Unique illustrations of birds, stars, and planets within a silhouette symbolize nature, enlightenment, and interconnectedness, enriching the tea-drinking experience with a captivating visual narrative.
Despiertas Packaging Design
Fates' Packaging Design

Fates Potato Chips takes a bold and unconventional approach to gain brand recognition, becoming one of the best packaging designs. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, the packaging features striking illustrations of mythical creatures like Medusa and the Minotaur, adding a unique twist to traditional potato chip packaging.

This fusion of mythical iconography creates a distinctive visual experience that sets Fates Potato Chips apart in the snack food market. The packaging design balances strong illustrations with muted yet lively colors, ensuring that the vibrant hues complement the detailed artwork without overshadowing it.
Fates' Packaging Design

Best Packaging Designs of 2022

Best Packaging Designsof 2022
Cuddly Skin
Cuddly Skin’s Packaging Design

Cuddly Skin's Moisturizing Cream packaging is considered one of the best packaging designs, seamlessly embodying the brand's commitment to nature and simplicity. The clean and modern design features a pacific gold background with minimalistic Ginkgo leaf illustrations, emphasizing the natural origin of the product. The color choice complements the recyclable cardboard-like material, showcasing the brand's environmental consciousness.

View our editor's full thoughts on Cuddly Skin’s Packaging Design.
Cuddly Skins Packaging Design
Brave Packaging Design

Brave's packaging design stands out as one of the best packaging designs, seamlessly merging robust build with elegant aesthetics. The packaging, a sturdy box with a touch of secrecy, intrigues recipients before unveiling its contents – commemorative beer cans representing each team member. Think Packaging opted for simplicity, deviating from typical trends, yet infusing personality through diverse typography and mismatched visuals on each can. This design masterfully captures individuality while maintaining consistency and recognizable brand identity.

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Brave Packaging Design
Cyber Yachts Packaging Design

CyberYachts' packaging design captures the essence of the world's first metaverse yacht company with flawless precision. The design artfully balances streamlined minimalism and opulence, echoing the brand's foray into merchandising, real-life events, and a virtual yacht club. The rainbow chrome elements signify the dynamic shifts in Metaverse culture and accentuate exclusivity. The packaging, adorned with a crosshair-like emblem and logomark inspired by reflections in water, luxury ships, and aquatic life references, complements the brand's high-end positioning.

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Cyber Yachts Packaging Designs
Copper Spirit Distillery Packaging Design

Copper Spirit Distillery's packaging design is hailed among the best packaging designs for its artful implementation of the brand's natural ethos and Bowen Island's beauty. The glass bottle, adorned with natural, dark, sophisticated hues and copper accents, stands as a work of art, reflecting the island's stony cliffs and untamed waves. The elegant typography exudes simplicity and splendor, using carefully selected serif fonts that maintain confidence and clarity. The retro bottle shape adds a layer of retro sophistication, capturing the prestige of the organic and locally-sourced spirits within.

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Copper Spirit Distillery Packaging Design
1964 Coffee Packaging Design

1964 Coffee's packaging design evokes the Art Deco era with architectural patterns, seamlessly integrating heritage typography, transporting consumers to a bygone era. The use of pastel colors, representing different flavors, adds a contemporary twist while maintaining a link to the brand's history. Beyond aesthetics, functionality shines through with varied containers – cans for mobility and cups for a leisurely experience. Consistency in branding and a hassle-free consumer experience make 1964 Coffee's packaging design truly exceptional.

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1964 Coffee Packaging Design
Volta’s Packaging Design

Volta's packaging design redefines industry conventions and sets new standards for premium ice cream packaging. The minimalist approach, blending hand-drawn illustrations and intricate linework, creates a unique and focused presentation that stands out on shelves. The unconventional use of a black backdrop, paired with a pastel palette, adds depth and sophistication to Volta Vegano, distinguishing it from the classic line. The revamped logo, with a playful touch of elegance, enhances brand visibility, ensuring a memorable and authoritative presence.

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Volta's Packaging Design
Better Every Day Challenge Packaging Design

Better Every Day Challenge's packaging design emerges as one of the best packaging designs, seamlessly blending aesthetics with noble purpose. The warm, sunny orange hues exude optimism and energy, symbolizing joy, warmth, and encouragement. The meaningful graphics, featuring a heart-shaped jump rope, convey a powerful message with simplicity, creating a unique and impactful design. Incorporating images of individuals interacting with the product adds a human touch, fostering a deeper connection and aspirational appeal.

