How To Create A Successful Video Campaign: A Q&A With Spencer Evans Of Spirinity Productions

Video Marketing
How To Create A Successful Video Campaign: A Q&A With Spencer Evans Of Spirinity Productions
Article by Bisera Stankovska
Last Updated: February 19, 2019

It’s no surprise that viral video marketing is a necessity for growing brands.

After all, those who incorporate videos into their marketing strategy grow revenue 49% faster than those who do not. Plus, videos increase website traffic by 41%.

However, actually conceptualizing and producing an effective video campaign is another story. And when every brand is competing to capture consumers through video, you’ve got to make your multimedia stand out and showcase your brand successfully.

DesignRush caught up with Spencer D. Evans, the founder and CEO of leading video production and branding company Spirinity Productions, to learn how businesses can create a video that achieves a specific brand goal, video marketing best practices to follow in 2022, and more.

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DesignRush: Tell us about Spirinity Productions.

Spencer Evans: Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Spirinity Productions is an award-winning video production and creative branding company. We specialize in producing high-quality video, photographic, and various other media content for some of the world’s most prominent brands and corporations.

Some of the services we offer include media production, campaign development, image, and brand strategy. Whether your campaign has already been developed, is still in process, or needs to be created from the ground up, we at Spirinity are ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We would love to partner with you and bring your vision to life!

DR: Are there any particular areas that you focus on at Spirinity?

SE: At Spirinity, our production team prioritizes technical proficiency complemented with creative adaptability. Maintaining these priorities grants us the ability to scale our efforts to any project size and utilize our various skill sets to meet and exceed its needs.

Whether the project calls for a smaller production (such as shooting behind-the-scenes photography or videography), a medium production (such as live streaming a particular event), or a large production (such as a multi-tiered commercial campaign), our adept team is ready to go! We’d love to set up a consultation and see how Spirinity can competently and competitively serve your media and branding needs.

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DR: Videos are necessary for successful marketing campaigns nowadays. What advice do you have for brands that are planning to implement it?

SE: Competing with the ever-increasing barrage of marketing ideas and images, commercials and campaigns produced even on the daily can feel like an overwhelming undertaking, even for the most capable and creative experts. It may even be tempting to deviate from your brand’s intended messaging and core values while just trying to help your marketing campaign stand out from the fray.

Brand authenticity and consistent messaging are essential for any memorable marketing strategy. These elements not only indicate the quality of your own team and product, but also set the stage for what potential consumers mentally link with your brand.

A brand unable to stay true to its own core values and messaging reflects a company’s inability to stay true to its clients.

Fortunately, developing a campaign that observes this rule of thumb is reliably doable. Discovering what it is that captivates and captures your audience’s attention and communicates authentic quality, moreover, can be accomplished by examining the analytics of your audience’s interests.

This is a key component in the planning and pre-production stages of any marketing campaign, as it allows for your media to find the sweet spot between your campaign’s goals and the needs, values, and desires of your audience.

And this then valuably informs and hones in on the sorts of audio-visual and story content to be pitched for your campaign’s intended media.

DR: On that note, how can brands create a storyboard to ensure the video remains true to their brand?

SE: When it comes to storyboarding the content for a brand’s campaign, it’s essential for our team to maintain a clear line of communication with our client’s core team to ensure together we have a unified vision.

After taking notes on our client’s ideas and intentions, as well as thoroughly investigating the analytics of the intended audience, we draft a script and send it to storyboarding.

Our accomplished graphic artists work with the appointed director to connect the vision to the visuals through the storyboard process.

This allows for:

  1. The client’s team to visually see where the project is heading and assure them that our company and director have a clear and consistent understanding of what will be created prior to production,
  2. Spirinity’s team to visualize the media content and begin the exciting cooperative process of bringing this vision to life, and
  3. both teams to make any final needed adjustments to the program at the preproduction stage, guaranteeing the highest quality and client confidence.

Our aim is always to capture a clear, high-quality message that exceeds our clients’ expectations. That should be the goal of every video storyboard.

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DR: What are some common mistakes that brands often make when creating videos for marketing purposes and how can they rectify them?

SE: Unfortunately, a complaint we often hear from our clients about past experiences with other production companies is that they felt their concerns were ignored or that their recommendations and notes weren’t adequately heeded.

In short, they weren’t being heard.

Clients need to know that their production team is listening carefully to their concerns and needs and that they are working cooperatively to support the intentions and direction of their brand’s messaging.

At Spirinity, our production team works tirelessly and listens carefully to guarantee the end product will not only meet but will exceed the expectations of each client’s vision. We don’t quit until our client is more than just satisfied.

So, when you’re choosing a production company to work with, be sure your concerns are being fully heard and that the company continually aims to communicate an accurate message that compliments your brand.

Additionally, it is key for companies to publish media content that rightly matches the quality of their company and brand and the quality and uniqueness of the product.

If you are advertising, for example, a superior, above the market item, your production company needs to put out videos and photography that reflect that very product’s superior quality and uniqueness.

Personally, we know each company works hard to maintain a positive image, and that’s why our team focuses on producing top quality content for our clients and their campaigns.

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DR: There are so many platforms that brands can publish their videos on – which platforms tend to provide the best results?

SE: With an abundance, not only of content, but of platforms flooding the social media atmosphere, deciding the right channel on which to debut your company’s content is a matter that should be thoroughly considered when planning your marketing strategy.

Determining the most appropriate outlet for your content to be featured depends heavily upon the demographic of your campaign or product’s target audience, as well as the style of media you’re creating.

Studying the frequent habits, routine activities, and consistent interests of your target audience are crucial for deciding upon relevant and successful platforms to suit your campaign.

At Spirinity, we have experts on our team who analyze data to determine where audience members are most viewing a brand’s content, including what days of the week and what times during the day. This expertise helps us decide which platforms to target.

In some cases, though, our clients already know where they want to publish the content we create. We then investigate to confirm for our clients that the end result will be as successful as possible!

Off the cuff: For content that is evergreen for a company or is longer in length, we suggest uploading to YouTube and brand websites where potential clients are able to view on an ongoing basis. If a piece is shorter than 60 seconds, social media platforms often serve as an excellent option. If the content involves a collaboration with an influencer or celebrity, there is often a lot of success to be found in publishing on platforms such as Instastory and Snapchat. For content that reflects traditional commercials, streaming service spots are a great way to go. These are just a few examples in broad-strokes, as there are a great number of factors at play to consider when it comes to deciding where a piece should land.

DR: As most modern brands know, video production is a key element of successful ad campaigns in 2019. What are some best practices brands can follow to incorporate video into their advertising strategy effectively?

SE: We have several practices that we suggest for incorporating video into advertising strategies.

First of all, for example, it’s vital to stay true to your brand and your messaging. While it’s important to be creative in that space, you don’t want to deviate too far from the core values and message of your brand.

Rather than change these core values, we at Spirinity aim to creatively envision novel ways to share what you already represent and what you want your consumers to know! Sometimes it helps to bring in fresh eyes with a committed company, like ours, to begin taking new or renewed steps toward your campaign’s success.

Another practice we suggest is to routinely create and publish content! While it is, of course, crucial to have the big-hitting projects, also sharing photos, videos, and other media on a regular basis keeps your brand on your consumers’ minds.

There are many ways to accomplish this—even if you don’t have a large budget presently in place. In any case, and in whatever stage or state your company is presently in, we would love to set up a consultation, hear your company’s vision, and get to work serving your campaign’s goals!

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