Welcome to a New World Powered by Data

Data is what powers innovation, and those on the forefront of innovation are always on the lookout for how to manage the data they use every day. Informatica put out this commercial to show their holistic approach to data management.

The video opens with a boy running through a wheat field with a toy plane in his hands. The plane is outlined on-screen by what appears to be white chalk. The boy releases the plane, and as it soars out of the screen, we transition to a real airplane, also outlined in white, as it comes in for landing. This white outline technique persists throughout the video, highlighting important facets of the narration, such as engines, waterlines, and escalators.

A professional female voice narrates the video, with a steady and energetic background music throughout. The narration is very easy to listen to, and pulls the viewer through to the end.

Data informs what we create, and inspires big innovations in technology. Data informs what works, what doesn’t work, and what can change for a better user experience in everything from hydroelectric dams to virtual reality—the camera follows these devices and inventions as the narrator talks, never addressing them individually, but implying the use of data in how these things have evolved over time.

The purpose of the video is stressed in the narration, and also through the use of text near the end: data is the fuel of a technological life. The more a person can analyze the important data, the more they can make informed decisions to lead their business. The onscreen text is a slim, sans serif typeface with a straight cap line and even x-height, even kerning and loose leading. The white text is always surrounded by square boxes which match the font.  

Those on the forefront of technology and innovation will find themselves intrigued by the way Informatica approaches data management, and anyone in business for themselves will want to check out their options after watching this video.

Welcome to a New World Powered by Data is an elegant commercial video.

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