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Better Every Day Challenge Packaging Design
Samsung Packaging Design

Samsung's packaging stands out by blending the fine natural elements, wooden accents with contemporary minimalism. The clean aesthetics and choice of colors, featuring classic white and textured gray, exude sophistication and elegance. Geometric designs, such as small triangular shapes and lines, add a sense of order and draw consumers in. Samsung's signature typography, with variations based on product lines, enhances the overall design without overpowering it.

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Samsung Packaging Design
Witch Packaging Design

Witch's packaging design uses calming blue and green accents to evoke trust, serenity, balance, and harmony. The gradient highlights create a pseudo-shine that complements the packaging's shape, adding a touch of elegance. Witch's commitment to recycling is evident in its eco-friendly packaging, providing clear communication and expert advice directly on the packaging, promoting sustainability. The redesigned logo, featuring bold custom typography and minimalist witch-hazel leaves, symbolizes the brand's link to nature and growth

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Witch Packaging Design
Dirty Fries’ Packaging Design

Dirty Fries' packaging design revolutionizes the concept of "eye-catching" with its bold, vibrant, and subculturally influenced approach. Drawing inspiration from 90s graffiti and skateboarding culture, the neon color palette injects excitement and energy, deviating from industry norms. The unconventional shapes of the packaging containers align with urban influences, reflecting street art's rule-defying ethos. Each product tells a unique story through playful doodles, creating an artful canvas for consumers. The integration of playful typography, vibrant colors, and witty graphics solidifies Dirty Fries' packaging at a peak of the best packaging designs.

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Dirty Fries Packaging Design

Best Packaging Designs of 2021

Best Packaging Designs of 2021
Qallo’s Packaging Design

Qallo's packaging design redefines supplement branding in the eSports and gaming industry. Breaking free from conventional norms, the design targets digital warriors such as gamers, and content creators with a vibrant color palette, transcending energy drink clichés. The neon hues symbolize the energy within, replacing generic visuals with a vivid representation of health and stamina potions. The minimalist typography cleverly contrasts with the dynamic design, utilizing negative space to highlight the bold logo.

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Qallos Packaging Design
Kimi Burger’s Packaging Design

Kimi Burger’s packaging, a standout among the best packaging designs, emerges as a vibrant disruptor in the fast-food industry. Departing from industry norms, the vibrant and contrasting color palette of all-green and all-black packaging is visually striking. The meticulous details, such as edgy and angular silhouettes ensuring sturdiness and functional redesigns for fry trays, showcase a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. Typography adds character with consistent fonts and playful variations. Even the often-overlooked burger wrappers feature subtle brand logos and eco-friendly materials.

View our editor's full thoughts on Kimi Burger’s Packaging Design.
Kimi Burgers Packaging Design
Rigel Packaging Design

Rigel Gin's packaging design stands tall among the finest packaging designs, narrating the tragic, albeit inspiring tale of Rigel, a heroic Newfoundland dog from the Titanic tragedy. Crafted by Graphic Brands, the label intricately weaves historical elements, showcasing recovered artifacts, a violin, and a pocket watch. The fonts, ranging from bold serifs to elegant scripts, ensure legibility and brand consistency. The dark blue and copper color palette evokes the icy surroundings the Rigel's heroics, creating a visually striking contrast and masterfully combining emotional storytelling with melancholic branding.

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Rigel Packaging Design
Yotti’s Packaging Design

Yotti’s Turkish Delight boasts one of the best packaging designs, showcasing intricate arabesque patterns that draw inspiration from Islamic sacred architecture and cultural artifacts. What sets it apart is the color-coded approach, aligning each flavor with unique ornament designs. The clean design, featuring complementary hues on a white background, exudes class and ensures a tasteful appearance. Yotti’s cleverly combines script and sans-serif fonts, creating a harmonious blend of content.

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Yottis Packaging Design
Sayah Spekkoeklikeur Packaging Design

Sayah Spekkoeklikeur's packaging intertwines its Dutch-Indonesian heritage beautifully. Its circular, embossed, colorless glass highlights the silvery spirit, while the black label elegantly integrates Indonesian elements with Dutch industrial design. Attention to detail, from amber patterns inside the bottle to hand-painted illustrations, showcases craftsmanship. The unique font, inspired by Indonesian letters, lends a premium feel, and geometric label shapes create symmetrical elegance.

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Sayah Spekkoeklikeur Packaging Design
ZAZ Chocopops Packaging Design

ZAZ Chocopops' packaging design ingeniously stands out in the competitive snack market, by emphasizing organic, non-GMO, and ethical sourcing. The vibrant and regal color scheme of red, purple, and gold, unconventional for premium snacks, enhances shelf impact. The bold design, featuring large product cameos and striking iconography, successfully captures attention and conveys the brand's uniqueness. ZAZ Chocopops goes beyond the title of the best packaging design, it’s an epitome of effective branding that elevates the brand in a market dominated by established favorites.

View our editor's full thoughts on ZAZ Chocopops Packaging Design.
ZAZ Chocopops
Cambio Roasters’ Packaging Design

Cambio Roasters' packaging showcases a groundbreaking commitment to sustainability. Using biodegradable molded pulp, the packaging exudes an "earthy" feel, aligning with the brand's farm-to-table philosophy. The varied color palette not only distinguishes coffee blends but also enhances shelf visibility. Consumer-centric details, like a paperboard sleeve with information of origin, reflect the brand's dedication to transparency. Cambio Roasters' packaging transcends industry standards, successfully merging ecological mindfulness with eye-catching design, reinforcing the brand's signature environmental consciousness.

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Cambo Roasters Packaging Designs
Rumi's Packaging Design

Embodying the brand’s ethos of inner beauty, Rumi’s packaging design employs a pastel color palette and minimalism, evoking sophistication and elegance. The typography, reminiscent of the Royal Castle font, exudes retro quality and delicacy, reinforcing Rumi's aura of tenderness. The packaging strikes a balance between exclusivity and approachability, aligning with Rumi's philosophy of celebrating self-love. The subtle incorporation of the organic aspect reflects expertise in seamlessly blending authenticity with promotional subtlety, making it a true standout in best packaging designs.

View our editor's full thoughts on Rumi's Packaging Design.
Rumis Packaging Designs
Bespoke Books Packaging Design

Bespoke Book boasts a packaging design by joining two decorative objects into one, earning its place among the best packaging designs. The elegant hardcover, adorned in white with indented lettering, radiates class and exclusivity. Its interior, a branded neutral hue, maintains focus on the multifunctional book. The packaging's transformative feature is a natural cork frame, turning it into a keepsake heirloom or a picture frame, allowing users to tell their personal story.

View our editor's full thoughts on Bespoke Books Packaging Design.
Bespoke Books Packaging Design
Avissi Packaging Design

Avissi Prosecco wine bottle stands out as one of the best packaging designs, successfully revitalizing the brand to capture a dynamic, albeit saturated market. The dark green bottle, featuring a silver foil embossed with the brand name, exudes luxury and opulence effortlessly. The revamped label incorporates a unique color palette inspired by Venetian tiles, paying homage to the region's rich cultural heritage. The updated typography and design elements strike a balance between tradition and modernity, ensuring Avissi stands out on crowded store shelves.

View our editor's full thoughts on Avissi Packaging Design.
Avissi Packaging Design

Packaging Design Resources

Packaging Design Resources
Tools for Packaging Designers
1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the go-to software for packaging designers, offering precise vector graphic capabilities perfect for creating product artwork. Its comprehensive toolset allows for intricate designs and text handling. Compared to CorelDRAW, Illustrator is better integrated with Adobe products and more suitable for a broad design workflow.

  • Advanced vector graphic tools for detailed packaging designs
  • Seamless integration with the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Can be complex for beginners
  • Subscription-based pricing model
Pricing Plans:
  • Individual - $22.99/month
  • Business - $37.99/month/license

2. Boxshot

Boxshot specializes in 3D packaging visualization, allowing designers to create lifelike mockups and prototypes. Its 3D tools are handy for seeing how designs wrap around physical products. Unlike 2D-focused tools, Boxshot brings packaging concepts to life, giving a lifelike view of the final product.

  • Realistic 3D modeling for packaging
  • User-friendly for creating detailed mockups
  • More specialized and less versatile than all-purpose design tools
  • Limited graphic design capabilities beyond 3D modeling
Pricing Plans:
  • Subscription-based, Billed Annually: $10.75/month/user
  • Permanent License, One-Time Fee: $349/user

3. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW offers a robust solution for packaging design, featuring specialized tools for layout and vector illustration. It is particularly effective for creating print-ready packaging designs. As an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, it provides a range of capabilities with a one-time purchase option.

  • An all-in-one toolset is suitable for packaging design
  • One-time purchase option available
  • It's less popular, so it has fewer community resources
  • Quite challenging for beginners
Pricing Plans:
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 for Business
    • Annual Plan: $439/license
    • One-Time Purchase: $1,030/license
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 for Individuals
    • Annual Plan: $27.42/month
    • One-Time Purchase: $687

4. Canva

Canva is perfect for straightforward, template-based packaging designs. The tool offers a vast range of pre-designed templates and customization features. It's beneficial for quick mockups or simple packaging projects. While it lacks the advanced features of Illustrator, its simplicity is helpful for rapid design creation.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Large selection of templates and graphical elements
  • Limited for complex packaging design
  • Less detail control compared to professional tools
Pricing Plans:
  • Free
  • Canva Pro: $14.99/month for one person
  • Canva for Teams: $29.99/month for the first five users

5. Figma

With its collaborative platform, Figma is excellent for teams working on packaging designs. It's packed with specialized tools for vector graphics and interactive prototypes. Its web-based nature facilitates easy sharing and feedback on packaging projects. While not as specialized as Boxshot for 3D visualization, its vector tools are highly effective for flat design work.

  • Collaborative features for team-based projects
  • Web-based with cross-platform compatibility
  • Dependent on internet connectivity
  • May not offer the same level of detail as Illustrator for complex vectors
Pricing Plans:
  • Free
  • Figma Professional, Billed Annually: $12 per editor/month
  • Figma Organization, Billed Annually: $45 per editor/month
  • Enterprise, Billed Annually: $75 per editor/month
Tools for Packaging Designers
1. The Packaging School on YouTube

The Packaging School offers microlessons on packaging design, sharing cutting-edge innovations and practical knowledge. It is an excellent resource for designers looking to enhance their design skills with industry insights. The tutorial videos are available for streaming on YouTube.

  • Free access to a wide range of packaging design tutorials
  • Practical knowledge directly from industry experts
  • More focused on insights and innovations than step-by-step design tutorials
  • May not cover advanced technical skills in depth
Pricing Plans:
  • Free

2. CreativeLive's Basics of Packaging Design in Illustrator

This CreativeLive class teaches the efficient creation of packaging dielines using Adobe Illustrator. It covers industry terminology, grid structures, panels, flaps, and rendering techniques. This class is perfect for designers looking to produce industry-ready packaging. You can create a free account to browse the tutorials.

  • Detailed instructions on packaging design specifics
  • Practical skills for creating professional packaging
  • Requires familiarity with Adobe Illustrator
  • Full classes may require fees
Pricing Plans:
  • $29 to purchase the class
  • Full Access, Annual Subscription: $10.75/month
  • Full Access, Monthly Subscription: $29/month

3. Envato Tuts+' Packaging Design for Beginners

Envato Tuts+ provides a beginner-friendly tutorial on creating a simple box template using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. It's a great introduction to adding patterns, typography, and understanding basic packaging structures. Create an account to start your learning journey.

  • Great for beginners with minimal experience
  • Covers essential toolsets in design software
  • Focuses on basic packaging design; may not delve into complex projects
  • Requires access to specific Adobe software
Pricing Plans:
  • Free

4. SkillShare's Packaging Design Classes

SkillShare offers a variety of packaging design tutorials suitable for all skill levels. From fundamental design principles to using specific software like Adobe Illustrator, these classes provide comprehensive learning experiences. Sign up to activate the free trial period.

  • Interactive and collaborative classes
  • Comprehensive lessons covering different packaging design aspects
  • Requires a paid subscription for full access
  • Learning material quality can vary per instructor
Pricing Plans:
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Pricing varies per region
Packaging Design Tutorials
1. The Packaging School

The Packaging School offers a range of courses and certifications tailored to packaging design. These courses cover various aspects, from materials and design principles to branding and sustainability in packaging. You can sign up here to start your learning journey.

  • Comprehensive coverage of all areas of packaging design
  • Industry-relevant certifications available
  • Some courses may require prior knowledge of packaging or design
  • Course fees vary, which may not suit all budgets
Pricing Plans:
  • Free courses available
  • Pricing varies per course

2. Udemy's Graphic Design Masterclass

While focused on graphic design, this Udemy course offers valuable insights for packaging designers. It's incredibly insightful in typography, color theory, and layout design. This course is worth trying if you want to apply fundamental graphic design principles to packaging. You can get full lifetime access to the course by signing up here.

  • Extensive coverage of key graphic design concepts
  • Includes practical lessons on software relevant to packaging design
  • Course content may not be exclusively focused on packaging
  • Topics might be overwhelming for beginners
Pricing Plans:
  • Course Price: $199.99

3. Domestika's Illustration and Lettering for Packaging Design

Taught by renowned graphic designer and illustrator Emi Renzi, this course focuses on the artistic side of packaging design. The course teaches the creative and strategic processes of illustration and lettering. It's perfect for designers looking to add a unique artistic touch to their packaging projects. You may register here to enroll.

  • Specialized focus on packaging design elements
  • Technical and conceptual approach to packaging design
  • More suited for those interested in the artistic aspects of packaging
  • Requires access to specific design software
Pricing Plans:
  • Course Price: $59.99
  • Domestika Plus, Monthly Subscription: $9.99/month
  • Domestika Plus, Yearly Subscription: $83.88/year
Packaging Design Courses

The Design Research Process

Our design research process is a dynamic journey in the ever-evolving landscape of packaging design. We search the web, contact brands and agencies, and evaluate the designs worthy of being part of our collection. To be acknowledged among the best packaging designs, one must master innovation, trends, impact, functionality, user experience, and even branding. 

Designs that manage to transcend expectations and take packaging aesthetics to the next level gain recognition, and the finest among them may advance further and compete for the title of Design Award winner. 

If you believe your design embodies these principles, you too can submit it for consideration, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of packaging design excellence. 

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Video Design Award - June 2024

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Best Packaging Designs FAQ

How are the best packaging designs made?

Crafting top-notch packaging designs starts with a deep dive into the brand and product specifics. Designers first understand the product, the target audience, and the brand's story. Then, they use design software and 3D modeling programs to create initial concepts. These tools enable designers to develop and refine visual elements, including color schemes, typography, and imagery, for a cohesive and brand-aligned appearance. Practical aspects like user convenience, shelf presence, and environmental impact are also meticulously considered. 

For instance, take the World's Finest Chocolate package design. This work exemplifies how a deep understanding of the brand's premium quality is translated into packaging. The design uses luxurious color palettes, elegant typography, and sophisticated imagery that appeal to the brand's upscale market. It skillfully balances aesthetic appeal with practical considerations like readability and brand recognition. It shows how effective design can elevate a product, making it not just a package but a part of the brand's story and an experience for the consumer. 

What is the most important thing when creating packaging designs?

Product appeal and usability are the most crucial aspects of creating packaging designs. A successful design is not just visually appealing; it must also be functional, reflecting the product's nature and the brand's identity. It should stand out on the shelf, be memorable to consumers, and maintain consistency across various product lines. Plus, packaging designs should consider practical aspects such as protection and storage. 

For example, the Phelps Brand Ninja Goggles packaging design excellently embodies these principles. The packaging is immediately eye-catching, featuring bold colors and dynamic graphics that resonate with the energy and precision of competitive swimming. Beyond aesthetics, the packaging is also practical – it comes with clear information and eco-friendly material. It conveys the brand's high-performance value and appeals directly to its target audience of serious athletes. 

How much is a quality packaging design?

The cost of quality packaging design varies, with rates largely dependent on: 

  • The project's complexity 
  • The designer's experience 
  • The location 

If you plan to work with a reputable packaging design agency, you can expect to pay anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000. Note that this does not include the manufacturing costs.  

Most packaging designers also charge on a per-hour basis, with $100-$175 per hour as the standard rate for US-based firms. Design agencies outside the US usually charge between $35-$75 per hour. 

What do most packaging designers use?

Packaging designers mostly use software like Adobe Illustrator for its advanced vector graphic capabilities, crucial for detailed and scalable packaging designs. Boxshot is another essential tool, particularly for creating realistic 3D packaging mockups. CorelDRAW is favored for its comprehensive design features, offering versatility across various packaging needs. Additionally, user-friendly platforms like Canva are popular for simpler, template-based designs, while Figma is increasingly used for its collaborative, web-based interface.  

These tools cover diverse aspects of packaging design, from intricate illustrations to practical mockups: 

Design ToolBest ForQuick Links
Adobe Illustrator Intricate designs and vector graphics 
Boxshot Realistic 3D mockups and visualizations 
CorelDRAW Print-ready packaging layout and illustrations 
CanvaSimple, template-based packaging designs 
FigmaCollaborative, vector-based packaging projects 

Do professional packaging designers use AI?

Yes, professional packaging designers are now beginning to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their workflow. AI technologies offer innovative solutions like pattern and color scheme generation, customer preference analysis, and optimization of design elements.  

However, while AI offers quick assistance and insights, professional designers' creative intuition and expertise remain irreplaceable. They often use AI as a complementary tool with design software to achieve the best results. 

What are the rules of effective print design?

Professional designers follow these fundamental principles and techniques to create the perfect packaging design: 

Can DesignRush help me get expert feedback on my packaging design?

You can get free professional feedback on your packaging designs and potentially have them showcased on DesignRush by sending them to This is an excellent opportunity to gain expert insights without any cost! 

If you're seeking official recognition from our Best Design Jury and a chance to win the Best Design Award, you can submit your designs here at $75 per submission. With this service, you can get detailed critiques from leading professionals and establish yourself in the packaging design industry. 

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